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Arrected by William Shanks in mem of his sone John Shanks who died Aprile the 12th 1766 aged 24 yrs
Also his daughter Elinar Shanks who died the same day in the 16th year of her life
Likewise his daughter Agnes Shanks who died Jan the 9th 1766 aged 22 yrs

Shaw and Robert....... of Granshaw ......Minister and .........congregation of Ballyhalbert

Here lies the body of Robert Shaw late of Gransha who died 9th May 1826 aged 93yrs
Here lies the body of Jane Shaw otherwise SCOTT wife to Robert Shaw of Gransha who died 12th June 103 aged 34 yrs
Also 2 of their children Elizabeth & William both died in infancy

Miss . SHANKS . Inishargy married John Moore at the Kircubbin Presbyterian Church in 1823 PR; LDS Film #824282

Erec by John Moore of Ballyhalbert in mem of his brother Samuel Moore who died 2nd Oct 1861 aged 47 yrs

Erec by John Moore in mem of his daug Eliza Jane Moore who died 27th June 1894 aged 52 yrs
Also his wife Ann Moore who died 28th July 1895 aged 83 yrs
Also the above named John Moore 31st Jan 1906 aged 93yrs
Also his son Samuel Moore who died 24th Oct 1942 aged 86 yrs
Also his wife Mary Moore who died 2nd Dec 1953 aged 73 yrs.

In loving mem of Robert Shanks of Newcastle [Portaferry] who died 17th Jan 1905 aged 80 yrs
Also his son William who died 1st Mar 1894 aged 32 yrs
Also his wife Jane who died 7th July 1910 aged 82 yrs
Also their son David who died 19th April 1923 aged 72 yrs
Also their daughter Jane who died Mar 1927 aged 73 yrs
Also Robert Henry died 1 st Feb 1940
Also Margaret died 23rd Jan 1941

In loving memory of Mary Jane beloved Wife of Nicholas Shanks, Ballygarvin, died 1st May 1930, aged 30 years.
Also the above Nicholas Shanks died 23rd Nov.1962 aged 74 years.
Also his Daughter Mary Elizabeth WILLIS died 30th Oct.1981 aged 55 years.

In ever loving memory of Evelyn Ann Shanks of Ballyfounder who died 27th February 1951.
Also her daughter Margaret Mary died 13th Feby.1929 aged 4 years.
Also her Husband James Shanks, died 19th October 1954.

In loving memory of James Shanks, Ballyfounder, who died 2nd November 1912, aged 58 years.
Also his Son William Thomas who died 2nd November 1910 aged 28 years.
Also Susan Shanks, beloved Wife of the above James Shanks who died 28th June 1917 aged 58 years.
Also his Son David Nesbitt Shanks, who died at Ballyfounder 17th May 1923 aged 36 years.
Also Samuel John Shanks, who died 8th April 1950, aged 67 years, interred at Hughenden, Alberta.
Also his Daughter Susan Isabella CLEMENTS who died 5th January 1961, aged 70 years. Also his Daughter Elizabeth Shanks, who died 25th October 1961, aged 76 years.
Grey polished granite Stone, unpolished surround.[Mason: S&T Hastings, Downpatrick]


Erec by William Shanks of Carrowadore in mem of his son Robt Shanks who died 9th April 1871 aged 2 yrs
Also his son William Shanks who died 28th Sept 1875 aged 10 yrs
Also his son Francis Shanks who died 24th Aug 1880 aged 13 yrs
Also an infant daughter
Also his daughter Sophia Jane Shanks wife of Hugh Shanks who died in CHICAGO 20th Jan 1898 aged 35 yrs
Also his son James Shanks who died 5th Jan 1902 aged 43 yrs
Also the above William Shanks who died at Greyabbey 2nd Oct 1916 aged 88 yrs
Also his son John who died at Belvedene North Island NEW ZEALAND 4th 1916 aged 63 yrs

