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October 25, 2014, 08:45:16 PM
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 on: Today at 08:18:23 PM 
Started by burrellAdmin - Last post by WebMaster
From an email from Charles Burrell [c.edward.burrell AT]

Henry A Burrell
b. August 19, 1812
New York
Burzetta Wheatly

Hiram Burrell
B May 8, 1843
Licking County, Ohio
Sophronia Ethleen Lathrop

Marion Edgar Burrell
B. May 4, 1879
Summit, Effingham County, Ilinois
Clemie Gertie Gamble

Malcolm Everett Burrell
April 1, 1912
Ivanhoe, Fannin County, TX
Vera Cynthia Childs

 on: Today at 05:21:51 AM 
Started by andyhopskin - Last post by andyhopskin
Whether they’re looking to build a bachelor pad, refurbish a tiny condo, or downsize following the last child’s move to college, a growing trend in the nation is for people to downsize, rather than upsize. This move could be in response to high utility costs, the price of land, or a desire to “go green.” Whatever the case, homeowners can now create their own tiny slices of heaven on earth in less than 500 square feet. All it takes is a little imagination.
Colorado heights
That’s what a Colorado couple needed after their house burned down in a forest fire in 2012. They pitched their plight to Tiny House Nation, a series on the FYI network, and earlier this year, their home was completed and they were able to move in to their new, 500 square foot home. Though it’s less than half the space they were used to, they are now totally off grid, living off solar panels and enjoying an expansive view of the mountains. They also chose to move some of their living area out of doors with two separate patios with comfortable lounging chairs.

Giant projector screen, tiny house

Another tiny house is just over 200 square feet. It has no loft, instead allowing a queen size bed to roll out from beneath an office area. A screen pulls down over the windows to provide privacy and a projector screen. Beneath the surface of the desk is the owner’s keyboard—he’s a fan of music and small spaces. The coffee table has a single metal leg which can be moved to various spots around the room and lifted to various heights with a pneumatic lift depending on the desired use—dining table, coffee table, footrest, etc.

Renovated colonial

A small Massachusetts colonial home is also surprisingly livable, especially after the renovation its current owners completed following its purchase. A grungy kitchen with outdated appliances and cracked tile floors was almost magically transformed with new appliances, a coat of paint on the walls and existing cabinets, and a new vinyl floor. The wood floors of the rest of the house were similarly deteriorated, but appeared beautiful after being sanded and refinished. A small staircase leads to an upstairs bedroom with quaint slanted ceilings.
These homes prove you don’t need a huge home to be comfortable or happy. It’s all in your attitude and your willingness to simplify your life down to what you really need. After living in a 500 square foot with my husband and son for 6 months now, I don’t even remember what we put away in storage. All that extra “stuff” (whatever it is) wasn’t really necessary after all.

Interior Decorating and Remodeling News Brought to You by

 on: Today at 12:53:33 AM 
Started by Trish13 - Last post by joy9393
I was surprised by these results. I really expected that two or three of them would be the same ~ probably 'H' because 'H' seems to be the 'common' one (so that I could say that at some stage we were related via this DNA, but I can't; well not until further back, anyway)

 on: October 24, 2014, 02:00:48 PM 
Started by LaurieD - Last post by MANH
I am J2a1a1b (mtDNA).  The oldest known maternal ancestors that I have is Sarah Gardener/Gardner who was b. about 1700 in Baltimore Co., Md and married Richard Hendon in 1723.  Her daughter was Jemima Hendon b.  Baltimore Co., d. Huntingdon Co. PA, married John Wright; her daughter was Elizabeth "Betsy" Wright who married Robinson L. Chilcote in PA, d. in either Ohio or Indiana; Betsy had several daughters almost all of whom ended up living in Vinton County, Ohio, United States: Mary Chilcote m. Thomas Elijah Tilton ; Permelia/Milly Chilcote married Frederick Corrick (Vinton Co, OH); Jemima Chilcote married George Corrick; Cynthia or Rachel Chilcote m. William Stevens; Nancy Chilcote married Aaron Ankrom - there was also a daughter Susannah Chilcote who I don't know whether married - they had brothers Samuel Robinson Chilcote, Benjamin Chilcote and Washington Chilcote. I have other information on others in this line, but have not been able to get back further than Sarah Gardener.

 on: October 23, 2014, 12:01:14 PM 
Started by Mike Darnell - Last post by Elizabeth Wood Henson
J. W. Darnall, b. abt. 1810, NC, m. Sarah Darnall, b. abt. 1817, NC
John Darnall, b. abt. 1834, NC, m. Susan Darnall
Maggie E. Darnell, b. abt. 1886, MS,  d. 1/27/1959, Neshoba Cty, MS,  m. Gordon George
Clarkie Darnell George, b. at. 1913, MS, d. 1994, Laurel, Jones Cty, MS, m. Herman Woodrow Sharp
Laurel Nell Sharp, b. 11/4/1938, Wayne Cty, MS, d. 1/3/2001, Laurel, Jones Cty, MS, m. William Delmar Wood, Sr.

