Surname Projects with 50+ members

Project Name
& FTDNA Link
Member Count Project SiteFTDNA Link
H and HV mtDNA Hg7845FTDNA Link
Scottish DNA6703FTDNA Link
Ireland yDNA5531FTDNA Link
R _R1b ALL Subclades5392FTDNA Link
CumberlandGap-YDNA5002FTDNA Link
British Isles by County4898FTDNA Link
I1 yDNA Haplogroup4494FTDNA Link
Finland DNA3941FTDNA Link
Polish3618FTDNA Link
CumberlandGap-mtDNA3138FTDNA Link
French_Heritage_DNA3135FTDNA Link
K mtDNA Haplogroup3061FTDNA Link
E-M35_Project2865FTDNA Link
R-L21Plus2824FTDNA Link
Ulster Heritage DNA2808FTDNA Link
R1a2748FTDNA Link
Germany-YDNA2677FTDNA Link
R1b1a2 and Subclades2428FTDNA Link
Arab Tribes2428FTDNA Link
Global Adoptee Genea2409FTDNA Link
Jewish Heritage Proj2190FTDNA Link
Iberian Peninsula2091FTDNA Link
J-mtDNA1960FTDNA Link
Smith Official (All)1920FTDNA Link
U5 mtDNA1891FTDNA Link
New-Mexico-DNA1879FTDNA Link
Mexico DNA Project1825FTDNA Link
J1 Y-DNA Project1820FTDNA Link
WesternNorthCarolina1780FTDNA Link
R P312 (R1b-P312)1767FTDNA Link
FRASER and Septs1700FTDNA Link
I-M223 Y-Haplogroup 1656FTDNA Link
J Haplogroup Project1636FTDNA Link
R1b-U106 Y-DNA1635FTDNA Link
Donald Usa (MacDonal1607FTDNA Link
Norway DNA - Norge1551FTDNA Link
J2-M172 Hg Research1540FTDNA Link
Ireland mtDNA1363FTDNA Link
Swedish DNA1335FTDNA Link
Johnson1296FTDNA Link
Normans-CE1284FTDNA Link
Jewish_Ukraine-West1242FTDNA Link
Germany-mtDNA1231FTDNA Link
Middle East1195FTDNA Link
Border_Reivers1179FTDNA Link
I2a Y-Haplogroup1172FTDNA Link
G-L497 Y-DNA1139FTDNA Link
LumbeeTribe1136FTDNA Link
Williams1133FTDNA Link
RussiaDNA1124FTDNA Link
Scotland1116FTDNA Link
Italy DNA Project1106FTDNA Link
H1 mtGenome1080FTDNA Link
Maryland DNA Project1074FTDNA Link
Brown-Browne-Braun1061FTDNA Link
R-M2221026FTDNA Link
R-U152 and Subclades1021FTDNA Link
WiregrassGeorgia1005FTDNA Link
T21002FTDNA Link
ScandinavianmtDNA1001FTDNA Link
Southern California973FTDNA Link
Donnachaidh954FTDNA Link
Scandinavian Y-DNA951FTDNA Link
Armenian DNA Project950FTDNA Link
Arabian-Gulf928FTDNA Link
E1b1 Project 923FTDNA Link
MacGregor901FTDNA Link
Jewish Voice Ministries875FTDNA Link
Walker867FTDNA Link
Denmark838FTDNA Link
Rose834FTDNA Link
MacLaren830FTDNA Link
Spain / Espana/Casa810FTDNA Link
Wilson801FTDNA Link
East Arab Island797FTDNA Link
Sicily791FTDNA Link
Irish Families788FTDNA Link
Q-M242 Y-DNA781FTDNA Link
African779FTDNA Link
Stewart760FTDNA Link
R DF27 (R1b-DF27)745FTDNA Link
Harris744Project SiteFTDNA Link
Russian Empire722FTDNA Link
Baker721FTDNA Link
R1b1a2/ht35 717FTDNA Link
Phillips716FTDNA Link
Miller714FTDNA Link
Alash DNA-project707FTDNA Link
J1c3703FTDNA Link
Davis/Davies/David701FTDNA Link
Lewis-2672FTDNA Link
Amercian Indian Proj671FTDNA Link
HuxfordGS657FTDNA Link
N1c1 Y-DNA656FTDNA Link
U4 mtDNA655FTDNA Link
Taylor654FTDNA Link
Thompson647FTDNA Link
Puerto Rican644FTDNA Link
