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January 21, 2017, 04:56:34 PM
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 on: October 26, 2016, 09:53:18 PM 
Started by Marilyn Teaff Barton - Last post by Snead
i am related to the Butlers of Scotland, Richmond, or Anson Counties, N.C. I would love to hear from anyone who thinks they are related to the Butlers here. Thank you. My email is

 on: October 25, 2016, 11:49:12 PM 
Started by gabriel f - Last post by gabriel f
For my family research I need to know if here there is some Jew with T1a (Not T1a1). I think that this is an uncommon mtdna haplogroup, but I had found someones in Ftdna project jewish ukraine. Specially I need to know if someone jew with T1a receive a lot of matches in Mtdna Matches and Mtdna Ancestral Origins in FTDNA, as is supposed for any ashkenazi. Thank You Very Much.

 on: October 25, 2016, 11:18:05 AM 
Started by Joe Rhea - Last post by James E. Ray
James E. Ray
FTDNA Kit # 341040

I am a direct descendant of James Ray (1756-1834) whose birth place is unknown but died in Henry Co., VA. He married Elizabeth Dula (1768-1830) who was born in Rockingham Co., VA and died in Jackson, NC. My connection to the Dula (aka Dooley) surname has been confirmed through data from my Family Finder test results.

We believe that James Ray was a son of James Rea (1730-1788) who married Johanna Collins Kasoinah (1732-1794) and lived in Henry Co., VA based on the fact that one of their sons was named William Collins Ray. James Ray and Elizabeth Dula mentioned above also had a son named William Collins and we believe this child was named after his uncle, the child of James and Johanna. Two matches in my Y-DNA test results, 135256 and 13689, are descendants of the 1st William Collins Rea and match 63 out of 67 markers with me. In addition to this close match, I find it highly unlikely there would be two men, one generation apart, with exactly the same name that would not be related.

My Pedigree is:

1.   James Ray (1756-1834) Virginia & Elizabeth Dula (1768-1830)
2.   William Collins Ray (b.1797 in Wilkes Co., NC – d. 1879 in Hart Co. GA) & Margaret Walsh (b.1800 in Wilkes Co., NC – d. 1872 in Hart Co., GA)
3.   James Jasper Ray (b. 1828 in Elbert Co., GA- d. 1907 in Hart Co., GA) & Lucinda Skelton (b. 1832 in Elbert Co., GA – d. 1902 in Hart Co., GA)
4.   William Alexander Hamilton Ray (b. 1856 in Hart Co., GA – d. 1901 in Hart Co., GA) & Sarah Elizabeth Myers (b. 1859 in Hart Co., GA – d. 1946 in Hart Co., GA)
5.   James Albert Ray (b. 1878 in Hart Co., GA – d. 1966 in Hart Co., GA) & Essie Adams (b. 1873 in Elbert Co., GA – d. 1938 in Hart Co., GA)
6.   Martin Emerson Ray (b. 1919 in Hart Co., GA – d. 1994 in Hart Co. GA) & Emma Julia Gaines ( b. 1921 in Elbert Co., GA – 1983 in Hart Co., GA)

 on: October 24, 2016, 06:16:05 PM 
Started by Richard Hagan - Last post by fshagan
Hi Richard - I have a g-g-grandfather named Samuel as well. Were any of your Samuels born in 1811 in PA and died in 1851 in PA?

 on: October 24, 2016, 02:08:18 PM 
Started by Doug MacMillan - Last post by robertm73
John Eaton 1808 NC -1889 Ohio and Jane Stewart 1819-unknown
William Eaton 1873-1951 and Lenora Hoffman 1882-1976
Robert eaton 1904-1999 and Ethel Eaton 1908-2007
Dorthy Eaton 1933-2015  and Gene Eaton 1931-
Robert Muncy 1968-

Curious about any more info on John Eaton from NC

 on: October 23, 2016, 10:04:02 PM 
Started by Kevin Savage - Last post by Kevin Savage
Does anyone have any information on a Bridget (or Baidget) Lynch who lived in Belfast around 1915.
She had an illegitimate son (my father) in October 1915.
Any information would be gratefully appreciated.

 on: October 23, 2016, 03:25:28 PM 
Started by dlhmda - Last post by Viola Holden Jones
Your DNA matches my brother's DNA. Message me at, please.

 on: October 22, 2016, 03:07:00 PM 
Started by leggAdmin - Last post by Todd Legg
My Personal Pedigree:

John Legg b.1732
  Thomas Legg  b.1723 b.Mendon, Worcester, Massachusetts m. Anna (MD)
    Arthur Legg b. abt 1782 Frederick Co. MD m. Lydia (MD)
       Thomas Jackson Legg b.1818 Warren Co. OH m. Elizabeth Jane Watt (OH)
          Arthur Barton Legg b. 1874 Warren Co. OH m. Jetta McCray (OH)
            Charles Lorenzo Legg b. 1901 Warren Co. OH m. Margaret Mary Miller (WA)

 on: October 21, 2016, 05:12:52 PM 
Started by mayor1 - Last post by mayor1
Samuel Pollard, b. ca 1795 Leeds, Eng. m. ca 1814 Hannah ? in Leeds, Eng
Samuel Pollard, b. 13 Mar 1824, Leeds, Eng., m. 26 Feb 1843 Sarah Stirk in Bradford, Shipley, England
Henry Pollard, b. 15 Apr 1846 in Shipley, Eng, m. 1867 Sarah Ann Unwin in Bradford, Shipley, Eng.
Kenneth Pollard, b. 13 Jun 1922 in Lawrence, MA m. Betty I. Duvall in Missouri. 
Shaorn M. Pollard     

 on: October 20, 2016, 07:40:05 AM 
Started by Josh Nagle - Last post by Josh Nagle
Hello, thank you for reading. My name is Josh Nagle. I was born Nov 3rd 1979. When I was 28 (2008) years old I learned who I thought was my biological father was not. For about 5 years after that I chased leads and stories locally, to try and find someone who looked like me. Frustration, my own family, and career made it seem there would never be a chance. So I tried DNA. I did the family finder with FTDNA. It was what I could afford. Having thorough paper history on maternal side I felt I'd be able to exclude those easily anyhow. This has turned out to be true. Torturingly true. I've matched cousins as far as 5 generations to mcra. Yet my number one match staring me in the face the entire time, is quite obviously my paternal link. His name was Earl R. Goodrich. Wife to Flossie Mae. Father Edward, Grandfather Theron, Great Grandfather Elizur. The cm match is 119. My theory has been that Elizur or Theron had a half sibling that started the line in which I was produced. I worked with Earls daughter, living Cynthia N., but we didn't seem to hit anything. So I will leave some of my DNA testing information. If someone would like, I'd give the credentials to look into my FTDNA account direct.  I humbly ask anyone with experience to assist. I've already tried with DNA detectives. I also had an adoptee search angel helping me but she is no longer available due to death in family.

FTDNA kit number 522009. Gedmatch number T972492

I was conceived around January of 1979 most likely in the Berks county area of Pennsylvania. Near the city of Reading. I'm very motivated in finding my paternal history, Im just stuck in the sand at the moment.

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