Spicer Family Pedigrees

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From an email sent by Pat Neild [pandaneild AT comcast.net]:

    1      Jeremiah Spicer           b: Abt. 1760    d: September 11, 1831 in Taylors Island, MD

..    +Lucretia (Crissy) Travers b: Abt. 1765                m: December 23, 1791

..... 2    Jeremiah Spicer           b: Abt. 1795               

..... 2    Rebecca Spicer            b: Abt. 1799               

..... 2    Travers Spicer  b: June 25, 1799 in Taylors Island       d: February 03, 1870 in Taylors Island, MD   

.........   +Matilda R. Fountain   b: February 11, 1803 in Delaware       d: February 13, 1876 in Taylors Island m: June 09, 1825

............            3  Levin James Spicer  b: January 18, 1827 in Taylors Is.       d: August 03, 1891 in Mt. Pleasant, Go   

................        +Annette Victoria Keene         b: May 15, 1837          d: April 18, 1878 in Golden Hill, MD  m: October 15, 1867

............            *2nd Wife of Levin James Spicer:                               

................        +Annie Franklin Robinson       b: February 18, 1856 in Taylors Is.      d: July 29, 1932 m: December 03, 1878

............            3  Theophilus Travers Spicer, Sr.         b: June 13, 1829 in Taylors Island       d: May 13, 1908 in Taylors Island

................        +Elizabeth Chew Keene           b: July 15, 1846 in Golden Hill, MD   d: August 22, 1912      m: July 17, 1873

............            3  Elizabeth Matilda Spicer      b: May 18, 1835 in Taylors Is. d: January 25, 1920 in Taylors Island

................        +Amasa Thompson      b: January 29, 1832     d: June 20, 1869 in Taylors Island m: February 07, 1860

............            3  Jeremiah Spicer       b: Abt. 1838 in Taylors Island d: 1906           

................        +Alice Spicer? b: July 1857 in Taylors Island             

............            *2nd Wife of Jeremiah Spicer:                                   

................        +Julia Anna Keene      b: November 08, 1853 in Taylors Island, MD d: July 23, 1893           m: June 10, 1873

..... 2    Priscilla Spicer b: Abt. 1800               

..... 2    Sally Spicer      b: Abt. 1800

Kit #70021 abd 52013

Nicholas Spicer (1545-1607), Barfreston, Kent, England, Spouse: (2 mentioned): Honor Garland* and Martha Priestly
*Honor is listed as his spouse on ancestry.com, other sites list Martha Priestly.[/i
Thomas Spicer (1530-1560), Exeter, England, Spouse: Elizabeth Pomeroy
William Spicer (1560-1604**), Devon, England. Spouse: Grace Chappell
William Spicer (1614**-1700), Powderham, England. Spouse: Mary Cheese
**date discrepency: found this info through ancestry.com, numerous people have the same info.
Benjamin Spicer (1659-1730), Northumberland, Va. Spouse: Mary Rose Gregory
William Spicer (1682-1751), Northumberland, Va. Spouse: Elizabth Lnu
Joseph Spicer: (1720-1817), Culpepper, Va. Spouse: Margaret Sullivan
William Spicer: (1754-1843), Culpepper, Va. Spouse: Sarah Jane Watts
William Spicer: (1799-1868), Traphill, Wilkes, NC. Spouse: Jeanne Bauguess
Harvey Spicer: (1819-1880), Traphill, Wilkes, NC. Spouse: Nancy A.
Uria Samuel 'U.S.' Grant Spicer: (1867-1925), Wilkes, NC. Spouse: Nancy Jane Harmon
Edward Horace Spicer: (1891-1964), Bramwell, WV. Spouse: Bertie Mae Booth
Cecil John Spicer: (1917-1979), McComas, WV. Spouse: Annie Nipper
John Edward Spicer I: (1949-Living), Montcalm, WV: Spouse: Pamela Susan Brewster
John Edward Spicer II: (1969-Living), Bluefield, WV. Spouse: Kathryn Elizabth Gepp
Crystal Lynn Spicer: (1987-Living), Born: Bluefield, WV

Christine Spicer Peltzer:
Peter Spicer b.c.1644, m. Mary Busecot, d. 1694 , Ct.
Edward Spicer  b. 1674, Ct. m. Katherine Stone, d Ct.
John Spicer b. 1698, Ct. m. Mary Greer, d. Ct
Edward Spiver b. 1722, Ct. Hannah Bill, d Ct.
Silas Spicer b. 1744, Ct. m. Hannah Draper, d. N.Y.
Alanson Spicer b. 1773, Ct. m. Judith Frye, d. Ct.
William Spicer b. 1803, Ct. m. Nancy Ann Paddock, d. N.Y.
Charles Spicer b. 1827, N.Y. m. Mary Barthich Holliday d. Mo.
Winfield William Spicer b. 1850, N.Y. m.Laura E. Powell d. Mo.
Delbert Clyde b. 1874, Mo.  m. Alzora Mary McClellen d. Mo.
Carl W Spicer b. 1902, Mo. m. Emma Marie Frederika Grishow d. Md.
John Delbert b. 1931, Mo. m. Laura Ada Vestena Frye d. Md.
Christine Spicer b. 1951, Md. m. Robert Lee Peltzer Living in Ontario, Canada
     1. Jessica Lee Peltzer b. 1979, Md. m. David Corkrey Jr.  Living in Ontario, Canada
     2. James Lee Peltzer b. 1981, Md. Living in Ontario, Canada

  Does anyone know if Jacob and Meeker Spicer had a son Meeker Spicer b. ~1790 in Vermont?  The 1850 Broome County, NY census shows this Meeker Spicer was married to a Mehela/Mehama whose maiden name was probably Slack.
  The 1855 NY census shows Meeker's widow Mehela/Mehama had been in Broome county 29 years, perhaps coming to Broome County from Delaware County.


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