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April 20, 2014, 10:06:32 AM
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Author Topic: McDowell graves from 1644 Ferlay, Park, Mountgoumry, Calwell  (Read 357 times)
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Here lieth the body of Robert McDowell of Talytramin who died Nov. ye 28th 1722 aged 78 yrs. [BORN 1644]
Here lieth the body of Illener FERLAY wife to above named who died June 23rd 1677 aged 27 yrs, [BORN 1650]
Also his wife Mary MOUNTGOUMRY who died Actober ye 3th 1733 aged 80 yrs. [BORN 1653.]

Here lieth the body of William McDowell late of Tallytrannen  who died June ye 21st day 1759 aged 65 yrs,
Also his son William of Tullytrammon who died 1st Sept. 1823 aged 79 yrs.
Also Mary McDowell alias PARK who died Oct. 1st 1828 aged 85 yrs.
Also William McDowell, Tullytrammon, who died 8th Mar. 1936.
Also his wife Barbara CALWELL McDowell  who died 9th Aug. 1951.

Here lyeth the body of Margaret McDowell, wife to James McDowell of Slanes, who died May 8th 1772 aged 79 yrs.
Also his son James McDowell who died May the 5th 1779 aged 51 yrs.
Here lieth the body of Robert McCOMB, late of Ballyquinten  who died 17th June 1826 aged 79yrs.

Erect. by Captain John McDowell of Portavogie who departed this life 10th January 1871 aged 54 yrs. born 1817
Also Captain John Smyth of Portavogie nephew of the above, died 2nd Dec. 1928 aged 76 yrs. born 1852

Title :  Date of Death : 10 January 1872
Surname : McDowell Date of Grant : 10 April 1872
Forename : John Reseal Date :
Registry : Belfast Effects : Effects under £2,000
Full Abstract :
Letters of Administration (with the Will and three Codicils annexed) of the personal estate of John M'Dowell late of Portavogie County Down Master Mariner deceased who died 10 January 1872 at same place were granted at Belfast to Robert Smyth of Portavogie (Kirkcubbin) aforesaid Master Mariner the Father and Guardian (during minority only) of John Smyth James Smyth Robert Smyth and Charles Smyth the Residuary Legatees. (By Order of Court.)


Erect. by Geo. Davidson
Here lies the body of Elizabeth alias PALMER, wife to William McDowal  of Ballyeasborough, who died Feb. 6th 1806 aged 69yrs.
Also James DAVIDSON, son of Geo. Davidson, of Ballyeasborough, who died Feb. 9th 1806 aged 12 weeks.
George Davidson Jun. died 4th Feb. 1823 aged 18 yrs.
Also his daughter Mary Jane Davidson who died 26th Sept. 1843 aged 74 yrs.
Also his wife Eliza who died 3rd Oct. 1856 aged 72 yrs.
Also his son William Davidson who died 22nd April 1869 aged 64 yrs.
Also his son Hugh Davidson who died 23rd Aug.1886 aged 74 yrs.
[Stone set into cement floor
In mem. of William Davidson who died 20th April 1928 aged 70 yrs.

Erect. in memory of Daniel McDowell late of Glastry who died 31st March 1815 aged 72 yrs.
Also his wife Rose McDowell alias McMASTER who died 7th March 1830 aged 86 yrs,

Erect. by John McDowell of Ballylimp in memory of his father James McDowell who died 22nd May 1853 aged 84 yrs.  

Here lieth the body of David Brown of Ballyhalbert who died 1st Feb. 1815 aged 67 yrs.
Also his wife Mary McDOWELL who died 29th Aug. 1825 aged 81 yrs.
In older writing.
Here lieth ye bodies of Mary age 2 yrs. & John aged 3 mths.brown of Ballyhalbert. Both died 25th Oct. 1777


In loving mem. of William McDowell who died 13th May 1903.
Also his sons:- Robert died 13th Mar. 1892.  Hugh died 3rd. Sept. 1898.
Also his wife Margaret died 19th Mar. 1922.
Also his son John died 16th Mar. 1934
Also Arnott CRAIG son-in-law of above named John died 31st Dec. 1939
Also Ellen wife of John died 7th Mar. 1940. NEE YOUNG

Residents of a house 9 in Tullytrarnan (Ardkeen, Down) 1901
McDowell   William   70   Male   Head of Family   Presbyterian   Co Down   Farmer   Cannot read      Married   
Donaldson   William   20   Male   Servant   Roman Catholic   Co Down   Farm Servant-Domestic   Read and write      Not Married   
McDowell   John   38   Male   Son   Presbyterian   Co Down   Farmers Son   Read and write      Not Married   
McDowell   Margaret   71   Female   Wife   Presbyterian   Co Down      Read and write      Married NEE ENNIS

Residents of a house 85 in High Street (Portaferry, Down) 1911

McDowell   William   46   Male   Head of Family   Presbyterian   Co Down   Carpenter   Read and write      Married      10   2   2
McDowell   Margaret   82   Female   Mother   Presbyterian   Co Down      Read and write      Widow      18   2   2
McDowell   Margaret Isabella   16   Female   Daughter   Presbyterian   Co Down   Scholar   Read and write      Single
McDowell   William   15   Male   Son   Presbyterian   Co Down   Draper's Assistant   Read and write      Single

