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Author Topic: PALMER GRAVES  (Read 781 times)
Lena McVea
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Ballyhalbert Old Graveyard

Here lyeth the body of Adam Palmer late of Portavogie who died July 8, 1754, age 92yrs BORN 1662
Also wife Jean McCredey died Nov.26, 1737, age 61.
Here lies the body of John Palmer late of Baellyessborough died Mar. 22, 1798 age 51 BORN 1747
Also wife Bell Palmer died Nov.2, 1826, age 65.

James Palmer late of Portavogie died Jul.26, 1758, age 51 BORN 1707
Also wife Ann Bingham died Apr.8, 1798, age 80 yrs BORN 1718
Also daughter Mary Palmer died Jun.12, 1809, age 63
Also son Adam late of Portavogie died Mar.26, 1812, age 72. BORN 1740

PALMER [partly covered by other Palmer stones].
John Palmer died Jul.4, 1764, age 52 BORN 1712
Also Robert Palmer son of James Palmer died Jul.4, 1764, age 10. BORN 1754

Here lieth the body of Mary Palmer alias Miller, wife to James Palmer of Portavogie who departed this life Oct.23, 1796, aged 46 years.
Also James Palmer, he died the 7th May 1807 aged 70 years. BORN 1737
Also his son James Palmer of Portavogie who died the 13th of May 1857 aged 82 years. BORN 1775
Also his grandson James Palmer of Portavogie who died the 25th of July 1857 aged 58 years. BORN 1799
Also Sarah Palmer, wife of the last said James Palmer, who died the 21st of January 1867 aged 68 years.

Elizabeth Kennedy wife to John Palmer of Portavogie died Mar.26, 1797, age 39
Also her daughter Mary Palmer died Jan.5, 1795, age 7
Also John Palmer of Portavogie died Mar.16, 1819, age 72.
Also John McMullan of Portavogie died Aug.22, 1863, age 71
Marianne Palmer nee Martin wife of Adam of Portavogie died at her residence Kircubbin Mar.21, 1907, age 85.

MULLAN [same plot as the last].
Erected by Adam Palmer for mum Rachel McMullan alias Palmer died May 24, 1876, age 76.
Above Adam who died at his residence in Kircubbin on Nov.26, 1912, age 96.
Daughter Mary Jane died Feb.25, 1950, aged 90 yrs.
Daughter Margaret died Mar.6, 1954, aged 98 yrs.

Robert Palmer late of Portavogie died Jan.28, 1814, age 82 also wife Agnes nee Kirkpatrick died Aug.2, 1813, age 74
Also daughter Mary died Aug.28, 1810, age 29 so John Palmer died Sep.28, 1837, age 56.

PALMER [laid flat in modern Martin enclosure that includes another flat gravestone described below and a headstone for William Martin died Jun.21, 1971, and his wife Mary died May 9, 198?.].
Erected by William Palmer of Ballyeasborough in memory of daughter Mary Palmer died May 2, 1841, age 19
Also 2 infants John and Adam also grandson William Palmer died Feb.8, 1875, age 11 months.

PALMER [laid flat in modern Martin enclosure].
Erected by William Palmer of Ballyeasborough for wife Mary nee Clingin died Jan.9, 1866, age 72
Also daughter Margaret Palmer died Feb.4, 1863, age 33
Above William died Apr.5, 1867, age 71
Also wife Rachel Palmer died Mar.26, 1898, age 63
Also daughter Harriet Palmer died Jun.30, 1901, age 23
Also daughter Margaret Palmer died Oct.30, 1901, age 36
Also daughter Elizabeth died Sep.23, 1886, age 17
Also son William died Nov.19, 1908, age 74.

PALMER [two headstones in the same plot].
Erected by James Palmer of Newtownards for daughter Sarah died Dec.20, 1854, age 3 above James Palmer died Oct.22, 1864, age 38.

Erected by Robert Palmer for his wife Sophia died Apr.30, 1903, aged 61.
Above Robert died May 8, 1907, age 62.
Also Marybella died Mar.3, 1942, age 72.
John Alexander born 1867 died Jan.12, 1945.
Their son John Alexander died Dec.13, 1988 age 85 yrs.
His wife Lizzie died Jan.7, 1996, age 89.

PALMER [white marble tablet in surround].
Erected by Elizabeth Palmer Ballyeasborough for husband Adam Palmer died Dec.3, 1872, age 74
 Above Eliz Palmer died Feb.5, 1876, age 73.