Czech642FTDNA Link
Azores Islands, Port639FTDNA Link
Graves638FTDNA Link
SaudiArabia637FTDNA Link
Caucasus633FTDNA Link
Iberian Ashkenaz633FTDNA Link
R L513 (R1b-L513)631FTDNA Link
Forest Finn DNA625FTDNA Link
Hill624FTDNA Link
Anderson/Andersen620Project SiteFTDNA Link
V mtDNA619FTDNA Link
Campbell611FTDNA Link
T - Y Haplogroup T610FTDNA Link
Welsh Patronymics606FTDNA Link
N Y-DNA Project604FTDNA Link
Wales_Cymru_DNA602FTDNA Link
4Sephardim592FTDNA Link
Bahamas Dna590FTDNA Link
L3 mtDNA589FTDNA Link
Black Belt of Alabam588FTDNA Link
J-L24-Y-DNA587FTDNA Link
Cohen584FTDNA Link
National clans581FTDNA Link
464xccgg581FTDNA Link
J2 Middle East581FTDNA Link
Turner576FTDNA Link
Arabian Y-DNA J1575FTDNA Link
Wright575FTDNA Link
H Subclade Discovery574FTDNA Link
L222.2 (J1c3d2)565FTDNA Link
SmithConnections NE564FTDNA Link
Martin561FTDNA Link
EastCarolinaRoots557FTDNA Link
Breifne Clans555FTDNA Link
Allan/Allen555FTDNA Link
X mtDNA Haplogroup551FTDNA Link
Gordon541FTDNA Link
I Haplogroup mtDNA541FTDNA Link
Moore-Worldwide538FTDNA Link
N North Eurasia536FTDNA Link
India Pakistan Nepal536FTDNA Link
Modar534FTDNA Link
Robinson526FTDNA Link
Hamilton518FTDNA Link
Jewish_R1b517FTDNA Link
Russian_Nobility516FTDNA Link
Jackson513FTDNA Link
Operation DNA Vietnam505FTDNA Link
Prince Edward Island499FTDNA Link
White499FTDNA Link
Jones493FTDNA Link
bnyYass492FTDNA Link
Lituania_Propria492FTDNA Link
Kelley490FTDNA Link
Amerind Founder481FTDNA Link
Ards Peninsula481FTDNA Link
W and N2a Haplogroup480FTDNA Link
U5a FMS mtDNA477FTDNA Link
Carter476FTDNA Link
University475FTDNA Link
Adams474FTDNA Link
Golden Horde463FTDNA Link
R DF21 and Subclades461FTDNA Link
Cook461FTDNA Link
AmerIndian Ancestry458FTDNA Link
Louisiana_Creoles454FTDNA Link
Lost Colony Family454FTDNA Link
Settlers of the 13 A450FTDNA Link
Rogers/Rodgers447FTDNA Link
Sephardic_Anousim446FTDNA Link
U5b FMS mtDNA443FTDNA Link
Fergus(s)on438FTDNA Link
AHaplogroupmtDNA438FTDNA Link
Hebrew DNA Research437FTDNA Link
R1b-CTS4466 Plus435FTDNA Link
R1b1a2 Iberian431FTDNA Link
West431FTDNA Link
Beni Habs430FTDNA Link
Maghreb430FTDNA Link
Russia-Slavic DNA428FTDNA Link
Parker426FTDNA Link
Benelux424FTDNA Link
Scott422FTDNA Link
Hungarian_Magyar419FTDNA Link
Cox/Coxe/Cock/Cocks/418FTDNA Link
Jewish E415FTDNA Link
Portugal414FTDNA Link
Roberts413FTDNA Link
RurikidDynasty413FTDNA Link
Webb DNA Project413FTDNA Link
R-Arabia411FTDNA Link
Morrison, Gilmore409FTDNA Link
R-Z255 and Subclades408FTDNA Link
Netherlands404FTDNA Link
Chandler401FTDNA Link
Jazan401FTDNA Link
Hall400FTDNA Link
Mitchell399FTDNA Link
Germanna DNA Project392FTDNA Link
T1388Project SiteFTDNA Link
UlsterHeritagemtDNA388FTDNA Link
Sons of Aodh387FTDNA Link
Hudson, Hutson etc386FTDNA Link
Yemen Project 385FTDNA Link
Cuba385FTDNA Link
Gesher_Galicia383FTDNA Link
Reed382FTDNA Link
Q1a3a1-AmerIndian382FTDNA Link
