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October 22, 2016, 09:27:24 AM
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 on: September 22, 2016, 02:50:26 PM 
Started by atwoodAdmin - Last post by Jonathan Frank Wood
Pedigree for Jonathan (Jeff) Wood

Henry Wood  b1620 England m Abigail Jenney
Samuel Wood b        Middleboro,MA m Rebecca Morton
Samuel Wood b        Middleboro, MA m Elizabeth Smith
Icabod Wood b1719 Middleboro, MA m Thankful Cobb
Joshua Wood b         Middleboro or S,Woodstock, VT m Molly Cushman
Cushman Wood b1797 S.Woodstock, VT m Abigail Raymond
Osman Wood b1823 Taftsville, VT m Anne Blessington
Frank R Wood b1866 Taftsville,VT?  m Minnie Jones
Oscar F Wood b 1893 Worcester, MA m Bertha Hoisington
Warren W Wood b1929 Randoph, VT m Natalie Shurtleff
Jonathan F Wood b1961 Hanover, NH

This is taken from my father's research of the early 1970's

 on: September 21, 2016, 01:25:02 PM 
Started by NewmanAdmin - Last post by Esther Newman
David Newman, b. ca 1820-1822, OH, m. Magdalena (Adaline/Adalade) Miller, b. 1822/24, PA, m. 8 Feb 1844, Van Buren, IA

Extine Augustus Newman, b. 5 Oct 1858, Ottumwa, IA, d. 20 Jul 1943, Faulk Co., SD,  m. Ada Luella Pickerell/Pickerel, etc, 25  Mar 1885, Ottumwa, IA

Ray Allen Newman, 26 May 1903, d. May 14, 1990, Redfield, Spink Co., SD, m. Jeanne Arnette Todd, 16 May 1929 Spink Co., SD

 on: September 21, 2016, 09:59:28 AM 
Started by Tommie - Last post by Tommie
It seems there has been little usage of this board in some time.

I am the Grandson of John Ellis Buckley and Tiney Bell
My Mother was Ernestine Buckley Sherman Atwood Daughter of John E

On GEDmatch and AncestryDNA I am kit#744418..

Anyone still around?


 on: September 18, 2016, 02:45:55 PM 
Started by robert cordova - Last post by Eugene Powell Willard
Hello, Robert, We have the  L21, marker from our Irish lineage. When we were in Ireland in 2007, we visited Galway, Ireland. It is our understanding that there is an extension of Iberian-Irish who live there..  The legend told was that a few of the Spanish came onto the Irish shores, while sailing the Spanish galleons, during the Armada.   The first president of Ireland, I believe was Ramon de Valero.  Maybe you will find something if you Google the Spanish in Ireland, during the middle ages, or the Spanish Armanda and the Irish....or some thing that may pull up some history on that.  Also the Library of Family Genealogy in Galway, Ireland, may have some information for you.   (James Joyce's wife was from Galway...but do not know if they had the same heritage as the Iberian-Irish.)  I think the tradition of this clan, was that the men wore red sashes around their waist, and the women wore red petti-coats, under their skirts.
Best of Luck, to you!

 on: September 18, 2016, 02:27:26 PM 
Started by Gurt W - Last post by Eugene Powell Willard
Check out the "Site Map" on the above Tool Bar.  You may find your L21's.

 on: September 18, 2016, 02:00:01 PM 
Started by Gurt W - Last post by Eugene Powell Willard
Hello, Gurt, We are members of the "O'Mahony Society" and using the FTDNA (Family Tree DNA) lab, in Houston, Texas.   We received results that some of our matches were L21, and it seems like there are more than a few.   Look at the Mahoney results, as well....we were told by a Malony in Ireland that both Malony/Molony and Mahoney's (with or without the suffix "O") were related from long, long ago.  (Some may be the same genetic groups.)   Mahoney's are originating from Co. Cork.  Malony or Molony, from Co. Clare, and maybe county, Limerick in Ireland.   We are not on this site very often.  Hope you find more who match you. Try looking on the search of Mahoney's in County Cork, who  may be the L21.   (Also try a "Google" search)  Our surname was changed from Mahoney to Willard, around 1850.  So there may be a few other "Willard's" who will find they are related to the Mahoney and Maloney groups. originating in Ireland.  Ask "23 and me" if they have a list of all L21's that you could view.  It is worth a try.  We have few genetic matches in the Willard group, so far.
Our Best to You!     

 on: September 18, 2016, 01:47:01 PM 
Started by Gurt W - Last post by Eugene Powell Willard
i Recently recieved my results from 23andme Only took 2 weeks.
they say im R1b-L21 ...
i really hoped id be R1b-S21  or RIa or some type of I...
But nowi dont know what to do with myself.. besides attempt to get
them to re Analyze my Data

 on: September 18, 2016, 10:54:29 AM 
Started by William Thomas Farrar, III - Last post by William Thomas Farrar, III
Kit 117682  clay at home dot com