Erected by Samuel Palmer, Ballyhalbert, in memory of his mother Agnes Palmer who died 30th March 1883 aged 52 years. NEE MAHOOD
Also his father Alexr. Palmer who died 15th May 1887 aged 65 years.

Erected by James Palmer for daughter Lizzie died Jun.8, 1891, age 6
Also above James Palmer died Dec.20, 1923, age 69
Also his wife Elizabeth Palmer died Jan.11, 1925, age 78.
[Same stone:] In rem of my husband James King died Jul.16, 1944, age 58.

John Palmer for wife Margaret who died Feb.13, 1921, age 71 years.
Above John died Apr.17, 1937, aged 84 yrs.
Son William died Oct.13, 1937, age 50 yrs and is buried in Mount Pleasant, Toronto. Daughter Nellie died Mar.28, 1948.

In memory of William Palmer husband and father died Jun.30, 1978.

For dear parents John Alexander died Sep.23, 1966, and Eliz. Jane died Sep.26, 1959.

For John Alex. died Mar.28, 1991, and wife Agnes nee Palmer died Jan.13, 1992.

In memory of John Alex. husband of Eliz. died May 2, 1966.

Robert Palmer died Mar.13, 1973, and his wife Margaret died Oct.27, 1987.

In memory of Albert died May 27, 1960, age 52. Wife Eleanor Anna (Eileen) died Nov.7, 2000, age 88.

Erected by William Palmor for his mum Jane Palmor died Dec.3, 1842, age 5
Also dad William Palmor died Dec.28, 1852, age 66
Also brother John died Dec.12, 1865, age 57
Also sister Jane Millican died Feb.4, 1877, age 55
Also Sarah Millican of Portavogie died Feb.19, 1901, age 84. [On the back of the stone:] James Milligan died Feb.19, 1904, age 84.

Body of Elizabeth Milligin wife to Joseph Pally (Jun) died ye 25 of --, 1717, age 60. Joseph Pally died --- 177(0) age 1(3).

[Upper part badly broken.] ...led....his w... who died No... 1729 age 49.
Here lyeth the body of John Miller their son who died May 28 1759 age 47
Also Mary Palmer wife to John Miller died 7 April 1771 age 79 yrs
Also Andy Miller late of Ballyhalbert died 7 July 1817 age 32.

Here lies the body of Thomas Kennedy late of Ballyeasborough who died Apr.15 1802 age 66.
Also wife Jane alias Palmer died 30 March 1815 age 73.

Jannat Leemon alias Palmer wife to John Leemon of Ballyesborough died August ye 12th 1772 age 72 yrs. BORN 1700
Also James Leemon a child.

Erected by William Reid of Portavogie in memory of his son William who at the age of 22 was drowned with JAMES CATHCART & Robert PIPER when returning from the Green Isle where they had been fowling on the 3rd day of February 1831.
Also his son Alexander who was drowned in Kingstown America on the 14th Oct. 1842 age 37.
Also his wife Mary alias MILLER who died 29th April 1845 age 53.
Also above William died 3rd. July 1847 age 64.

Ballyeasborough Graveyard, County Down:

Erected by Anne Palmer of Portavogie for husband Adam Palmer died Feb.21, 1874, age 85.
Also said Ann Palmer died May 12, 1883, age 85.
Also brother Robert Palmer died Jan.7, 1888, age 88.
Also Elizabeth Warnock died Feb.23, 1892, age 81.NEE PALMER WIFE OF HUGH WARNOCK

Erected by John Palmer of Ballyfrench for wife Agnes died Nov.18, 1886, age 42. NEE PIPER
Also his wife Mary Jane died May 1, 1889, age 38. NEE PIPER
Also son John died Oct.1, 1894, age 2.
Also said John died in USA 1910 age 67.
Also son Robert died Oct.12, 1917.
Also Margaret wife of above John Palmer died Feb.24, 1929, age 73. NEE PORTER WIDOW BECKETT

Erected by Andrew Palmer Ballyeasborough for his son Adam died Jan.27, 1894, age 21.
Also above Andrew died Apr.9, 1914, age 76.

Erected by Andrew Palmer in loving memory of his wife Abigail Palmer who died 31st Oct. 1963 aged 78. NEE MILLIGAN
Also their son Cecil, died in infancy.
Also the above Andrew Palmer died 31st Jan. 1969 aged 94 years.
Also their daughter Eva died 6th Aug. 1992 aged 73 years.