Graham381FTDNA Link
Cooper380Project SiteFTDNA Link
Rice380FTDNA Link
A.M.M380FTDNA Link
Byrne/Burns, etc.379Project SiteFTDNA Link
Green378FTDNA Link
H3 mtGenome377FTDNA Link
MacFarlane376FTDNA Link
Bolling374FTDNA Link
Baltic Sea 373FTDNA Link
Clan Colla 425 null371FTDNA Link
HebrewFinnishProject370FTDNA Link
T and all subgroups368Project SiteFTDNA Link
Galicia, Spain DNA368FTDNA Link
Crow, Crowe, Craw, 367FTDNA Link
Irwin Clan367FTDNA Link
Wood366FTDNA Link
Z58+ and I1>Z63+]]>365FTDNA Link
MacNeil362FTDNA Link
Evans354FTDNA Link
Tucker352FTDNA Link
Brasil350FTDNA Link
Nichols348FTDNA Link
Soraman345FTDNA Link
Georgian DNA Project344FTDNA Link
U2 mtDNA Haplogroup344FTDNA Link
Long344FTDNA Link
Powell343FTDNA Link
Young342FTDNA Link
G-L293 Y-DNA Project341FTDNA Link
Griffi(th)(n)(s)(ng)341FTDNA Link
Basque-DNA341FTDNA Link
NULL425341FTDNA Link
Moore339FTDNA Link
Lithuanian DNA338FTDNA Link
Grant336FTDNA Link
North Carolina Early336FTDNA Link
Anglo-Saxon Y-DNA335FTDNA Link
Davidson334FTDNA Link
Murphy334FTDNA Link
Jewish_Q333FTDNA Link
Greek DNA Project333FTDNA Link
Bassett332FTDNA Link
Calabria-Italy332FTDNA Link
Myers332Project SiteFTDNA Link
MacKenzie/McKenzie330FTDNA Link
Butler329Project SiteFTDNA Link
RL21 4466 SouthIrish329FTDNA Link
Cain328FTDNA Link
Amerindian-Mexico328FTDNA Link
Thomas328FTDNA Link
Ward, Wardle, Warden328FTDNA Link
Morris327FTDNA Link
Jordan DNA project325FTDNA Link
N-mtDNA323FTDNA Link
NorthCarolinaNativeH322FTDNA Link
Melungeon_Families322FTDNA Link
Early Chesapeake322FTDNA Link
Daniel320FTDNA Link
Devon320FTDNA Link
Collins319Project SiteFTDNA Link
O'Brien318FTDNA Link
Meates316FTDNA Link
E1b1a - M2316FTDNA Link
Todd315FTDNA Link
O'Neill314FTDNA Link
Bartlett313FTDNA Link
Mayflower312FTDNA Link
May311FTDNA Link
MacMillan308FTDNA Link
Lawson307FTDNA Link
MacLean / MacLaine306FTDNA Link
Arab_AZD305FTDNA Link
Tatarstan305FTDNA Link
Henderson DNA Projec304FTDNA Link
King302FTDNA Link
Al-SuwaidiTribe302FTDNA Link
Payne301FTDNA Link
Edwards301FTDNA Link
I1d ( L22 / S142)301FTDNA Link
Munster Irish300FTDNA Link
G-M406 Y-DNA300FTDNA Link
Hughes300Project SiteFTDNA Link
Aznvagan300FTDNA Link
North Italy298FTDNA Link
Sephardim-New Mexico296FTDNA Link
Montgomery296FTDNA Link
Chelsea ,Ma.296FTDNA Link
Foster296FTDNA Link
MacLeod295FTDNA Link
Carpenter Cousins295FTDNA Link
Algonquian East295FTDNA Link
FF -PreLaunch295FTDNA Link
NfldLab-FamilyFinder294FTDNA Link
Mennonite294FTDNA Link
Berry294FTDNA Link
Barton293Project SiteFTDNA Link
Owen293FTDNA Link
Shejire DNA project293FTDNA Link
Kennedy293FTDNA Link
Hendricks292FTDNA Link
Bulgarian DNA292FTDNA Link
Hollingsworth292FTDNA Link
Alexander290FTDNA Link
R1b-L1335289FTDNA Link
JewishGen German SIG289FTDNA Link
C_Haplogroup_mtDNA287FTDNA Link
Northumberland286FTDNA Link
Stephens285FTDNA Link
H5 mtGenome285FTDNA Link
British Quakers DNA284FTDNA Link
