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Erect. to the memory of James McGifford of Ratalla, who died 5th Feb. 1843  aged 77 yrs.
Also his son James McGifford who died 11th March 1849 aged 40 yrs.
Also his son Thomas McGifford who died 27th March 1852 aged 40 yrs.
Also his wife Jane McGifford alias WATSON who died 19th May 1852 aged 83 yrs.
Also Mary Jane McGifford alias PRINCE, wife of James McGifford of Tullytrammon, who died 17th Nov. 1864 aged 60 yrs.
Also her daughter Margaret MITCHELL alias McGifford, wife of William Mitchell of Ratalla, who died 22nd Jan. 1869 aged 66 yrs.

Sacred to the memory of William McGiffert, Ballytrustan, died 13th June 1884.
Erected by his friends.

Sacred to the memory of James McGiffert, Ballytrusten, who died 15th February 1894, aged 79 years.
Also Jane McGiffert, Wife of William Thomas McGiffert who died 5th April 1914, aged 62 years.
Also the above William Thomas McGiffert died 11th July 1931, aged 73 years.
Also their Son James McGiffert, who died 25th February 1960, aged 74 years.
Also his Wife Alice Jamison McGiffert who died 19th November 1966.

In loving memory of Isabella McGiffert, late of Ballytrustan, who died 18th Nov.1897, aged 79 years.
Also her Niece, Mary MAXWELL of Corrock, who died 16th August 1892, aged 50 years.



Erec by William Wilson Shaw CHICAGO in mem of his mother Catherine Jane Shaw alias PYPER who died at Ballyfounder  16th May 1887 aged 86yrs.  


13-12-1869 William W. Shaw, 295 Main Street, Chicago, to His Mother, Ireland; PRONI D2709/1; CMSIED 9501355
Chicago 13th Dec. [December?] 1869

Dear Mother
                    I write you these
few lines to let you know that
I am in good health hoping this
will find you enjoying the same
blessing I left off sailing
about two weeks ago it was
very rough fawl [fall?] there was a great
pile of shipwrecks and loss of
life on the lakes. I left the
schooner up in Chicago and Samuel
left for muskegon about a week
ago I was thinking that I could got
home to see you now but we want
to sell the schooner and buy a
bigger one if we can so it requires
me to stop here and try to make
to trade if I can I hope I will have
nothing to stop me from going next
fawl [fall?]. Sam & I done midling [middling?] well
this surname considering the times
and Nicklos [Nicholas?] done well with
his schooner. Hugh Glen and
I is stopping with him this winter
Isabella and the young ones is in
in good health if you were
thinking about coming out here
the summertime would be the
best time for to come if you
could get anyone that wanted
to come out along with you
that would not be seasick
I would pay their passage
to take care of your Bella [Isabella?] would
like you would come and I think
you would be as comfortable
here as in Ireland, give my best
respects to William Taylor Mrs.
and family and to Margret &
James Shanks I hope he will
be getting better health
I have no more to say
but remains your
affectionate son
          W. W. Shaw

Adress [Address?] 295 Main street
when you write let me
know all the

James SHANKS . Ballyphilip son of James Shanks; aged 21 married Margaret Shaw 12 Jan 1854; father of Nicholas b. 3 Apr 1865 & Samuel John b. 26 Apr 1869 (regd. Portaferry) CR

22-01-1882 William W Shaw, Chicago, Illinois, to Mrs Shaw, Ballyfounder, Co Down; PRONI D2709/1; CMSIED 9501132
           Chicago Jany [January?] 22nd 1882