Erected by Agnes Palmer for husband Robert died Jan.20, 1924, age 75.
Daughter Nellie died Mar.23, 1896, age 11.
Also above Agnes died Dec.9, 1933, age 72.
Also Rachel Palmer wife of Adam Palmer died Apr.22, 1934, age 32.
Also her husband Adam died Feb.5, 1953.

Erected by Jane Palmer for husband William died Jun.27, 1896, age 57.
Above Jane died Sep.12, 1912, age 66.

Erected by Jane of Ballywhiskin for husband John died May 14, 1898, age 69.
Also above Jane died Jun.18, 1906, age 77.

Partial: PALMER.
George Palmer died Sep.17, 1983, aged 64. (Son of William Palmer and Ellen Ledlie.)

Partial: PALMER.
William Palmer died Jan.5, 1965, aged 87.
Wife: Ellen. NEE LEDLIE
Grandson Raymond Palmer died Jan.2, 1991.

Partial: PALMER.
Grave of Sophia and Sadie Palmer:
Henry, husband of Sophia, died Feb.27, 2003.

Glastry Presbyterian Graveyard, County Down:

Erected by Nancy Palmer in memory of her husband John Palmer of Portavogie who departed this life 10th November 1850 aged 57 years.
Also the above named Nancy Palmer who departed this life on the 10th April 1871 aged 64 years.
Also her grandson James Palmer, died 1st Feb. 1869 aged 5 years.
Her son Adam Palmer died 27th Oct. 1905 aged 72 years.

PALMER. [White marble stone in low-railed enclosure.]
Erected by Mary Palmer in memory of her beloved husband Robert Palmer who died 21st January 1891 aged 59 years.
Also their daughter Nancy, died 1854, aged 1 year and 9 months.
Also three children who died in infancy. Also Beatrice, daughter of Robert John Palmer, who died 22nd Feby. 1909 aged 11 months.
Also the above Mary Palmer who died 16th May 1920 aged 89 years. NEE MAHOOD
Also her son Robert John Palmer who died 29th March 1934 aged 75 years.
Also Annie, daughter of Robert John Palmer, who died 17th March 1939 aged 43 years. Also Elizabeth, wife of Robert John Palmer, who died 14th July 1952 aged 89 years. Mary Palmer died Apr.5, 1976, aged 82 years.
Adam died Apr.22, 1986, aged 83 years and wife Essie NEE ORR died Nov.23, 2002 aged 86.
Ann Palmer daughter of Adam and Essie, missionary in Zambia died Jun.18, 1992, aged 50 years.

Erected by Thomas Palmer, Portavogie, is memory of his daughter Essie who died 2nd July 1895.
Also his son Francis M. who died 31st October 1897.
Also his wife Eliza Jane, died 26th December 1943 aged 78 years. NEE MAWHINNEY
Also the above named Thomas Palmer, died 7th July 1956 aged 90 years.
A few more years shall roll, A few more seasons come, And we shall be with those that rest, Asleep within the tomb.

Erected by Samuel Palmer of Portavogie for wife Eliza Jane NEE HUGHES died May 19, 1897, age 30.
Son William died Jul.19, 1897, age 4 mths.
Also wife Elizabeth died Oct.27, 1917, age 42. NEE TIBBS
Also daughter Annie died Dec.10, 1933, age 39.
Above Samuel died Jul.28, 1953, age 87.
Son Thomas died Mar.10, 1983, aged 75.
Also son Robert Hughes died 1986 aged 93.

Erected for her husband James Palmer (Palmer Hughes) died Jun.8, 1971. Wife Sarah (nee Kelly) died Feb.1, 1998.
Also James Palmer's mum and dad James died Jul.14, 1940, Agnes Jul.7, 1998.

Erected for parents Adam died Jul.8, 1959, Agnes Jul.8, 1932. NEE CLINT
Daughters Agnes died Sep.29, 1928,
Margaret died Feb.21, 1929,
Agnes died 1906 age 5 years,
Nellie McBurney died Feb.8, 1987, aged 65,
Dan McBurney died Jul.16, 1998 aged 78.

Erected by James Palmer for daughters and son,
Agnes died Sep.26, 1901, aged 3,
David died Mar.31, 1919, aged 29
Lily died Jan.3, 1920, aged 14
Anna died Jul.31, 1920, aged 19.

Samuel died Jan.1, 1991, aged 86. Wife Dorothy died Aug.14, 1994, aged 83.

Erected for his brother James died Feb.15, 1930.
Wife Margaret Isabella died Jun.28, 1966. NEE CLOSE
Above William died Jan.28, 1982, aged 93 years.