Miss Margaret SHAW . Ballyhalbert & Inishargy of Glastry House; daughter of Thomas Shaw; married Robert McKelvey 12 Sep 1850 in Ballyhalbert ; mother of William, Mary Isabella & Jemima Robina; died at Glastry House 8 Sep 1911 aged 81; buried family vault in Ballyhemlin Presbyterian Non Subscribing graveyard
CR; MIs; Mausoleum Trust

In mem of Robert McKelvey of Ballyhemelin who died 30th Oct 1860 aged 46 yrs
Also his daughter Ann who died 13th Sept 1853 aged 2 yrs & 2 mths
Also Willie his son who died 12th July 1857 aged 4 yrs & 3 mths
Hetty E HAMILTON wife of James McKelvey PITTSBURGH, PENSYLVANIA, USA who died at Ballyhemelin 28th Aug 1868 aged 54 yrs
Also the above James McKelvey who died 2th June 1892 aged 82 yrs
Margaret SHAW wife of above Robert McKelvey who died at her residence, Glastry House, 8th Sep 1911 aged 81 yrs.

In loving mem of Margaret SHAW wife of Robert McKelvey of Ballyhemelin who died at her residence Glastry House 8th Sept 1911 aged 81 yrs
Also their son William who died at Glastry House 10th May 1921 aged 63 yrs
Also their daughter Mary Isabella who died at Glastry House 11th May 1924 aged 69 yrs
Also their daughter Jemina Robina Shaw who died at Glastry House 26th Oct 1946 aged 87 yrs.

Erec by William Majilton of Greyabbey in mem of son Nathanial who died 21st May 1831 aged 18 yrs.
Also on the south side lieth two of his children who died young
Also his son-in-law John DAVIDSON who died 24th June 1847 aged 24 yrs
Also his grandson William M Davidson who died 12th Feb 1850 aged 4 yrs.
Also his wife Mary Magilton alias BECK who died 7th May 1858 aged 77 yrs
Also above William Majilton who died 15th Jan 1866 aged 83 yrs.

With MAJILTON stone
Sacred to the mem of Mary HUNTER widow of the late John Shanks and last surviving daughter of the late William MAJILTON of Greyabbey.
She died 19th Sept. 189[.] age 69 yrs.
She was first married to John DAVIDSON who died in 1847 and her only child by that marriage was buried here 1850 aged 4 yrs.
She was sextoness of the Parish Church & caretaker of the Abbey for 30 yrs and was well liked & respected by all who knew her.

Erect by Francis Shanks Greyabbey in mem of his son William J Shanks who died 24th Mar 1862 aged 3 yrs.
Also his daughter Margaret died 27th Mar 1862 aged 1 yr
Also his daughter Eliza who died in infancy
Also his wife Matilda Shanks who died 17th April 1902
Also his daughter Sophia who died 16th Aug  1902 aged 24 yrs
Also above named Francis Shanks who died 16th June 1916.
Also his son Francis Shanks who died 23rd Aug 1927*

Francis SHANKS* . Greyabbey of the village; died 23 Aug 1927; husband of Matilda McMaster; father of William b. 22 May 1868 & Francis b. 8 Dec 1870 & Margaret, Eliza, Sophia; buried parish graveyard CR; MIs

Here lieth the the body of James Hunter of Ballyboghillbow who died 20th Sept 1771 aged ..
Also his sister Elenor Hunter who died 24th aug 178[.] aged 33 yrs
Also James SHAW who died 13th Aug 185[.] aged 76 yrs
Eileen Mary Shaw 8th June 1873.

Here lieth the body of James Hunter of Ballyboghillbow who died June 22nd 1801 aged 100 yrs  [WOW]
Also his wife Rebecca Hunter alias EARLE who died Sept 26th 1787 aged 74 yrs
Also Mary Hunter alias ADAMS daughter of James Adams late of Ballyrolley & wife of Samuel Hunter of Ballyboghillbow who died 2nd Oct 1808 aged 44 yrs
Also above named Samuel Hunter who died 1839 aged 78 yrs
Catherine Hunter died 2nd Oct 1839 aged 46 yrs.
Samuel William SHAW 1874

Here lieth the body of William Sha who died June ye 6th 1741 aged 39 yrs.
Also his wife Mary McKEAG who died Feb 27th 1740 aged 49 yrs
Also his son James Sha.