            Dear mother I received
your letter I was glad to know
that you were all well I should
have wrote you sooner but I had
nothing new to write so you will
have to excuse me I was sailing
about half of the season and
the rest of the time ashore. Sam
and I sailed the same schooner
and we took spell about
it was a fair season and we
lost a schooner the [they?] called
her the W.B. Ogden. Sam
and I insured for six thousand
dollars and was worth eight
thousand so we did not [---?]
so much as she had Earned
about two thousand dollars
neither Sam nor I was
sailing her and there was no
lives lost on her I was sailing
the Sch. [Schooner?] Red, white & Blue the
mate of her got drowned with
me on the sixth of July in
Chicago harbour he was drunk
at the time it was the first
man I lost since I have been
Capt. I suppose you were expecting
me there to see you this winter
and I would have went across
but I was left executor for
Isabella and had to get her
affairs straigtened out [in?]
the Probate Court this
winter if she spared to next
winter I will have had leisure to
go it is not for the cost or been [being?]
scared of the Ocean only
Isabella was anxious to get it fixed
up. I have got wealth enough
to keep me if I never
sailed anymore but I would
rather be sailing as stopping
ashore. i have not heard from
sister Nancy this fall she
always came to see [us?] about
Christmas and i had to give
her something but she has
not come this one or wrote
either I was at Sam's two
days ago the [they?] were all well
and the children going to school
he lives about miles from
us Isabella & the Children is
all well the [they?] are all going to
school I am stopping with
her and so is your grandson
Wm Shanks he was Capt.
of the schr [schooner?] Frank Crawford
and he done very well he had
no accidents and he made a
good deal of money with her
he is a very sober and Preivering [Perserving?]
young man. but he is a great
boy among the young women
he has got one for every day in
the week and when he dont go
to see the [they?] come to him
there is some of there [their?] mothers
comes to see him and he has
got enough of presnts at
Chirstmas to start a pack he
has got a lot of silk handkerchiefs
& gold rings & studs & sleeve buttons
and the [they?] sent sister Bella & me
some silk Handkerchiefs I told
him if his mother was here the [they?]
would buy her a silk dress. I
was wondering wheather [wether?] it was
by the shanks or the pipers
he took it of you may think
that I am blowing some but it
is true when you write let me
know how the land lords
and tenants are getting along
about the rents tell sister
margret [Margaret?] if there is any of the
trials in the papers to send
me one. James McGifford was
here about a week ago and
stopped a day or two he was
in poor health he is gone back
to the county give my respects
to sister margret &  to James
& Nicholas Shanks tell uncle
Nicholas that his Nephew
Wiliam will  him
among the girls
  I have no more to say
  your affectionate son
     Wm. W. Shaw

Samuel Shaw, Chicago, Illinois, to Mrs Shaw, Ballyfounder, Co Down; PRONI D2709/1; CMSIED 9501130
  Chicago, Ill. [Illinois?] July 24 1881

   Dear mother
     I suppose by this time you
will think that I have forgotton
you I am a verry [very?] lazey [lazy?] hand at
writing and i cept [kept?] putting it of [off?]
till now we are all well I seen
Bella yesterday her and the
family are well, William passed
Detroit yesterday from Buffalo
for Chicago he is Sailing the
Red, White, Blue, She has got
850 Tons of Salt on bord [board?]
She is a first rate sch [schooner?] and
handels [handles?] well William Shaks [Shanks?]
is master of the Sch [Schooner?] Frank
Crawford and he is giving
good Satifisfaction, he has been
Carrieing [Carrying?] Ties & Posts all spring
but he is carrieing [carrying?] boards now
from Muskegon, he was to Michig [Michigan?]
City the last load, he is a good boy
although he informed on his
uncle Sam, but, I forgive him
for that, Sience [Since?] he has got to be
Capt [Captain?] Shanks the girls are kicking
there Shadow about him. you
know who it is your self [yourself?]
we have had a fair Season so
far and the Sch [schooner?] has all made
Some money. I have not Sailed
aney [any?] Sience [since?] the 6 may have been
attending to getting freights for
the Sch. [Schooner?] and Paying the Bill.
but i am gowing [going?] to give William
a Spell when he comes in
we are having nice Warm Weather
here now; By the time of the
press we will not have as
much wheat to send you the
cumming [coming?] year but the corn is
a good crop and that is what
makes the pigs in this country
Have not heard from Nancy this
Summer but i suppose the [they?] are like
the american letters well and
dowing [doing?] well I am for ever obliged
to you for the socks & mittens you
sent with William Shanks he
got every thing all right [alright?]. I seen
your neighbour David Johnson
yesterday him and the family
are well. Bella was telling me
Johny [Johnny?] Palmer is gowing [going?] to Kensas [Kansas?]
Cit [City?] to kill Pigs for fowler Brothers
the [they?] Kill loats [lots?] of them out there
6000 every day the tell me
I think the [they?] must have a factory
for makeing [making?] them, I am about
run out of news have not heard
of any death or marriages [marrages?] among
The farr [far?] downs except James
Clelland he was mate with William
on the R.W.Blue [Red, White, Blue?] he
fell over board and got drowned
in Chicago river on 5th July he
was a cousin to Johny [Johnny?] Boyd in
Circubbin [Kircubbin?] he leaves a wife and
one boy 15 years old i was to his
funeral he was well fired about
15 years ago but had reverses
of fortune and bad luck that [done?]
it. This is a wonderful country
any way [anyway?] see people rich to day [today?] and
poor to morrow [tomorrow?], I was to the races
yesturday [yesterday?] and seen the fastest horse
in the world and hir [her?] owner the
richest man in america, William
H. Vandervilt, I remain your
Son           Sam Shaw

Direct to Sam Shaw
     4217 Belleview Avinue [Avenue?]


