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July 25, 2014, 12:45:35 PM
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 on: June 20, 2014, 07:00:05 PM 
Started by echolsAdmin - Last post by Wgodwin
The father is currently unkown but might be an Abner.  Several pointers to this fact but no proof for the three known brothers of John, Jesse and William Echols that may be on the 1800-1810 tax lists for Franklin county GA.

John Echols b 1775-1794 ? m Martha prob in GA 1820 Fed census Union co IL d by ca 1829 probate in Union co IL where he had been a county official.
       William Echols b 1805 GA m. Sophia Weaver Union co IL moved to AR by 1850.  
       second m Mrs Mary Sigman in AR
       Jackson Echols b 1807 GA m Sally Fowler 23 Aug 1827 in Union co IL.  1850 In AR
              James Echols b 1829-1836 IL d 1 Feb 1880 Garland co AR
              Marion Echols b 1834 IL m. Mary Eliza Hughes 17 Aug 1867 Hot Spring co AR

Jesse Echols b 1760-1780 m. Sarah D prob Pulaski co IL  He was the assistant Land Deputy Registrar for statehood claims of previously settled land claims in then Johnson
co area of IL territory.  Son or grandson has bio in southern IL.

William Echols b 1785-1800 m. Ruth b VA and moved to IL territory.  He said a prayer at the constitutional meeting as a representative from southern IL.  Later was a local Methodist minister after a short term as a circuit rider.  D 1844-1846 in IL prob Pulaski co.
               John A Echols b 13 Sep 1816 in IL prob Union co m. 1842 Laura M Hardy
               Johnson co IL Moved to AR 1843-1845.  m2 Samantha J Irwin Feb 1866 in
               Hot Spring co AR serves as pvt in civil war d.18 Feb 1898 in Garland co AR
                       Josiah Echols b 1843-44 IL d Dec 1869 in Hot Spring co AR

                       Hiram Augustus Echols b 8 Jun 1848 Hot Spring co AR  a local
                       Methodist minister.  m 3 times with children
                        Abner W. "Abe"Echols b 17 Dec 1869 Hot Spring co AR m Ella Alston

                        Anderson H. Echols  b 11 Nov 1871 Hot Spring co AR m 4 times

                        Edward Thomas Echols b 8 Aug 1873 AR m. Mary Lou "Eva" Lambert

              Sydney, Sidney, Sidnor F Echols 1816-1830 IL m Polly Echols a cousin 4 Apr
               1850 in Hot Spring county AR

                         William J. Echols b ca 1855 in Hot Spring co AR

                         Sidney F Echols b ca 1857 in Hot Spring co AR

                          Miles B. Echols b ca 1859 in Hot Spring co AR

                          James Monroe Echols b ca 1869-74 m Amanda

                 William M. Echols b 1825-1830 Served as a Methodist minister then served
                  in civil war  d. 15 Jun 1862 Corinth MS

More details and descendents available upon request.  On descendent has many Echols showing on the autosomal DNA test.



 on: June 20, 2014, 05:45:06 PM 
Started by Nathan Murphy - Last post by Wgodwin
John Murphey maybe Murphy b ca 1835 OH m. Mary Francis Robbins 16 Mar 1858 in Carroll co MO. on 1860 Carroll co Census d Mar 1878 buried Carroll co MO.  May have been of the Dunker faith

       George Lafayette Murphey b 15 Jan 1864 in Carroll Co MO m 26 Oct 1884 Carroll
        co MO d 11 Feb 1922Roosevelt, Kiowa co,OK  RR construction boss, farmer
                   Lewis Edgar Murphey (later Murphy) b 30 Oct 1886 Hickory, Hermitage,
                   MO m Mabe lAda Anderson

                    Charley Elmer Murphey b 4 Apr 1889 Cartersville,MO  m Ada Hawkins

                     James Nona Murphey b 7 Jul 1891 Neosho, MO m 1917 Bertha Pearl      
                     Edge d 1976 in Leveland TX  served in W W I

