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March 04, 2015, 11:48:55 PM
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 on: Today at 10:37:40 PM 
Started by Jef Treece - Last post by Terry Barton
If you will convert it to either mht or html, you can upload it to one of your WorldFamilies project pages.  Directions for uploading are in the Admin Guide

You can also change the name of the page you choose to use (maybe "Help" or "mtDNA" to help your project members find it.  (and, if you ask, I can change the page url to match the name of the page)


 on: Today at 09:11:16 PM 
Started by gunslingingardner - Last post by gunslingingardener

I apologize for the delay in response.

The truth is I can't prove my line to Sir Osbern Gardynyr. Descendants of George Gardiner of Rhode Island came out as R1b - U106 (I think)...while descendants of Thomas Gardiner of Massachusetts came out as J2....both claiming descent.

A woman who claims descent from Sir Osborn Gardner told me that her male Gardner relatives came out with matches heavy in Switzerland, same as me.

Send me your email address please.

Sir Osborn Gardner was born in 1128 by most accounts in Wallonia, Belgium. He was the 'Personal Protector' of King Baldwin IV (I think) and in 1191 when he was about 63 years old, Gardner killed a Saracen bearing down on King Richard the Lionheart, thus retiring in Lancashire, England, being Lord of the Manor of Horul (now Oral) in Wigan, England.

There is an Osbern's Field there, but no other evidence.

He was a Knight Hospitaller, the Knights of Jerusalem.

 on: Today at 09:03:35 PM 
Started by gunslingingardener - Last post by gunslingingardener

It seems it is Celtic, from the Alps, but it does go into Italy quite a bit.

I guess my ancestors were either Celts or Romans, enemies or friends!

Several of the Celtic warriors were hired as mercenaries in the Roman cavalry, being the first knights in my opinion, using chainmail and horses.

There was a constable named Roger De Gardino (sounds Italian) circa 1100's who was the father of Sir William de Gardinis, the father of Sir Thomas de Gardinis.

 on: Today at 08:37:01 AM 
Started by lilphoenix - Last post by Abnahi0
L51 and its descendant, L11, is 393=13. Above L51, 393=12 is the modal. Your 393=12 is simply a relatively recent mutation.????

 on: Today at 03:43:58 AM 
Started by Jef Treece - Last post by Jef Treece
I'm a surname project administrator, wondering if there is any good way of posting a graph somewhere. I created the graph using graphviz and can generate a .pdf, jpg, png, gif, etc.

I tried posting it as a picture in MyGroups, but I believe the image was scaled down when I posted it because there does not seem to be any way to view it clearly.

It would be much better if the original resolution is preserved and/or the original file could be attached somewhere.  As far as I can see, that functionality doesn't exist on MyGroups or WF (although it's possible I just don't know the secret sauce).

Anyone have an idea?

Jef Treece
Treece Surname Project

 on: March 03, 2015, 12:47:27 PM 
Started by steve52 - Last post by steve52
   My name is Steve Kelly or (echols, Rowland, flippo) LOL.  At this point in my searching, it wouldn't surprise me if I'm my own Grandpaw.

I have a close Y match with William Dennis Echols and also two Flippo gentlemen and a couple of Rowlands.  I would very much like to pursue these and sort out connections.  My male ancestors appear to have been in Virginia in the 1700s and then migrated into Kentucky.  I can find Rowlands and Flippos around my Kellys in the early to mid 1800s, but am having trouble finding any Echols in close proximity at that time.  The civil war years could have been the time frame when Y-DNA mixing happened in this case - lots of men fighting in other areas of the country than their home state.
please contact me if you can help.  Thanks, Steve

 on: March 03, 2015, 12:42:06 PM 
Started by maryr55379 - Last post by Ken Ryan
There are a lot of people that have put their DNA information on the site but have not posted their Lineage.  It would be great if they could show us how they match.

On the Ryan site there is a section for I2a2a Haplogroup and these all seem to have links to someone from the Goochland/Henrico area.  Just for your information these Ryan families also have links to Amelia County.  If you look at the different county changes you will find that many of the people who had records in Goochland, especially at St. James Parish, were actually living in Amelia, Henrico or one of the outlying counties yet belonged to this parish.

In the Ryan research it is a good idea to look at migration paths starting in the 1600's as individuals moved along the James River, north west, and finally ended up in Amelia and close by counties. 

 1800 on...

From that point on it seems like there was a gigantic split in the families.  Some going west to Kentucky, Missouri and north.  Others going south to South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama and Arkansas.

The biggest problem we all seem to face is how to document all this moving around with concrete evidence.  Sherman made a mess of things when he came through the south with his scorched earth policy, burning everything in his path.  Most records were destroyed by him and by later fires.

Anyone researching this family and wanting to know what research has been done so far, please contact me via this board and we can compare notes.

 on: March 03, 2015, 12:05:58 PM 
Started by John G.D. Beardsley - Last post by Terry Barton
I've given FTDNA a list of requested improvements to give projects displaying their  information at WorldFamilies fair and appropriate linkages to WorldFamilies instead of to the FTDNA public pages. 

Once I understand how FTDNA will deal with these requests, I will decide what info is needed on the banner image and in the "About Us" display from the FTDNA Public pages - which has become the opening view at myGroups.

My action then will be for the projects at WorldFamilies where I am sole admin or lead admin.  I'll share that info here so that any of the admins who use the WorldFamilies project site can consider if they want to do the same or similar - though they are free to handle the myGroups mandate as they see best


 on: March 02, 2015, 08:54:09 PM 
Started by Terry Barton - Last post by Kettenring
Thank you. I have read this entire thread and it is most informative. I recently ordered the SRY2627 test from FTDNA because I have three close matches at 67 markers who are all SRY 2627. When the result returns I will have several questions and observations. I am grateful for all the thought you people have put into this thread.

 on: March 02, 2015, 07:39:39 PM 
Started by OdumAdmin - Last post by Eldon
131458 James Winton Odum Jr./ Linda Odum Tidwell

Thomas Oham
Born 1814
Married Manerva J. Unknown

John R. Odum
Born 1848
Married Margaret "Peggy" Morgan

Ambros M. Odum
Born 1868
Jackson Co. Tennessee
Married Settie Scantland

Perry Odum
Born 1898
Jackson Co. Tennessee
Married Martha Leona Hix

Your Thomas b. 1814 may be a younger brother to my Simeon b. 1799/1800.  I believe that Simeon was a son of Ceburt ODAM who died in 1831.  My Simeon married Sarah Hatfield.  See below for list of their children:
         William ODAM, 1819/1820 TN
          Lavica ODAM, 1822 TN
          Leann ODAM, 1824 TN
          Hiram ODAM, 1825 TN
          Zedikiah ODAM, 1831 IL
          Ira F. ODAM, 1838 IL
          Mary ODAM, 1838 IL
          Arvilla ODAM, 1841 IL 

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