Isabella Martin, Chicago to her Niece, [County Down?].; PRONI D 2709/1; CMSIED 9102075
          Chicago May 10th
    My Dear Neice [Niece?]
                  I received your
kind and welcom [welcome?] letter and was glad
to hear you were all well and that
my Mother was in her usual way
we all all prettey [pretty?] well at present
Uncle William was very sick he
got Lung fever but he has got well
again thank god and I think he
will go this trip Mr Hastings brought
the comfort and handkerchief and
the collars for your Brother your Uncle
was well plesed [pleased?] with the comfort and
he needs it now your Brother was up seeing
Uncle William he had made to [two?] trips with
your Uncle Sam [Samuel?] he was a little sick
but he says he likes to sail your uncle
William has not gone out yet for he
took sick when he was redy [ready?] and he
had to get a man to go in the schooner
but he is got well now do not tell
my mother that he was sick I thought
he was going to die he was so ill but
he is got strong again My little
Johney [Johnny?] is allways [always?] sick and the Doctor
says he will not live all summer it
would be good for him and me if god
would take him for he cannot walk nor
talk nor sit up I have got a fine baby girl
the next time I write I will tell you
what I will call her the others is
at school your Uncle Nickey [Nicky?] is gone this
3 weeks he bought a schooner the [they?] call her
Frank Crawford and he went to bring
her home she is the same kind as glad tidings
mother will be mad at me for not
writing but there is allways [always?] something
to keep me back I would have wrote only
William being sick I will write to Mother
soon Sam [Samuel?] and Mrs and family is well
Nancy was seeing us when Sam [Samuel?] was home
She looked well She called the baby boy William
this has been a late spring and very dull
times here William has got a young man the [they?]
Call W. Harper a granson [Grandson?] of Mrs
Thomas Shaw Of Kirkcubbin [Kircubbin?] he has been
out here this 4 years he seems a nice man
he is on the schooner with your uncle Will [William?]
you need not look for many letters from
William when the [they?] are well the [they?] think
it is no use in writing uncle William
is home to night [tonight?] he is going to start for the
first to morrow [tomorrow?] it will be the 11th of May
and I hope he will keep strong give my
love to Mother and Say we are all well
and with love to your Mother and sister
and Brothers and if I do not get my
likeness took before William goes home
I will send it with him with kind
love I remain your affectionate
   Aunt Isabella Martin

    rembere [remember?] me to enquiring friends
 I will write soon to Mother and thank her
 for presents no more I now

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In loving memory of Mary Jane beloved Wife of Nicholas Shanks, Ballygarvin, died 1st May 1930, aged 30 years.
Also the above Nicholas Shanks died 23rd Nov.1962 aged 74 years.
Also his Daughter Mary Elizabeth WILLIS died 30th Oct.1981 aged 55 years.

In ever loving memory of Evelyn Ann Shanks of Ballyfounder who died 27th February 1951.
Also her daughter Margaret Mary died 13th Feby.1929 aged 4 years.
Also her Husband James Shanks, died 19th October 1954.

In loving memory of James Shanks, Ballyfounder, who died 2nd November 1912, aged 58 years.
Also his Son William Thomas who died 2nd November 1910 aged 28 years.
Also Susan Shanks, beloved Wife of the above James Shanks who died 28th June 1917 aged 58 years.
Also his Son David Nesbitt Shanks, who died at Ballyfounder 17th May 1923 aged 36 years.
Also Samuel John Shanks, who died 8th April 1950, aged 67 years, interred at Hughenden, ALBERTA CANADA
Also his Daughter Susan Isabella CLEMENTS who died 5th January 1961, aged 70 years.
Also his Daughter Elizabeth Shanks, who died 25th October 1961, aged 76 years.
Grey polished granite Stone, unpolished surround.[Mason: S&T Hastings, Downpatrick]

James SHANKS . Ballyphilip son of James Shanks; aged 21 married Margaret Shaw 12 Jan 1854; father of Nicholas b. 3 Apr 1865 & Samuel John b. 26 Apr 1869 (regd. Portaferry) CR

01-01-1870 John Shanks, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. to "Dear Cousin", Co. Down.; PRONI D 2709/1; CMSIED 9502113
           Sch [Schooner?] Ada Medora