                     Samuel Lafayette Murphey b 3 Nov 1893 Neosho, MO m Annie Laurie
                      Chance in OK d 1977 Davenport IA

          William Daniel Murphey b 10 Aug 1860 Carroll co MO m Martha E "Matt"     
           Brown ca 1880 d. Mar 1913 Winslow AR.  RR construction boss

                      Franklin Murphey b 30 Dec 1892

Many attempts have been made various ways to find John in OH but none successful.  This family according to legend was a cousin relation to Pres. George Washington.


 on: June 20, 2014, 04:39:27 PM 
Started by bogushack - Last post by bogushack
My haplogroup has been described as a subset of R-M269 which originated between 2000 and 4000 years ago. One can tell from looking at the signatory STR marker sequence of the other members that they have a very low probability of sharing this sub-set with me. At this time of writing, It appears to me that I do not share an ancestor on my paternal lineage with any of the others on this project, that lived at least within the last 2000 years.

I envisage that if my terminal SNP was to be appropriately "tweaked" then at least five of the blue, orange and purple coloured marker squares, currently suggesting haplogroup deviation would be obliged to change colour to green.

These are the DYS390 (23), YCAiib (22), DYS607 (14), DYS492 (13) and DYS635 (25) STR markers that predict my status as being R-U198+

Kit no. 343707

 on: June 19, 2014, 08:43:29 PM 
Started by Jim Tarrant - Last post by McCSuggie
William Bain
b.1793 in Parish of Kirkhill, Inverness Shire, Scotland, United Kingdom
d. after 1850 in United States of America (probably in Maryland)

M. Elizabeth Isabella Anderson, b.1790 in Cousie, Elgin, Murryshire, Scotland, United Kingdom; d. 18 July 1862 in Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

1. Mary Jane Bain, b. 1810 USA; d. ?
2.Elizabeth Isabella Bain, b. 14 August 1818 in Blenheim, Albemarle, VA, USA; M. Richard Jonathan McClure (30 may 1837, Baltimore, MD; d. 29 Nov 1888 in 520 Pearl Street, Baltimore, Baltimore (Independent City), Maryland
3. William Anderson Bain, b.2 September 1827 in Poplar Hill, Baltimore, Maryland, USA; d. 2 September 1882 in Athens, Georgia, USA

 on: June 19, 2014, 07:18:21 PM 
Started by Wgodwin - Last post by Wgodwin
Lydia Hardy first appears in Johnson county IL about 1841 buying land at a public land sale record.  Her dau, Laura Marinda also appears the same day and purchases twice the amount of acres.

Then Laura Marinda marries 1842 John A Echols.  He is primarily from Union and Pulaski counties IL.  His father is a local Methodist minister that was all over southwestern IL.

We next find them on the 1850 AR Hot Spring county census.  Lydia consistlently gives New Hampshire for her birth place.  And other the next many years she buy and sells land in her own right.  The HH of Lydia also contains a presumed son Augustus born 1830 NH as a surveyor.  He is on the 1860 census as a Lawyer and served as a county official before his death in 1862.  He also married and had one child but a divorce had been started but never completed before his death.  One girl child was born but probably died before the 1870 census.  Wife remarried and they moved on.....
Augustus also gave birth place both times as N H.

Laura had several children before her death in 1865.  Laura consistently gave N H as her birthplace and on later her children gave NH as their mothers birthplace.

Lydia would appear to have had means and above average education.

Was Lydia born a Hardy? or was she a Hardy widow?  There are very few possiblilties if you give Lydia an age range with 2 children female b 1822 and male b 1830 on the NH 1840 Census of Hardy households.  The only other person that she has dealings with that is not southern is a Phineas Barnes from OH but he also seems to disappear.

Any and all help would be appreciated. We have been at this point of research for many years and do not have access to NH items other than census.

Thanks in advance
Louise Godwin

 on: June 18, 2014, 09:38:19 AM 
Started by Joe L. Fields - Last post by Fsolomon2014
I have requested help finding John Fields DOB 1775 married Elizabeth. My contact information is

Thank you in advance:)


 on: June 17, 2014, 02:46:27 PM 
Started by GoldenHind - Last post by randyandrew

Got the email this weekend and want to thank you for taking the time and providing us with detailed information regarding our subclade!!!

