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April 17, 2014, 03:32:17 PM
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Author Topic: GLENN GRAVES  (Read 889 times)
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Presbyterian, Kircubbin, Down, Ireland
Place: Presbyterian, Kircubbin, Down, Ireland
Date May 13 1788
William Glen
Fathers name: John Glen
Indexing Batch Number: C070036-1 System Origin Ireland-ODM Source Film Number 941.65K2V26K1

Adam Palmer of Portavogie was married to Jane Glen of Ballycran in Kircubbin Presbyterian Church on Apr.1, 1830 (LDS 7507811/33). James Palmer was present.

Miss Elizabeth GLEN . Inishargy married William Wilson at the Kircubbin Presbyterian Church in 1822  LDS Film #824282

William Coffey Portavogie farmer married Esther Glenn circa 1828


Hugh Glenn 1796-1801 & Eliza Scott 1801 arrived in Amherst 1838

Alexander Glenn 1838 & Nessie Askin        "         "     "    "    1860s

Samuel Glenn 1810-1888 & Rose Ann Farley "      "     "    "    1827

Adam Miller 1834-1904  & Jane Glenn       "     "     "     "    "    1853

Residents of a house 21 in Kircubbin (Kircubbin, Down) 1901

Glenn   Minnie   4   Female   Daughter   Presbyterian   Co Down   Scholar   Cannot read   English   Not Married   
Glenn   Maggie   2   Female   Daughter   Presbyterian   Co Down      Cannot read   English   Not Married   
Glenn   Aggie   7   Female   Daughter   Presbyterian   Co Down   Scholar   Read   English   Not Married   
Glenn   John   31   Male   Head of Family   Presbyterian   Co Down   Labourer   Read and write   English   Married   
Glenn   Robert      Male   Son   Presbyterian   Co Down      Cannot read   English   Not Married   
Glenn   Sarah   26   Female   Wife   Presbyterian   Co Down   Seamstress   Read and write   English   Married


30th July 1771 Richard Jelly to Nancy Glenn

19th Oct. 1821 Will McMaster to Margaret Glenn witnesses Hugh Glen & John McMaster.

10th Jan 1822 James Glen to Eliza Robinson witnesses Geo.S. Miller & Rich. Beggs.

27th Jan. 1827 Robert Shanks of Belfast to Ann Glenn witnesses Anthony Morrison Will McWhirk  

28th July  1834 Hugh McCormick to Nancy Glenn both from Ballyhalbert witnesses John McKee E Ferguson

1st Feb. 1836 John McCappin Ratalla to Mary McGee Portavogie witnesses Bessie Glenn James Glenn

29th July 1837  James McDowell to Eliza Glenn both from Ballycranmore withneses James Small  E. Ennis

29 Feb.1838 Hugh Glenn to Betty Warnock both from Portavogie witnesses Mary Jane Glenn John Warnock

26th Nov 1840 James McClement to Mary Jane Glenn both from Ballyfrench witnesses Hugh Glenn Alex. Kerr

1st Jan 1841 Fredrick Stewart  B/halbert to Mary Glenn Portavogie witnesses James McWhirk Mary A Miller

Residents of a house 49 in Portavogue (Ballyhalbert, Down) 1901

Glenn   Jane   19   Female   Daughter   Church of Ireland   Co Down   Seamestress   Read write      Not Married   
Glenn   Andrew   50   Male   Head of Family   Church of Ireland   Co Down   Fisherman   Read write      Married   
Glenn   Joseph   28   Male   Son   Church of Ireland   Co Down   Fisherman   Read write      Not Married   
Glenn   Robert   10   Male   Son   Church of Ireland   Co Down   Schoolar   Read write   
Glenn   Eliza Jane   54   Female   Wife   Church of Ireland   Co Down   Seamestress   Read write      Married

David Francis GLENN . Ballyhalbert & Newtownards of Portavogie ; a druggist ; son of Joseph Glenn (a sailor ); aged 19, married Lizzie Mahood of Portavogie 31 Mar 1931 at Ballyblack Presbyterian Church, witnesses were Carrie Mahood & James Donnan PR