Dear Cousin
            I write
to you again. But Perhaps
you have not got the
first letter if not you will
be thinking I have deserted
you all, It is a long time
since I wrote so that
I am axious [anxious?] to hear
from you & how you are
getting along I hope
the mistress is better
& going around & the
children also Lizzie
is able to talk by this
time I would like to send
her a present from America
with Willie Gowan who
is here at present but will
leave New York on the 20th
August I may not see him
before he goes home. I had
only one letter from
Your Brother Nicholas
since I lefft I heard you
met a serious mistake
of the burning of the
stable & barn You may be
afraid to let me know
about it which is a great
loss had it not been for
that you would have been
able to get along all wright [right?]
I dont know how it is
with you now as I cannot
give you any substantial
advice on the matter as
I am here & you in the
old country when I was
there I tried to do all
& could to help you along
when you write tell ma
how the crops are doing
I hope everything has done
well. I am still in the
Ada Medora & had not an
hour sickness since I joined
her I have seen a good
part of America but would
like to see more still
I like it more & more
We had not Uncle Willie
with us the last trip
as he stopped ashore
with Willie Gowan. We
were one trip to Kingstown
Canada with wheat it is
a nice place too. You will
perhaps  say I am telling lies
when I tell you that in
going to Kingstown we go
over the side of a Mountain
you know that there is no
outlet from Lake Erie to Lake
Ontario but the Niagra so
that Lake Erie is higher by
350 odd feet than Ontario
& across 28 miles 14 miles of a
level & the rest is a gradual
descent of 26 Locks  is a guard
lock The Locks are 270 feet
long & 14 feet water on sill
at a level it takes a full
day to go through it is
about [1000?] from Chicago
to Kingstown when clear
at Kingstown we went 18 mls [miles?]
further down the St Lawrence
to Grindstone Island &
loaded granite blocks for
Chicago to pave the streets
where the tram cars run
each block is about 6 inches
long & 4 by 3 inches thick 80 for
3 tons & Grindstone Island is
in the State of New York
When we were looking up
the canal on the 11th July I saw
a self-binder cutting wheat
& she done it in good style
the wheat was as heavy as an
average year in the old
Country but the cars are not
so large [n-?] the pickle
either. If I was in the old country
I would fill no more seaweed
I would make the horse do it
it is quite simple. When
we were arming up the Detroit
River we were about 6 mls [miles?]
from Wallaceburgh where
[Nicholas?] Savage is he has
got a farm there I am going
to see the Niagra Falls the
first time we are in buffalo
it will only cost 50 cents on
the train Your Brother
William is doing well he is getting
the vessel around fast I only
seen him once since I started
& he came to see me 6 mls [miles?] of a
[walk?] from where his vessel was
lying Person this scribble.
      John Shanks 3028 Main of chicago


Wm. Shanks, Cheboygan, U.S.A., to "Dear Mother", Ireland; PRONI D2709/1; CMSIED 9501353
Cheboygan June 28 1890

Dear Mother

I was glad you got home safe and was not sea sick, and I hope
this will find you all enjoying good health as it leaves me
and I guess the rest in good health as it is two weeks since
I was in Chicago I am going to South Chicago from here we are
still nocking [sic] at it as useal [usual?] John is still
mate with me and Nick is still on the Rome he is promoted to
wheelsman, I guess the Captain would like him for his
daughter. I have bought bonds with his money and Johneys so
it is all right, I have not much to say, James thinks you are
in the country and he says he wants to go on the big car to
see you Jane is the same wee cricket she can boss James when
he goes to tell me any thing on her she will scold like a
good one I don't know who she takes it by, this is news James
Brown is married to the Michigander [a person derived from a
Michigan area?] and brought her to Chicago and my Mother in
law has a pet pig Mrs Ashton and family is at her Sister's in
Mrs Dr [Doctor?] J, D, P, Walsh is visiting her Mother Mrs
Capt. [Captain?] Martin and also the young son, her Husband
Dr [Doctor?] J D P. Walsh came two weeks later to escort his
wife and wife's sister Miss Maggie J. Martin to his home in
Denver Colorado My Aunt was saying she missed you bad you
would come in handy about the baby as the could get no girl
the would'nt go to stop a few weeks
 I think I have told you all so I would like to know that is
when you get rested If you could put a stone up you said you
would have to get the right away from Old Nick you can find
out from him how it would be and let me know as soon as
possable [possible?]
 If you was in Belfast and seen one that suited you I would
think from œ20 to œ25 Twenty pounds to 25 pounds not dollars
you could buy it at sixty days that would give me time enough
to raise it and you would have it, in that time, I will close
with kind love to you and James and wife and family Liza &
David and family and all my freinds and acquaintances
I remain your affactionate [affectionate?] Big son Wm[William?] Shanks

you'l [you will?] get tired reading this
13-01-1885 Wm. Shanks, Chicago, to His Brother, Ireland; PRONI D2709/1; CMSIED 9501342
Please give this to James & oblige Wm [William?] Shanks
Chicago Jan 13 1885
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