Here lieth the body of Thomas Shaw of Glestry [Glastry] he dept this life Nov 9th  1794 in the 75th year of his life
Also his wife Margaret who died Dec 29th 1798 in her 66th yr.
Also the remains of Margaret Shaw alias BORDON [BOWDEN] wife to the above mentioned James Shaw who died May 13th 1807 aged 38 yrs. [not sure where this James is]

Erec by William Shaw of Fishquarter in mem of his daughter Margaret PARK alias Shaw who died Aug 1812 age 21 yrs.
Also his wife Elizabeth Shaw alias MAXWELL who died 30th Dec 1842 aged 85 yrs.
Also the above William Shaw, her husband, who died 24th July 1844 aged 84 yrs.
Also John COULTER of Grangee who died 7th Jan 1860 aged 69 yrs.
Also his wife Mary Coulter alias Shaw who died 26th April 1867 aged 74 yrs.
Also their daughter Elizabeth Coulter who died 2th Nov 1908 aged 89 yrs.

Erec by William Shaw of Glastry in mem of his father Thomas Shaw late of Glastry who died 23rd Jan 1837 aged 69 yrs.
Also his sister Margaret Shaw who died 10th Dec 1823 aged 19 yrs.
Also his brother Thomas Shaw who died  Meadville in USA 10th July 1829 aged 23 yrs
Also the above named William Shaw of Glastry who died 28th July 1866 aged 63 yrs.

Erec to the mem of Robert Shaw Fishquarter who died Mar 19th 1850 aged 79 yrs.
By his heirs.

Thomas Shaw of Fishquarter born 1788 died 1858
Also his wife Mary McKEE born 1790 died 1858
Their children
William Shaw born 1810 died 1877
Robert Shaw born 1812 died 1876
John Maxwell Shaw born 1814 died 1852
Margaret Shaw born 1816 died 1900 [m McKIBBIN]
James Shaw born 1818 died 1875
Sophia Shaw born 1821 died 1901 [m POLLOCK]
Mary Shaw born 1822 died 1900 [m WOODS]
Jean Shaw born 1826 died 1904 [m McCUTCHEON]
David Shaw born 1828 died 1909
Ann Shaw born 1830 died 1905
Thomas Shaw born 1834 died 1919

Erec by Hugh Ambrose of Innishargie in mem of his wife Margaret Ambrose alias SHANKS who died 29th Jan 1816 aged 29 yrs

Erec by Robert Drisdale of Gransha in mem of his father Henry Drisdale who died 14th June 1803 aged 56 yrs.
Also his mother Mary Drisdale alias SHANKS who died 24th Feb 1805 aged 66 yrs

Erec by ......Shaw in mem of her husband William Shaw of Kircubbin who died 6th ....182[.] aged 26 yrs.

Erec by Eliza Shaw of Kirkcubbin in mem of her husband Francis Shaw who died 23rd Dec 1837 aged 34 yrs
Also Mary their daughter who died young

With WARNOCK stone
Erec by Jane Shaw Kirkcubbin in mem of her husband Thomas Shaw who died Feb 10th 1839 aged 46 yrs
Also her son James Shaw who died 15th May 1860 aged 28 yrs
Also the above named Jane Shaw who died 10th Mar 1881 aged 77 yrs
Also Mary Shaw alias GLENDINNING born 19th Dec 1837 died 7th Sept 1899
Thomas Shaw Glendinning son of the above named Mary Glendinning born 12th Aug 1878 died 26th Mar 1907
Also his grandson Major Hamilton Glendinning D.S.O died 15th Jan 1940 aged 55 yrs

With SHAW stone
In mem of her husband Capt Thomas Warnock who died 2nd Feb 1851 aged 49 yrs
Here also lies the remains of Agnes SHAW alias Warnock died 5th Oct 1877 aged 69yrs

Erec by W.E CARRICK in mem of his father-in-law William Shaw of Kircubbin who died 14th Aug 1877 aged 66 yrs
Also William Shaw Carrick son & grandson of the above who died 11th June 1869 aged 5 yrs
Here also lies the remains of Mary Shae ORR wife of said William Shaw who died 17th Aug 1839 aged 31 yrs
Also their child Mary who died in infancy
Also Annie Shaw or Carrick wife of said W.E Carrick who died 14th Jan 1900 aged 66 yrs
also the above named W.E Carrick who died at Roden St Kircubbin 4th Oct 1919 aged 86 yrs.