Residents of a house 156 in Portavogue (Ballyhalbert, Down) 1901

Glenn   James   49   Male   Head of Family   Crestian   Co Down   Fisherman   B read and rite      Married   
Glenn   Jane   48   Female   Wife   Prispetrin   Co Down   Hand Embroidery   Canot read      Married

Residents of a house 55 in Portavogue (Ballyhalbert, Down) 1901

Mc Guire   Joseph   35   Male   Boarder   R Catholic   Co Down   Pedlar   Read and write      Not Married   
M Conell   Alexander   78   Male   Head of Family   Church of Ireland   Co Down   Carter   Not read or write      Married   
Glenn   Alexander   16   Male   Visitor   Presbyterian   Co Down   Farm Servant   Not read      Not Married   
M Conell   Lucy   77   Female   Wife   Church of Ireland   Co Down   Seamstress   Not read or write      Married


Here layeth the body of John Miller yong? who leaved [lived] in Rowreagh who died May the 3d in ye year of 1708 aged 32 yrs. [B 1676]
Also his wife Jane GLEN who died Juley ye 15 1712 aged 33 yrs. [ 1680]

Here lieth the body of Alexander Glann of Ballyobegan who died Jan. 1806 aged 60 yrs.
Also his daughter Hannah Glenn who died Aug. 16th 1806 aged 22 yrs.
Also his son Alexr. Glenn who died Mar. 18th 1807  aged 26 yrs.
Also his grandson James Glenn who died  Feb. 9th 1908 aged 13 yrs.

Here lieth the body of Margaret Glen daughter to Robert in Ballyeysbrush  [Ballyeasborough] who died
Jan. ye 1st 1729 aged 22 yrs.

Here lieth the body of Agnes Glenn alias CARN who died 17th April 1782 aged 34 yrs
Also the body of William Glen who died 21st Nov. 1817 aged 43 yrs.

Erec. by James Glen of Ballywalter in mem. of his son Andrew who died 17th Oct. 1815 aged 30 yrs
Also the said James Glenn who died 15th Nov. 1825 aged 66 yrs
Also his grandson James Glenn who died 3rd April 1839 aged 24 yrs.

Erect. in mem. of Martha Glen late of Ballyfrench who died 28th Oct. 1815 aged 73 yrs.

Erec. to the mem. of Robert Glen late of Ballyfrench who died 18th May 1828 aged 65 yrs
Also his wife Jane MILLER who died 26th Mar. 1859 aged 77 yrs
Also their son Robert Glen who died 28th Oct. 1864 aged 39 yrs.
Also his son James Glen who died 11th Aug 1885 aged 71 yrs
Also his daughter Jane Glen who died 12th Nov 1891 aged 66 yes
Also his daughter Alice Glen who died 23rd June 1896 aged 81 yrs.
Also his son Adam who died in infancy.

[Family Group]
Date: 20 Jul 1867
Groom: Hugh Thompson
Bride: Mary Glenn
Groom's Father: James(?) Thompson
Glastry Presbyterian Church
Parish: Inishargy
Civil District: Newtownards
Co. Down

Miss Mary GLENN  Greyabbey wife of Hugh Thompson; mother of William b. 1868 & Anne b. 1869 & William Hugh b. 1872

Miss Mary GLENN  Greyabbey wife of Samuel Grogan; mother of Alexander b. 1867

Miss Nessie GLENN  Greyabbey wife of William Hastings ; mother of Mary b. 1872
Miss Rachel GLENN  Greyabbey wife of Samuel White ; mother of Rachel b. 1869
Robert GLENN . Greyabbey husband of Margaret McMaster; father of Agnes b. 29 Aug 1869 & Ellen b. 7 Jan 1874

Sacred to the mem. of Douglas Armstrong Glenn who died at Ballyhalbert Mar. 17th 1894 aged 68 yrs.
Also his wife Agnes who died Aug. 30th 1897 aged 73 yrs.