Although I'm still conducting the traditional research in tracing my American ancestor back to Scotland, to find out that genetically I connect to a male ancestor that lived around 300 BC in the Denmark/Northern Germany region is just plain phenomenal. 

Best regards!


 on: June 17, 2014, 01:08:55 PM 
Started by Joe L. Fields - Last post by Fsolomon2014

I have had my son male DNA from Family Tree DNA his kit number 322744 and my female J1c3b F45 DNA kit 336941. I am requesting help with John Fields DOB ? 1775 married Elizabeth ?? Children were :
Chaney Fields DOB:1839 Hawkins Tn. D:1905. 
Richard Fields 1818-1900 Tenn or Va
Judith Fields 1827 Va.
Squire Fields 1828 Va.
Shadrack Fields 1831-1917 Va.
Polly Fields 1834-1880 Va. and Tn.
Chaney Chana Fields Minor 1839-1905 Tenn or Va *******

Alfred Minor married about 1865 to Chaney Fields 1834-1905 my ggggrandmother.
Can you help with John Fields the cenus shows him married to Elizabeth ?? could be Monk,Witt:)

 on: June 17, 2014, 10:32:16 AM 
Started by Linda Heron - Last post by LASpyres
Kit: 352330

John Harn b c1738 MD d c1811 MD m Dorcus Davis

Caleb Harn b c1765 Frederick Co., MD d 9 Jan 1840 Frederick Co., MD m Sarah "Sallie" Davis

Thomas Sillingsby Harn b 6/3/1794 Frederick Co., MD d 6/30/1871 Fayette Co., PA m Priscilla Miller
John Hanson Thornton Harn b 1/10/1821 PA d 21 Sep 1886 Fulton Co., IL m Frances "Fannie" Leighty

Albert Malin Harn b 11/25/1862 Appanoose Co., IA d 5/31/1931 Fulton Co., IL m Minnie Mae Heflin

John Thomas "Tom" Harn b 5/4/1888 Fulton Co., IL d 11/23/1951 Cass Co., IL m Wilma Demy

Robert Henry Harn b 10/30/1912 Cass Co., IL d 11/15/1964 Fulton Co., IL m Ruby Aileen Tomlinson

 on: June 17, 2014, 01:21:28 AM 
Started by Jef Treece - Last post by Jef Treece
As of today, through tomorrow, you can get a FamilyFinder test at FTDNA for $79.  Does this help the surname project?  Yes, it certainly may.  Even if it doesn't help the surname project, you will have some fun with it.  Some things you may find, from my own experience:

  • You have hundreds (thousands, actually) of cousins.  In my case, over 800 matches from FamilyFinder.  Each match is a cousin or relative, likely.  Most are fairly distant, such as fourth cousins (in case you don't know, a fourth cousin means the common ancestor is a few more generations away than in the case of first cousin, where the common ancestor is grandparents)
  • Many of those cousins are doing genealogy work and may have information that you don't have
  • If you get "into" it, you can use a number of tools, programs, and spreadsheets to analyze data from many of your matches, leading to theories on how you match, specifically
  • Even if you and your cousin have pretty good pedigrees and genealogy data, you may have a hard time figuring out who the common ancestor is.  When you think about it, every female ancestor may have taken a new name, and that applies to children of the ancestor and so on.  Each one can be a fun puzzle, though.
  • It is possible to deduce much deeper insight when combining multiple people who match in a particular way. I won't describe that here, you'll have to take my word for it. Because of this aspect, I have developed a new theory for my ancestry. The theory will likely be proven using DNA results.
  • While there will likely be some almost instant gratification, much of the value will come over time, as you put effort into it, and as other relatives test. For the enthusiast, it keeps on giving.
  • It helps understand the results if you have a few known relatives who have also tested.

Given what you can get out of a FamilyFinder test, it is a very good value, even at the normal price of $99, assuming you have the slightest bit of curiosity about your family tree.

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