Thomas SHAW . Inishargy of Kircubbin; a shopkeeper ; son of John Shaw (shopkeeper) when full age married Ellen Brown 22 Jan 1863 at Strangford Presbyterian Church ; witnesses were McDowell & James I. Shaw PR; LR 2005 p67

Thomas SHAW . Greyabbey husband of Ellen Brown; father of James Johnston Shaw b. 21 Mar 1866 & John Brown Maxwell Shaw b. 10 Oct 1870 & Margaretta Kathleen b. 1 Nov 1873 CR

Erec to the mem of John M Shaw of Kircubbin who died 20th June 1852 aged 38 yrs
Also his 2 children Ann & James who died infants
Margaret Shaw died 4th Jan 1857 aged 7 yrs
Jane Shaw died 4th June 1867 aged 18 yrs
Mary Shaw died 10th Mar 1870 aged 22 yrs
Also Ann JOHNSTON wife of the above named John Maxwell Shaw who died 12th Jan 1900 in the 85th year

Erec by David Shaw in mem of his wife Elizabeth Shaw who died 31st Jan aged 36 yrs
Also his beloved daughter Margaret Shaw who died 4th Nov 1905 aged 23 yrs
Also the above named David Shaw who died 28th Feb 1909 aged 80 yrs
Also Isabella wife of above David Shaw died 20th May 1920 aged 73 yrs
To the mem of Thomas Shaw late of Fishquarter who died 30th Aug 1858 aged 69 yrs
Also his wife Mary Shaw alias McKEE who died on the 10th Mar 1858 aged 67 yurs
And Shaw youngest daughter of Thomas Shaw died 26th Jan 1905 aged 74 yrs

Sacred to the mem of James Orr Kirkcubbin  who died 24th Mar 1846 aged 78 yrs
Also his wife Mary Orr alias SHAW who died 18th Oct 1846 aged 71 yrs.

Here lieth the body of John Welsh formally of Gransha late of Kirkcubbin who died 6th Feb 1856 aged 77 yrs
Also his wife Jane Welsh alias SHAW who died 12th July 1855 aged 80 yrs.
Erec by William Matthews of Ballywalter in mem of his children
William died 25th Dec 1816 aged 3 yrs
George died 9th Jan 1817 aged 10 mths
Also his wife Ellen Matthews alias SHANKS who died 6th Sept 1849 aged 66 yrs
Also the said William Matthews who died 12th Feb 1861 aged 67 yrs.

Erec by James Merrin Ballygela  in mem of his mother Ann Merrin who died 21st Jan 1886
Also his sister Alice SHANKS died 27th Mar 1899
Also his sister Mary died 7th Jan 1913

Erec by James Shanks of Tooshilly in mem of his father Nicholas shanks who died 27th Dec 1839 aged 77 yrs
Also his mother Jane Shanks who died 5th Jan 1837 aged 75 yrs
Also his wife Elizabeth Shanks alias PATTEN who died 4th Feb 1868 aged 68 yrs

Erec by Marg Shanks of Ballyfounder in mem of her children viz.
Samuel Shanks who died 29th April 1866 aged 3 yrs
Catherine Shanks who died 18th June 1869 aged 8 mths

