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September 29, 2016, 08:35:42 PM
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 on: September 16, 2016, 06:31:30 AM 
Started by Whillarerma - Last post by Whillarerma
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 on: September 15, 2016, 02:29:14 PM 
Started by mcgs - Last post by mcgs
As many may know, there is much discussion as to whether the James Claypools (father and son) who went from Sussex Co., Dela. to Virginia around 1745 descended from the Philadelphia Quaker merchant James or his brother Norton.  This is 10 generations back from me. 

If male Claypool descendants with good lineage back to each of these brothers and also one from the Virginia Jameses took the DNA test, could this controversy be settled?  If so, I'd love to help find and document such lineages.  My father's mother was a Claypool, so I can't help directly.  I am descended from the Virginia James and have good documentation of those who descended from the second James' son Abraham, as well as a few others, but don't at this time have well-documented lineages for the other lines needed. 

 on: September 14, 2016, 03:54:33 PM 
Started by djvnet - Last post by djvnet
Hi everyone!  I'd love to spend a few minutes with one of you seasoned DNA gurus to take a look at my Y-DNA and Haplogroup test results in order to help me move forward with my goal of identifying the origins of my Velez family who lived in Havana for most of the 1800's until moving to New York at about the time of the war in 1896.  I'm trying to understand the test results I'm getting and devise a strategy toward identifying our family origins back to, presumably, Spain.  Does someone have some expertise and time to help me out?  Many thanks, Daniel Velez

 on: September 14, 2016, 02:32:35 PM 
Started by Staistips - Last post by Staistips
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 on: September 14, 2016, 04:53:15 AM 
Started by Staistips - Last post by Staistips
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 on: September 13, 2016, 01:13:32 PM 
Started by Fay Clark - Last post by Fay Clark
Family Tree DNA has released a first of its kind tool that sorts your matches into parental buckets by utilizing tests performed on parents and close relatives.  Go here to read about it:

 on: September 13, 2016, 11:58:44 AM 
Started by web master - Last post by web master
Welcome to the forum for this Surname Project.  Feel free to post anything that pertains to the surname’s genealogy, DNA research, or to a specific family that is included in the Surname Project.

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1.  Log in
2.  Scroll to the last posting on the thread (topic) of interest
3.  Click "reply" to post your comment.

1.  Log in
2.  Click the "Back" button to go back one screen
3.  Click on "New Topic".
4.  Type in your Subject (be sure to relate subject to your topic)
5.  Add your comment or question.  (Keep your postings related to genealogy and DNA testing, use good manners and clean language, and be polite.)
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1.  Go "Back" one page
2.  Click the link for Family Pedigrees
3.  Follow instructions for submitting your pedigree.

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 on: September 13, 2016, 11:58:04 AM 
Started by web master - Last post by web master
We invite you to submit your "Pedigree" for this Surname.   Our Surname Project is primarily interested in your Paternal line, as surnames are passed down from father to son, just as the yDNA is passed down. 

If you ARE A MEMBER of this Surname Project at Family Tree DNA, send your pedigree by email to at  The pedigree will then be posted on the Surname Project's Patriarchs Page by or sent to the Project’s Administrator.

Please include the following:
•       Name of project
•       Kit Number
•       Name of person posting pedigree
•       Email address to be posted with pedigree
•       Name, birthdate, birthplace, spouse of Earliest Known Ancestor
•       List each succeeding generation, using only those four items of information (or substitute another item of information if missing an item)

 (If you have more information you would like to share, you may also post a more extended version of your family pedigree on the project website’s Pedigree Forum below)

If you are NOT A MEMBER of this Surname Project at Family Tree DNA, you are welcome to post your pedigree on the Pedigree Forum below.  We hope an interested researcher will see it and contact you to share information.

To post on this Pedigree Forum:
1.  Register and log in at
(How do I register to post a pedigree? Click here
(I've already registered. How do I log in? Click here
2.  When you have logged in, scroll to the last posting on this forum, click "reply" and post your pedigree.
a.  Please do not include names for anyone born after 1910, to protect privacy.
b.  If you have questions or are unable to post your pedigree on this forum, please contact

For a step-by-step guide to using DNA for genealogy, please read DNA the Smart Way

 on: September 13, 2016, 08:15:05 AM 
Started by CoettyRef - Last post by CoettyRef
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 on: September 13, 2016, 07:04:13 AM 
Started by barfieldAdmin - Last post by TracyB
Just returned my Y-37 kit to FTDNA and am awaiting the results. My pedigree is as follows.:

John Barfield b.abt 1595 Mere, Wiltshire England m. Lucie Sheppard
 John Barfield 1614-1672 "the immigrant" m. Mary Jane Loadman b.abt 1616
  Richard Francis Barfield b.1663 Isle of Wight, VA d. 22 Nov 1728 Bertie Co., NC m. Mary Ann Graham 1665-1703
   Richard Barfield b.1693 Albermarle, NC d. 1 May 1754 Duplin, NC. m. Mary Evans b. 1690 Prince Goerge, VA d.1774
    Jesse Francis Barfield b. 21 Jan 1737 Scotland Neck, Halifax, NC d. 22 Aug 1780 Camden, SC., KIA American Revolution,  m. Sarah Castellaw [Castillo] 1738-1828, d. 11 Jan 1828, Duplin, NC.
     Thomas Castellaw Barfield b. 25 Mar 1778 Sampson Co, NC d. 29 Jun 1858 Muhlenburg, KY., m. Cinderella Wilkins b. abt 1772 Duplin, NC., d. abt 1840 Kershaw Co., SC.
      Thomas Barfield b. abt. 1805 Duplin, NC d. abt. 1839 Flat Rock, Kershaw Co., SC., m. Hanah [Katherine Kershaw?] b. abt 1808.
        John McKinley Barfield b.1832 Flat Rock, Kershaw Co., SC. d. 28 Jun 1864 Petersburg, Dinwiddie Co., Va KIA Civil War., m. Martha Jane Young b. 18 Oct 1842 Kershaw Co., SC d. 11 Aug 1918 Sumter, SC.
         John S. Barfield b. 25 Aug 1857 Kershaw Co., SC d. 3 Jun 1886, Sumter, SC., m. Louella McRady 19 Jul 1861 Spring Hill, Sumter Co., SC., d. 10 Feb 1928 Camden, Kershaw, SC.
          John James Barfield b. 30 Aug 1880, Kershaw Co., SC d. 14 May 1916 Sumter, SC. m. Daisy Mathis  b. Jan 31 1888 Spring Hill, Sumter, SC., d. 23 Sep 1927 Winter Park, FL., buried in Sumter, SC.

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