Residents of a house 59 in Cloghy (Ardkeen, Down) 1911

McDowell   John   52   Male   Head of Family   Presbterranean   Co Down   Farmer   Read and write      Married   
McDowell   Ellen   44   Female   Wife   Presbterranean   Co Down      Read and write      Married      6   2   2 nee Young
McDowell   William   5   Male   Son   Presbteranean   Co Down      Canot read write   
McDowell   Hugh   2   Male   Son   Presbteranean   Co Down   -   Canot read write   


Here lieth the body of Rebekah McDowell, alias CARR, wife to S... McDowell of Bal....., she died Sept. 5th 1773 aged 21 yrs.


Erect. by Robert Brain of Ganaway for his son Robert Brain who died 8th Jan. 1849 aged 34 yrs.
Also the above named Robert Brain who died 9th Nov. 1869 aged 77 yrs.
Also his wife Alice Brain alias  MCDOWELL who died 19th July 1870 aged 85 yrs.

Here lieth the body of John Wear who died Mar. ye 27th 1762 aged 4 mths.
Also John McDOWEL who died Jan. ye 2d 1782 AGED 116 YEARS! [BORN 1646]


Erect. by Mary McDowell of Ballyphillip in mem. of her son James who died 11th May 1855 aged 20 yrs.
Also her husband John McDowell who died 2nd July 1855 aged 60 yrs.
Also his mother Mary McDowell who died 5th Sept. 1873 aged 75 yrs.
Also his wife Margt. Jane McDowell who died 17th July 1878 aged 28yrs.


Here lieth the body of Hugh McDowell who died 17th Oct. 1825 aged 54 yrs.
Here lies the body of Grace McDowel daughter of Hugh McDowel in Dunover who died Aug. 28th 1810 aged 6 yrs.

Erect. by James McDowell of Ballywalter for his wife Isabella McDowell who died 13th Feb. 1840 aged 42 yrs.
Also his son Robert McDowell who died 8th June 1852 aged 22 yrs.
Also the above named James McDowell who died 19th Aug. 1867 aged 72 yrs.
Also his daughter Ann McDowell who died 9th April 1903 aged 82 yrs

Erect. by John McDowell of Ganaway in mem. of his son James who died 27th Aug. 1850 aged 28 yrs.
Also his wife Ocilla alias MORRISON who died 16th Sept. 1858 aged 75 yrs.
Also above named John McDowell who died 25th March 1865 aged 84 yrs.
Also his daughter-in-law Sarah McDowell alias BAIRD wife of above named James McDowell who died 24th Sept. 1901 aged 78 yrs.

[In the church]
Erect. by Andrew McDowell of Ganaway in mem. of his wife Mary alias RALSTON who died 24th Sept. 1864 aged 43 yrs.
Also above named Andrew who died 7th April 1892 aged 77 yrs.
Also his daughter Agnes McDowell who died 3rd Aug. 1939 aged 80 yrs.

Erect. by Charles McKibben for his father George McKibbin Ballyferris who died 1st March 1825 aged 54 yrs.
Also his wife Jane McKibbin alias KAIN who died 18th Sept. 1842 aged 72 yrs.
Robert Kane son of Robert & Jane McDOWELL  born Feb.21st 1857 died June 28th 1888.

Erect. by John McCormick of Bowtown for his parents viz.
James McCormick late of Ballyferris who died 22nd May 1830 aged 80 yrs.
Jane McCormick alias McDOWELL who died April 17th 1774 aged 27 yrs.
Also Mary McCormick alias BELL who died 11th June 1835 aged 65 yrs.
Also her husband John McCormick late of Ballymurphey who died 13th May 1846 aged 80 yrs.
Also James McCormick son of above John McCormick who died 26th Jan. 1864 aged 73 yrs.

Erect, in mem. of James Morrison of Kilbright who died 30th Jan. 1849 aged 63 yrs.
Also on the north side of this stone lies the body of William Morrison of Kilbright who died 25th July 1851 aged 43 yrs.
Also on the south side lieth Elizabeth Morrison alias McDOWELL wife to John Morrison of Kilbright who died 15th Aug. 1853 aged 68 yrs.
Also the above named John Morrison who died 12th nov. 1860 aged 83 yrs.


Here lieth the body of Duncan McDoual who died July ye 26th 1776 aged 73 yrs.
Also the body of John McDoual who died Nov. ye 13th 1775 aged 5 mths.
Also here lieth the body of Jean BOYLE alias McDoual who died 28th Aug. 1808 aged 30 yrs.

Eredt. by Andrew McDowell in mem of his father Jn. Mcdowell who died 10th July 1794 aged 82 yrs.
His wife and 2 of his children. Also the body of Susan STRAINGE aed. 60 yrs.

In loving mem. of Hugh McDowell who died 9th Jan. 1899 aged 71 yrs.
Also his wife Mary McDowell alias BLAIR who died 10th Feb. 1900 aged 70 yrs.

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