Erected by Robert for wife Winifred who died Sep.16, 1980, aged 84. NEE HASTINGS
Son Cecil died Jun.15, 1980, in England.
Above Robert died Jun.12, 1986, aged 92 years.

Erected by John for daughter Essie died Jun.23, 1915, age 25 years.
Two children died in infancy.
Wife Mary died 1917 age 49 years. NEE COFFEY
Above John died Sep.9, 1933, aged 69.
Also son-in-law Hugh Thompson died Oct.5, 1946, aged 53.
Also Lucy wife of Hugh Thompson died Mar.1, 1962, aged 69.

Erected by David Palmer for his son David died Aug.5, 1901, age 10 yrs.
Above David died Apr.2, 1914 age 57.
Wife Jane died Jan.10, 1921. NEE PALMER
Son James died Jul.19, 1959, age 74.
Wife Nan died May 14, 1987, age 84 years.

Erected by John Palmer of Portavogie for his son Adam died Jan.31, 1909, age 23.          
Above John died Oct.15, 1930, age 84 yrs.
Wife Mary died Jul.17, 1941, age 87.
Daughter Agnes Taylor died Mar.25, 1948.
Son John died in Auckland NZ on Mar.11, 1949.
Mary Elizabeth died Mar.10, 1952, age 74, wife of William Jane died Sep.25, 1999, age 96 yrs.

Erected by James Palmer of Portavogie for his son William John died Dec.22, 1918, age 49.
Granddaughter Louisa died Oct.7, 1922, age 11 yrs.
Above James died May 22, 1925, age 87 (or 81?).
Wife Lucy Palmer died Aug.3, 1929, age 93 yrs.
Son Adam died Oct.19, 1950, age 82 yrs.
Ellen wife of Adam died Mar.6, 1955, age 84.

For wife and mother Isabella died Nov.20, 1969.
Dad John died Jun.7, 1981.

Robert died Oct.31, 1984, age 82 yrs.
Wife Margaret died Dec.31, 1989, age 88 yrs. NEE DONNAN
Granddaughter Helen died Jun.25, 1964, age 11 mnths (Robert is a brother of Sophia Murphy Palmer who married Henry Palmer)

Erected by Rachel Gaw in memory of her husband James Gaw, died 13 Feb. 1882 aged 35 yrs.
Also above Rachel Gaw who died 16 August 1938 age 87 yrs. Portavogie and Kircubbin.

Kircubbin Presbyterian Graveyard, County Down:

Erected by James Finlay in loving memory of his son Francis who died Aug.23, 1909, aged 22 years.
His daughter Agnes who died Apr.2, 1911(?) aged 38 years.
Also the above James Finlay who died Jun.22, 1922, aged 74 years.
Also his wife Alice Finlay who died Jul.6, 1928, aged 79 years.
Inscribed by Alice R. Palmer in memory of her husband Robert J. Palmer died May 23, 1941.
Also the above Alice Ross Palmer died May 15, 1986.

In loving memory of James Palmer who died Sep.22, 2000, aged 75.

Erected by James Filson, Balligan for his mother Margaret alias Cumming who died 1st May 1840 age 48.
Also daughter Elizabeth Cummin Filson who died 25 Oct. 1867 age 3 1/2 yrs.
Also son John Cummin Filson who died 12 Nov. 1867 age 1yr 8mths.
Also his father John Filson who died 6th June 1872 age 76.
Robert James Filson Cumming of Balligan who died at Boston U.S. on 16 Oct. 1903 age 22yrs & 6mths.
Mary beloved wife of James Filson, Balligan died 21 March 1906 age 70yrs.
Also above James died 22 May 1919 age 83.
Also ROBERT JOHN PALMER son-in-law of the above James Filson who died 15 July 1942 age 73.
Also his wife Ellen Palmer nee Filson died 17 July 1966 age 91yrs.

Cloughey Presbyterian Graveyard, County Down:

ROBINSON. Erected by James Palmer for Hugh Robinson, Kirkistown.
Hugh Robinson died Dec.13, 1908, aged 87.
His son Hugh, 9 months. Daughter, Matilda, Feb.24, 1921, aged 28.
Wife Eliza Jane Robinson died Jun.11, 1929, aged 72 at Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania.
Above named James died Oct.23, 1936, at New York, USA, interred Tunkhannock, USA.

Cloughey New Graveyard, County Down:

In memory of a dear wife Isabella died Nov.22, 1970, aged 76.
Also her husband Robert died Jun.8, 1979, aged 88 years.
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