William Farrar I: Born Croxton, Lincolnshire, Halifax Parish, Yorkshire, England bef 28 Apr 1583. Died Jordans Journey, Henrico Co. Virginia 1635.
  Wife: Cecily:  Born England 1601. Died Charles City, Henrico Co,Virginia, USA abt 12 Sep 1660. Mother of 16. Daughter of 66 & 67.
William Farrar II: Born Jordan's Jorney, Henrico Co, Virginia, USA 1626. Died Farrars Island, Henrico Co, Virginia, USA 06 May 1676.
  Wife:  Mary Baugh: Born College Land and Arrahatock, Virginia Colony abt 1634. Died United States abt 06 May 1676.
Thomas Farrar: Born Farrar Isle, Henrico, Virginia 1665. Died St James Northam, Goochland, Virginia 12 Jun 1742.
  Wife:  Katherine Perrin: Born Farrars Island, Henrico, Virginia abt 1667. Died Shadwell, Goochland, Virginia 16 May 1748. 
John Farrar: Born Farrar Isle,, Virginia, United States abt 1692. Died United States [date unknown].
  Wife:  Sarah Farmer: Born abt 1691. Died [date unknown].
Richard Farrar: Born Goochland County, Virginia abt 1746. Died Louisa County, Virginia abt 1807.
  Wife:  Susanna Shelton: Born abt 1751. Died abt 1800.
Landon C. Farrar: Born Louisa County, Virginia abt 1780. Died Davidson County, Tennessee 1828. Father of 32.
  Wife:  Ann Whitsett Walker: Born Davidson County, TN or Rockingham County, NC abt 1796. Died Noxubee County, MS 1848.
*Robert Shelton Farrar: Born Davidson County, TN abt 1818. Died abt 1882. Father of 16. Son of 64 & 65.  Wife was Sarah Cade 1818-1883
  *Wife of Lawrence Whitsett Walker & mother of James Matthew Walker and sister of Susan Cade:  Sophia Susan Cade: Born Wilkes County, GA 22 Jun 1812. Died Noxubee County, MS 27 Mar 1855.
James Matthew Walker: Born Noxubee County, Mississippi abt Mar 1847. Died Sumner County, TN abt 1905.
  Wife:  Annie Jane Douglass: Born Sumner County, TN 03 Jan 1948. Died Sumner, County, TN 05 Apr 1927
William Samuel Walker: Born Sumner County, TN 22 Dec 1880. Died Sumner County, TN 20 Mar 1961.
  Wife:  Maggie Mai Conyers: Born Sumner County, TN 20 Apr 1884. Died Sumner County, TN 05 Nov 1926.
Samuel Clayton Walker: Born Sumner County, TN 26 Jun 1914. Died Sumner County, TN 31 Dec 1987.
  Wife:  Rosie Lee Scruggs: Born Trousdale, TN 06 Feb 1920. Died Gallatin, Sumner County, TN 15 Feb 2000.
Larry Clayton Walker, Sr: Born Gallatin, TN 28 Oct 1938.
  Wife:  Janie Ruth Wilkinson: Born Portland, Sumner County, TN 15 Jul 1951.

 on: September 17, 2016, 11:06:13 PM 
Started by lopezAdmin - Last post by donlopez81
1) José de la Luz Lopez (b: abt 1847, m: Francisca Izquierdo)
2) Porfirio Lopez (b: abt 1869, San Luis Potosi, Mexico, m: Romualda Esparza, m: Remedios Niño)
3) Manuel Lopez (b: 1910, Eagle Pass, Texas, USA, m: Mildred Lillian Gill)
4) Don M Lopez (living)
5) Myself (Kit #556508)

 on: September 17, 2016, 03:06:46 PM 
Started by Jeff Harp - Last post by Jeff Harp
Hello everyone,

It has been a while since I posted anything because I've been pretty busy.  The project I'm working on right now is how to contact all the Harps in England.  According to one site that gives information on surname distributions, there are 231 Harps in England.  I am assuming about half of them are males.  There is no way I will ever get all of them to answer me, much less get them to agree to testing, but I'm still going to try.  I've been doing searches on phone book listings in England and have found the primary areas where groups of Harps live there.  My next step is to try to reach them through local advertising and tell them about the Harp Project.  I'm hoping we can get enough to test so that we can get a sampling of the Y DNA Harp clades that came to America from England.  I will be paying for all of these tests that I can get them to take.  It shouldn't be a big cost since they will be small tests.

I've also been searching through haplogroup projects to find people with the Harp surname that don't belong to this project.  If I find them I ask that project administrator to let them know about our group here.

One more thing that I've done is to order the FGC Whole Genome Long Read Pilot test.  This is a new next generation test (I guess you could call it a next next generation test) that has a 10M base pair read length as opposed to current tests that have a 100 - 250 base pair read length.  This test is still experimental and I wouldn't recommend it for everyone yet.  The hope is to greatly increase the amount of the Y chromosome covered which will find SNPs, Indels, and STRs that have previously been missed do to the massively shorter read lengths currently in use.  Also, this test may greatly increase the reliability of the results returned.  It may take a few years for these tests to have the full effect of their potential, but someone has to go first in new research or we never progress.

STRs have been of great help to genetic genealogy, but their function is changing.  Current next generation testing (such as the Big Y and YElite 2.1) gives definitive results to the areas of the Y chromosome that they can cover.  STRs will become most effective at looking for establishing shorter distance relationships such as are very compatible with paper trails.  Once SNPs define the relationship, STRs will be able to give shorter estimations of MRCA until all SNPs can be classified as known individual branches.  So, your STRs tests will still be useful for a long time to come.

I would recommend that as we progress that 1 person from each subclade here take a next generation test such as the Big Y.  This will greatly flesh out your portion of the tree and bring you much closer to the present.  That is something STRs can not do on their own.  If others in that subclade want to share the cost with the person being tested.  It will eventually save you money on which SNPs you need to test to finalize your own search.  However, if you intend to eventually take the Big Y anyway, don't spend the money on individual SNPs.  That would only increase your cost by having them tested twice.

Best wishes to all

Jeff Harp

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