Erec. by Joseph Reid Portavogie in memory of his father Francis Reid who died 26th Dec. 1876 aged 57 yrs. BORN 1819
Also his sister Agnes Reid died 29th Nov. 1869 aged 13 yrs.
Also his mother Mary Reid who died 27th Jan. 1910 aged 94 yrs BORN 1816
Also Agnes GLENN, wife of Robert Glenn, who died 15th Aug. 1961 aged 61 yrs

Residents of a house 44 in Ballycasborough (Ballyhalbert, Down) 1901

Glenn   M Bella   16   Female   Daughter   Prepystarian   Co Down   Seamstress   Read and write      Not Married   
Glenn   Robert   58   Male   Head of Family   Prepystarian   Co Down   Labourer Agricultural   Read      Widower


Erect by Hugh Glen of Ballycranmore in mem of his daughter Mary Glen who died 18th Mar. 1833 aged 30 yrs.

Erect. by William Donnan of Tullytrammon for his son James who died 88th April 1803 aged 3 yrs.
Also his wife Jane Donnan alias GLEN who died 17th April 1827 aged 69 yrs.
Also the above William Donnan who died 27th March 1839 aged 92 yrs.
Also to the memory of James Donnan of Slanes who died 27th March 1874 aged 55 yrs.
Also his wife Eliza Donnan who died th July 194 aged 69 yrs.

Miss Jane GLEN . Castleboy married Andrew McNamara 31 Jan 1902 at Cloghy Presbyterian Church

Miss Esther GLEN . Ballyphilip regd. Portaferry; wife of Henry Bailie; mother of Eliza Jane b. 1874

Miss Mary GLEN . Ballyphilip regd. Portaferry; wife of Robert O'Neill; mother of John b. 1868 & Mary b. 1870

Residents of a house 8 in Ballybranigan (Ards Upper, Down 1901

Glenn   Robert   49   Male   Brother in Law   Presbyterian   County Down   Farmer   Read and write      Married   
Vance   Jane   50   Female   Head of Family   Presbyterian   County Down   Farmer   Read and write      Not Married   
Glenn   Robert A   17   Male   Nephew   Presbyterian   County Down   Farmers Son   Read and write      Not Married   
Glenn   Wm A   11   Male   Nephew   Presbyterian   County Down   School Boy   Read and write      Not Married   
Glenn   Sarah A   47   Female   Sister   Presbyterian   County Down      Read and write      Married

[In a low-railled enclosure with GROUGHAN stone]
Erect. by Mary Glenn in mem of her husband Alexander Glenn, Ballywalter,who died 2nd Mar. 1878 aged 77 yrs.
Also their 3 children Eliza, Agnes & Sophia who died in infancy.
Also the above Mary Glenn who died 8th Aug. 1885 aged 79 yrs.

John GLEN . Ballywalter  son of Alexander Glen ; aged 21 married Jane Middleton 25 Mar 1854

Miss Margaret GLENN . Ballywalter wife of John Kelly; died 8 Mar 1810 aged 43; Greyabbey graveyard

Residents of a house 59 in John Street Part of. (Newtownards Urban, Down) 1901

Glenn   Jane   28   Female   Daughter   Presbyterin   Co Down   House Keper   Read and write      Not Married   
Glenn   Lizzie   24   Female   Daughter   Presbyterin   Co Down   Hemsticher   Read and write      Not Married   
Glenn   Agnes   21   Female   Daughter   Presbyterin   Co Down   Hemsticher   Read and write      Not Married   
Glenn   John   68   Male   Head of Family   Presbyterin   Co Down, Ireland   Retired Labourer   Read and write   English   Widower

Residents of a house 3 in Mill Street (Newtownards Urban, Down) 1901

Glenn   Samuel   50   Male   Head of Family   Presbyterian   Co Down   General Labourer   Read and write      Married   
Glenn   Mary   40   Female   Wife   Presbyterian   Newtownans, Co Down      Read and write      Married
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