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August 31, 2015, 04:12:11 AM
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 on: August 29, 2015, 06:53:25 PM 
Started by libbyAdmin - Last post by Goodwin-Libby
Marjorie Florence Libby-1895- Grandmother, wife of Jasper Gorham Goodwin
Forrest A Libby-1874
Clements Coffin Libby-1841
Benjamin Libby -1804
Jonathan Libby-1782
Benjamin Libby-1756
Charles Libby -1721
Benjamin Libby 1682
John Libby -1636
John Libby -abt 1602
Life member of JLFA

 on: August 29, 2015, 04:44:52 PM 
Started by burtAdmin - Last post by jasonpburt
It looks as thought I had some information incorrect.  If this holds accuracy, I will be receiving information from a DNA match this weekend.

My pedigree will need the following changes:

Moses Burt b. c. 1732-Trenton, Hunterdon, New Jersey  d. 1808-Scott, KY; m. Hannah Green

My DNA match is off by two markers in a 67 Y-DNA test.  He descends from John Burt, Moses brother, both sons of Richard Burt IV.  This will be great news, because I've never had such hard evidence accept that I descended from the Taunton Burts.  There is other sources that dictate this, but I wanted to find more before I came to a conclusion.  I will keep the forum updated if this is the case!

 on: August 28, 2015, 10:09:43 PM 
Started by supertigerCH - Last post by supertigerCH
Hello Hanh,

Yes, you are correct... many times "Northern Europe" can be said to also include places like Iceland (and other small northern Atlantic island nations).

We just focus on Northeast Europe here... because it seems to be the real "home" of Haplogroup "N" in Europe.

I don't believe that I have seen any studies that show high amounts of Y-DNA Haplogroup "N" ... in those other places you mentioned.

However, there are definitely small numbers of people with "N" Y-DNA who have been discovered in places like the British Isles, etc.  So you are correct, it can be found there.

As far as I understand, Y-DNA "N" appears to have been carried to these places that you've said... by some past Viking travels (migrations).  After all, Y-DNA "N" can be found quite easily in the native populations of Scandinavia (the Vikings' homeland).

Y-DNA Haplogroup "N" can be found in very tiny amounts throughout much of Europe... with Southeast Europe (the Balkans) being of particular interest.

 on: August 28, 2015, 03:54:08 PM 
Started by bacaAdmin - Last post by carmenbaca
Surname: Baca
Kit #: 427543 and 427542
Name: Carmen Joseph Baca  and Therese Annette Baca (sibblings)

Name: Carmen Joseph Baca II
birth: Sept. 30, 1913    d- Feb.24, 1976
birthplace: La Luz, N. Mex.
spouse: Maria Cruz Duran, Sept. 15, 1919, d.- July 12, 2003

Name: Carmen Saturnino Baca I
July 4, 1887, N. Mex.,
spouse: Eliza Garcia, Aug. 11, 1885, Lincoln, N. Mex.

Name: Bonafacio Baca
birth: April 26, 1857, N.Mex.
spouse: Telesfora Baca, 1861, N. Mex.

Name: Saturnino Baca
birth: Nov. 11, 1830
spouse: Juana Pino Chavez, May 6, 1843, Valencia County

Name: Jose Maria de Jesus Baca
birth:1800, Santa Fe, N. Mex
spouse: Josefa Ortiz

Name: Patricio Baca

 on: August 27, 2015, 02:00:16 PM 
Started by Jared Olar - Last post by Maples230
Thank you  for your help. Maples

 on: August 26, 2015, 02:23:04 PM 
Started by Kent McMahan - Last post by Kent McMahan
The subject couple are the brick-wall ancestors of a branch of the family that I am researching.  My RootsWeb World Connect database page for James Butler is linked below:

I will look for a male to do a 37-marker Y-DNA test.

Has anyone any suggestions for further action at this time?


 on: August 25, 2015, 03:08:59 PM 
Started by Linda Lathrop - Last post by vfxhooker
Robert J. Hooker, Kit 421478, Haplogroup Q-M242, Lineage 2

Dr.  Victor Benjamin Franklin Hooker, b. 11/11/1822, Fredonia, Caldwell, Kentucky d. 12/13/1860  Fredonia, Caldwell, Kentucky

             -William Garner Hooker, b. 1847-1849, Fredonia, Caldwell, Kentucky d. 04/05/1899,                  Urich, Henry, Missouri

                    -Joseph A. Hooker b. 12/26/1877, White Oak Township, Henry, Missouri, d. 01/02/1907 Urich, Henry, Missouri

                            -Robert Lee Hooker, b. 04/05/1905 Urich, Henry, Missouri d. 07/23/1980 Hanford, Kings, California (interred Urich, MO) (My Grandfather)


I am now trying to verify parentage for Dr. Victor B.F. Hooker.  (I have major reservations about this name and title being correct now based on both census records and gravestone pictures)

So...  My tree, north of Dr. Victor B.F. Hooker looks like this.  

William Hooker Jr. b. 5/16/1663 Farmington, Hartford, CT  d.  10/20/1756, Windsor, Bertie, North Carolina

William C. Hooker b. January 1725, Windsor, Bertie, NC d. Feb 1799, Dobbs, Greene, NC

Robert Hooker b. January 1742, Windsor, Bertie, NC d. 1828 Lexington, Scott, Indiana
Robert Hooker Jr. b. 1760, Asheboro, Randolph, NC d. 3/31/1828 Lexington, Scott, Indiana (Same year as father?)

Robert Hooker III b. 1788, Asheboro, Randolph, NC d. 1823 Fredonia, Caldwell, Kentucky

Dr. Victor Benjamin Franklin Hooker b. 1822 Fredonia, Caldwell, Kentucky d. 1860 Fredonia, Calldwell, Kentucky

Any insights are welcome! Thanks!

Robert J. Hooker (Josh)

 on: August 24, 2015, 04:08:19 PM 
Started by Lyn.Banen - Last post by Lyn.Banen
Is there anyone else working on William Kent who married Elizabeth Lyon Turner on Nov 22, 1828 in Amherst County Virginia? If so, please contact

 on: August 23, 2015, 09:12:27 AM 
Started by Jared Olar - Last post by Jared Olar
I am new to this site and have just gotten the kit. Goes off today.  Shaw is the name I have been researching. I have done many, many, many   years of genealogy  and keep hitting  that blank wall. Hoping this kit will help. Any help on how to start? after I get my kit? Pat

Once your results come in, make sure Kathleen Shaw Decker, the administrator of the Shaw DNA Project knows.  Also, you should go to the Shaw Pedigrees discussion thread here at the forum and post a summary of your Shaw pedigree.  When your results arrive, the project will add them to the results chart so you can compare them to others' results.  FTDNA also will enable you to locate DNA matches and estimate how closely or distantly you might be related to your matches.

 on: August 22, 2015, 10:06:14 PM 
Started by deatonadmin - Last post by James Phillips
Thomas Elijah Deaton (1679, England) & Mary Corington
William Deaton (1725, Virginia) & Sarah Jackson
John Deaton, Sr. (1766, North Carolina) & Isabella Brantley
John Deaton, Jr. (1805) & Melinda Watts
William Toney Deaton (1828, Kentucky) & Rachel Raliegh
Armina Deaton (1854, Kentucky) & Daniel Baker
Sarah Baker (1880) & William Fields   
Wilkie Fields (1915) & Nello Mae Claxton 

Family Finder Kit B46803

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