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July 04, 2015, 06:59:25 AM
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 on: June 25, 2015, 08:50:13 PM 
Started by John Chris Holman - Last post by John Chris Holman
I've noted several people here have Daniel Holman in their listings of ancestors:

Daniel Holman b. abt 1700, Dorchester, Mass. m. Rachel (MNU) of Essex, Virginia

I was recently in Quicksburg and took several photographs of the area, including a few of Holmans Creek. None of the buildings are likely from his time, but they are never the less very old. A subsequent landowner built a plantation mansion and outbuildings around 1840,which are in the process of being renovated. The area is beautiful.

Am very willing to share them with anybody who has not seen the place.

 on: June 25, 2015, 11:36:20 AM 
Started by Darrell Keith - Last post by Gwen Brown
I have submitted my pedigree several times since my father did his Y test last year and it has yet to appear on The Keith Project page.  I am getting frustrated.
Lemuel Keith  b. circa 1779
+Suzannah Chappel b. 1785, m. 1807 at Wake, NC, d. 28 Oct 1873 at Wake, NC
├── James T Keith b. circa 1812 at Wake, NC, d. circa 1844
│   +Nancy Henry Hudson b. 30 Mar 1812, d. 15 Feb 1889
│   ├── Lemuel Lucius Keith b. 1836 at Wake, NC, d. 6 Oct 1864 at VA
│   │   +Zilpha Ellen Lewis b. 8 Jan 1835 at New Hanover, NC, d. 4 Mar 1882
│   │   ├── James Walter Keith b. 1859 at New Hanover, NC, d. 1935 at New Hanover, NC
│   │   │   +Laura Ann Powell b. 1861 at New Hanover, NC, d. 1921 at New Hanover, NC
│   │   │   └── Charles Powell Keith b. 1894 at Pender, NC, d.1957 at NC
│   │   │       +Katie Floyd Clark b. 1900 at  Pender Co, NC, d. 1976 at New Hanover, NC
│   │   │       ├── William Franklin Keith b. 1927 at Pender, NC  (290988)

 on: June 25, 2015, 12:35:59 AM 
Started by Larry Holman - Last post by John Chris Holman
Henry Holman b. 1545, Swyre, Dorset, England m. Joan Jolliffe of Martinstown, Dorset, England
Morgan Holman b. abt 1570, Swyre, England m. Alice Odberre of Swyre
John Holman b. 1602  of Swyre m. Anne Bishop of Swyre
Thomas Holman b. 1641, Dorchester, Mass. m. Abigail Rigby of Dorchester, Mass.
Thomas Holman b. 1675, Dorchester, Mass. m. Nancy Moreland of England
Daniel Holman b. abt 1700, Dorchester, Mass. m. Rachel (MNU) of Essex, Virginia
Isaac Holman b. 1723, Quicksburg, VA. m. Mary (Benton) Holman of Bear Creek, NC
James C Holman b. 1761, Rowan Co. NC. m. Lucy Cook of Surry County, NC.
William Robert Holman b. 1792, Rowan Co., NC. m. Mary Elizabeth Holman of Rowan Co., NC.
James William Holman b. 1810, Overton, Co. TN. m. Nancy Black Jackson
John Trice Holman b. 1845, King City, Clinton Co. MO. m. Nancy Trotter, same.
Sam Jones Holman b. 1885, Plattsburg, Clinton Co., MO. M. Laura Gwendolyn Hooper, Springfield, Greene, MO.
Sam Jones Holman b. 1919, Plattsburg, Clinton Co., MO. m Jacintha George, Raytown, MO.
John Chris Holman b. 1952, Wessington Springs, SD. m. Mary Johns, Aberdeen, SD.
Joseph Ned Holman MD b. 1986, Dallas, TX. m. unmarried.

 on: June 23, 2015, 06:13:28 PM 
Started by dentonAdmin - Last post by altad
Noah Denton b 1808 TN  m. Susan(b 1808 VA) abt 1828 IN

Jefferson Denton b 1842 Johnson Co., IN m Sarah Ann Alexander in Shelby Co., ILL 1865

Lola Ann Denton b 1869 MO m William Jasper Crowley TX 1887

James B Crowley b 1898 TX m Edna Corry Bryant 1918 TX

Noah Was in Indiana before 1828.