Here lies all that is mortal of William Savage of Newcastle distinguished during a short life of 50 yrs. His death on the18th Sept. 1837 deprived his family of an affectionate relative. reader mark the perfect man and behold the upright for the end of that man is peace.
Also his wife Margaret Savage alias SHANKS who died 19th May 1855 aged 65 yrs
Also their grand-daughter Margaret Savage who died 25th April 1872 aged 13yrs 5 mths.
Also his daughter Jane WATSON alias Savage who died 16th Oct 1888 aged 65 yrs.
Also his son William Savage who died 5th Feb 1892 aged 70 yrs.
Also Margaret Savage grand-daughter of the first William Savage died 3rd Dec. 1918
William John COULTER died 21st Jan 1944

Here lieth the body of William Shaw of Dirry [Portaferry] who died Sep 4th 1774 aged 84 yrs
Also his wife Jean Shaw who died July 12th 1771 aged 82 yrs
Also Jean Shaw wife to John Shaw who died Jan 12th 1763 aged 24 yrs.

Erec by William Wilson Shaw CHICAGO in mem of his mother Catherine Jane Shaw alias PYPER who died at Ballyfounder  16th May 1887 aged 86yrs.  

James SHANKS . Ballyphilip son of James Shanks; aged 21 married Margaret Shaw 12 Jan 1854; father of Nicholas b. 3 Apr 1865 & Samuel John b. 26 Apr 1869 (regd. Portaferry) CR

Erec to the mem of Walter Adamson lightkeeper [of South Rock lighthouse] who died at Portaferry July 5th 1856 aged 85 yrs
Also his wife Jane Adamson who died 12th April 1864 aged 76 yrs.
Also of Isabella McDONNELL alias SHAW of Ballyspurge who died 11th May 1845 aged 53 yrs
Also Samuel McDonnell of Ballywadden who died 7th April 1876 aghe 65 yrs.

Erec by Grace Shaw of Tallyeharnon [Tullytrammon] in mem of her husband George Shaw who died at sea 13th Dec 1869 aged 46 yrs
Also her beloved mother Margaret Shaw who died 24th Feb 1873 aged 80 yrs

Here lieth the body of David Anderson late of Bishop Mill who died Mar 9th 1763 aged 55yrs
also his wife Mary Anderson who died June 22nd 1752 aged 45 yrs
Also 4 of his children John, Robert, John & Lizabeth
Also 3 sons of the present David Anderson of Bishop Mill Robert, James & Charles
Also Susanna Anderson alias SHAW wife to above david Anderson who died June 20th 1768 aged 60 yrs.

Here lieth the body of John Shanks who died May 10th 1807 aged 60 yrs
Also 5 of his children

Thos shanks B. boley c 1850

Erec by George shanks Ballyboley in mem of his daug Jane who died 1893 aged 10 yrs
Also his wife Lizzie A  Shanks died 26th Feb 1911 aged 55 yrs

Erec by Edward MULHOLLAND in mem of his grandfather Robert Shanks died  18th Nov 1927.
Also his mother Mary Shanks died 4th Aug 1942

Erec by Robert McBRIAR in mem of his grandmother Eliza J Shanks who died 16th Mar 1937

Here lies the body of James Shaw who died Aug 1st 1769 aged 76 yrs
Also his wife Ann Shaw who died Aug 5th 1769 A E 74yrs
Also Ann Shaw who dept this life Oct 1st 1785 A E 27 yrs
Here lieth the body of John Shaw who died May 16th 1803 A E 43 yrs  

Here lieth the body of John Shaw who died this life May 29th 1782 aged 84 yrs
Also his wife Martha WHITE who died Oct 31st 1778 aged 76 yrs

Here lieth the body of Alexander Bennett who died 14th June 1801 aged 67 yrs
Also his wife Margaret alias SHAW who died June 15th 1794 aged 62 yrs

Here lieth the body of Andrew McKeag of Ballybuttle who died 22nd Nov 1813 aged 79 yrs
Also his wife Mary McKeag alias SHAW who died 21st A.D 1826 aged 91 yrs
Also James McKeag wife to James McKeag of Ballyrea who died Nov 29th 1832 aged 53 yrs
Also said James McKeag of Ballyrea who died 23rd Sept 1856 aged 80 yrs

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