 on: October 22, 2014, 07:42:13 PM 
Started by Ken Haughton - Last post by rockingbosshog13
 I am descended from Emaline Ledbetter b. 1829 daughter of Alsey Ledbetter b. 1779 now ascertained to be son of Daughter Ledbetter b. 1759 and most probably a ? Hatley, daughter of William Ledbetter b. 1749 and Mary Cheeves. Since Alsey has now been discovered to not be in the paternal line (he was adopted by his grandfather, William), does one submit a pedigree or is considered ineligible?

 on: October 22, 2014, 02:58:20 PM 
Started by hagavra - Last post by hagavra
My great grandmother was Minuche Tamara Siegel. She married Shlomo Chaim Melnick. They lived in Smorgon Belarus. Her brother was Shepsel Siegel. He married Frumme (Miller?). His children changed their names to Burden in the US. Her sister was Bashe Siegel who married David Isaac (Isadore) Brody (Brotofky or Brotofsky). She came to the US. The death certificates of Shepsel and Bashe list their parents as Abraham Siegel and Sarah Levy. I have been trying to connect with my Siegel family for years with no luck.
I am Stephen E. Natelson MD
My DNA is listed on FTDNA.

Minuche Tamara Siegel
1855 – 1923
Bashe Siegel
1858 – 1921
Shepsel Siegel
1860 – 1905

 on: October 22, 2014, 10:20:30 AM 
Started by benderadmin - Last post by Michele Bender
Mark Bender, Kit# B13919 (managed by wife, Michele Bender); email:

Hanss Jacob Binder (1663-1689) b/d Bönnigheim, Württemberg, Germany; m. Anna Barbara Enderis
Hanss Melchoir Binder; b/d Bönnigheim, Württemberg, Germany; m. Anna Margaretha Adam
Johann Mattheus Binder; b/d Bönnigheim, Württemberg, Germany; m. Katharina Dorothea Schnatter
Johann Christian Binder (1777-?); b/d  Bönnigheim, Württemberg, Germany; m. Christina Maria Knoll
Johann Christian Binder (1816-1908); b. Bönnigheim, Württemberg, Germany, d. Huron Co., Michigan; m. Katharine Magdalena Schweyher
Louis Ludwig Christian Binder/Bender (1847-1900); b. Bönnigheim, Württemberg, Germany;, d. Huron Co., Michigan; m. Clara Louis Dorothea Dommer
Edward Harry Bender (1885 MI-1967 MI); m. Lottabelle Holmes
Delphin Delmas Bender (1906 MI-1960 AZ); m. Elizabeth Marie Somogyi (my grandparents)   

 on: October 22, 2014, 03:48:19 AM 
Started by Fionan - Last post by angel10
Have you tested for markers below I2a-P37.2 like M26 or M423 ?

 on: October 21, 2014, 06:12:09 PM 
Started by Marilyn Teaff Barton - Last post by barbaraannwinter
email:  (  All of these Glovers are from New York- there are more children then listed here.

Charles Glover (befor 1790 - 1841) New York  m. Catharine Devoe 1774-1860
   Catharine 1808- m. Arthur Vensil
   Thomas Glover 1805- m. Harriet b. 1812
    William Glover 1816  m. Sarah Allen

Charles Samuel Merwin Glover 1817-1897 m. Sarah Catharine Ann Hendrick 1824-1909
    George Grant Glover  1864-1865
    Isabelle Armstrong Glover 1866 1952  m. 1892 Charles A. Devoe
    William Hendrick Glover 1844-1888  m. Ida Stevens
     Howard Norton Glover, Sr. 1855-1923 m. 1873  Alethea Mary Gunning 1855-1943
        Joseph Gunning Glover1874-1898
        Lulu Frank Glover1876-1971
        Howard Norton Glover, Jr. 1881-1962

Charles Samuel Merwin, Jr. 1842-1907 m. Harriett Palmer Sherwood 1852-1931
  Lily Sherwood Glover 1852-1931  m. John Clark
Charles, Jr.  m.   Margaret Caufield  ?-1876
   Sarah Glover 1862 m. George Brouton
   Mary Glover 1864 m. Charles S. Pickard

Howard Norton Glover, Jr 1881-1962 m. Elizabeth Grace Deady 1880-1914
   Joseph Thomas Glover 1906-1995
   Alfred Emil Glover 1911-
m. Lottie Burger McCullough  1883-1946
   Irene B. Glover 1917-1948 m. Casimer Krajeski
   Edith Wineford Glover 1918-1981
   May B. Glover 1920-2003  m. Guski
   Catherine L. Glover 1922-2009 m. Eaton  m. Harrison
    Lulu H. Glover 1924-2005 m. Hiatt  m. Russell
Kit #316582

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