 on: June 23, 2015, 02:54:37 PM 
Started by Ray Isbell - Last post by Linda Weir Stambaugh
James Weir born b. 1823 Scotland d. 13 JUNE 1885 Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, m. Sarah Ann Rex b 21 FEB 1829 Roxborough, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania d.19 OCT 1914 Roxborough, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
...Archibald Weir b. 23 MAR 1847 Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania d.4 JAN 1929 Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania m. Mary Elizabeth Storkey b 1852 Pennsylvania d. Apr 1928 Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania
.....Johnson Saunders Weir b 4 JANUARY 1872 Roxborough, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania d.27 APR 1949 Berwick, Columbia, Pennsylvania

 on: June 23, 2015, 01:17:41 PM 
Started by francoAdmin - Last post by GinaSzcz
Thank you so much for the pedigree information on Gaspar Franco! It was so helpful in my research! I found a few items of interest to this family line that I would like to share. I am a descendent of Gaspar Franco through his second wife, Longina Landa Garcia. I have read through and roughly translated the original records available through FamilySearch and the notecards of Mii Familias author, Rodolfo de la Garza. Here's the pedigree I have:
Roque Franco
  Atanacio Franco (b.1734, Federal District)
       Rafael Franco (b. 1775, registered in Vallecillo)
             Ramon Franco (b. 1797, registered in Vallecillo)
                   Gaspar Franco b. 1935 d. 1910 Agualeguas (March 19th, reported by my great grandfather in      Vallecillo)
                         George (aka Jorge) Franco b.1884, Agualeguas, registered in Vallecillo, d. 1964, 
                            Zavala County, Texas
                                 George Franco, Jr. b. 1919, Zavala County, Texas
Ramon Franco is referred to as "Don Ramon Franco" and Gaspar Franco is referred to as "Don Gaspar Franco" in the Vallecillo records. In addition, my great great grandmother, Longina, is referred to as "Dona Longina Garcia, even before her marriage to Gaspar. In those days, you were only referred to as "Don" or "Dona" if you were wealthy, had land, and/or a community elite. Their professions were noted as Farmers.
       While I found a record with Rafael as the son of Atanacio, Mr. Roldolfo de la Garza points to Antonio (brother to Atanacio) as being the founding father of Gaspar's lineage. I disagree as, unlike Mr. de la Garza, I have access to the electronic records that show Rafael's father as Atanacio and mother, Petra Lopez. According to Mr. de la Garza, Atanacio did father a "Diego" with a Native Mexican named Justa. However, Mr. de la Garza notes that Gaspar Franco does not descend from this line. His notes also point to another group of Francos not related to our shared line, this group may not have been Francos, but, a surname shortened from Francisco to Franco.
        My great grandfather was blue eyed, had light brown hair and a fair complexion. His sisters had brown hair and eyes with fair complexions. Family history was that our family, and their neighbors, were forced to leave in 1914 by one of the revolutionary factions. My family moved to Zavala County, Texas as my great grandmother had inherited land from her family that had purchased the land in 1842. It is now within the boundaries of Crystal City, Texas.
       If anyone is interested in the record locations on, please let me know. I'd be happy to share!

 on: June 21, 2015, 03:05:28 AM 
Started by Jef Treece - Last post by Jef Treece
Jesse McCrary was raised by George and Sarah McCrary. Born in 1842, he can be found in George McCrary's household in 1850 and 1860. He served in the Civil War, and in 1869, married Elizabeth Love Bruce. She later claimed that Jesse went to live with his father, Lewis Jefferson Treece, after the Civil War. He then went by Jesse McCrary Treece.

Lewis Jefferson Treece's father was George Treece, b. 1787. George had another son, Joshua Madison. Through Y-DNA, the Treece DNA project has matched a descendant of Joshua Madison to a Descendant of Jesse McCrary, providing supporting evidence for the story of Jesse McCrary Treece.

 on: June 19, 2015, 04:44:19 PM 
Started by jfields - Last post by Joe L. Fields
During the crusades a daughter in the holy land had a son with a local man.  When the family returned to England or Europe the lord de la Feld might have offered the fertile crescent man wealth if he would take and use his name---de la Feld.

The same  could have happened in Ireland or England and the outsider took the Feld, Felde, Field, de la Feld name for land and money.  It happened quite often.

A wife might have met with another man and conceived a child by him without telling the husband.

An adoption of a male child would probably bring another Y type into the family.

Some us are related through a Field woman others a Field man.

 on: June 17, 2015, 10:44:13 AM 
Started by James Phillips - Last post by James Phillips
By using the link

when transferring your results to Family Finder you will help a project member unlock the full feature set.

If you are a Deaton project member who has transferred their autosomal data to Family Finder and would like to share the link the will credit your kit, please contact

 on: June 16, 2015, 10:46:14 AM 
Started by James Phillips - Last post by James Phillips
The code jam15p is valid for a  on upgrades or the Big Y.  Minimum order is $98.  Expires 21 June.

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