Morgan284FTDNA Link
Sinclair DNA Study284FTDNA Link
Karachay-Balkar DNA283FTDNA Link
Russia282FTDNA Link
Doherty282FTDNA Link
Stewart-2282FTDNA Link
Turkey281FTDNA Link
Alpine DNA AlpGen279FTDNA Link
Douglas, Douglass, D279FTDNA Link
Brooks278FTDNA Link
LostColonyYDNA278FTDNA Link
Patterson276FTDNA Link
Ross DNA Project273FTDNA Link
Clark(e)273FTDNA Link
Mat(t)hews/Mat(t)his272FTDNA Link
H2 mtGenome272FTDNA Link
HungarianBukovina272FTDNA Link
Wallace - WALLIS272FTDNA Link
Park/e/s272FTDNA Link
Switzerland271FTDNA Link
Harrison270Project SiteFTDNA Link
Swiss Anabaptist270FTDNA Link
R-17-14-10270FTDNA Link
Burgess268FTDNA Link
MacRae/McRae268FTDNA Link
Gardner Y-DNA267FTDNA Link
Mackay267FTDNA Link
Howard266FTDNA Link
Dunn266FTDNA Link
Perkins265FTDNA Link
Crawford265Project SiteFTDNA Link
Boone265FTDNA Link
L - Y Haplogroup L265FTDNA Link
I2*, L415, L596, L12265FTDNA Link
Ashina/Ashena Royal264FTDNA Link
Davenport264FTDNA Link
Little263Project SiteFTDNA Link
Ossetian DNA Project262FTDNA Link
Ramsay, Ramsey, Rums262FTDNA Link
Freeman261FTDNA Link
Gibson260Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bretagne/Brittany259FTDNA Link
Yichus259FTDNA Link
HULL DNA Project259Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bates258FTDNA Link
Etz_Yoseph257FTDNA Link
Palatine257Project SiteFTDNA Link
IberianAshkenazmtDNA257FTDNA Link
I1 East/Central EUR256FTDNA Link
Carroll256FTDNA Link
Ukraine DNA Project256FTDNA Link
R1b-U198255FTDNA Link
Sephardic_Heritage254FTDNA Link
Hodges-Hodge253Project SiteFTDNA Link
C Haplogroup253FTDNA Link
Perry253FTDNA Link
N.A.M. ( Arab )251FTDNA Link
Hawkins251FTDNA Link
Marshall250FTDNA Link
Sanders / Saunders249FTDNA Link
Gunn Sept List249FTDNA Link
Slovakia-DNA249FTDNA Link
Virginia-SW248FTDNA Link
Spencer248FTDNA Link
R-Z18_Subgroups247FTDNA Link
Sullivan/O'Sullivan247Project SiteFTDNA Link
Shelton246FTDNA Link
JewishGen246FTDNA Link
Guanches-Canary Isle246FTDNA Link
Meliks246FTDNA Link
Lee245FTDNA Link
Bryan245FTDNA Link
Russia South Line244FTDNA Link
Coll of Alameda Anth244FTDNA Link
B2244FTDNA Link
Cameron243FTDNA Link
Najd/hassa242FTDNA Link
Mallorcan_Jews_PR242FTDNA Link
I2a2b-L38242FTDNA Link
Henry241FTDNA Link
Fitzpatrick241Project SiteFTDNA Link
Beatty240FTDNA Link
Pike239FTDNA Link
NewYorkStateDNA238FTDNA Link
Livingston/MacLea238FTDNA Link
R Z253237FTDNA Link
Tunisia237FTDNA Link
Fletcher236FTDNA Link
Richardson236FTDNA Link
Gray235FTDNA Link
Nelson235FTDNA Link
Carpatho-Rusyn235FTDNA Link
New Zealand DNA Proj234FTDNA Link
Saeed T Project234FTDNA Link
Chechen-Noahcho DNA 233FTDNA Link
Watts233FTDNA Link
Fox232FTDNA Link
Bennett232FTDNA Link
Waccamaw Indian trib231FTDNA Link
Carr229FTDNA Link
Scottish Mapping228FTDNA Link
NfldLab-mtDNA227FTDNA Link
Cowan226FTDNA Link
Royalty226FTDNA Link
Dunbar225Project SiteFTDNA Link
Flanders-Flemish DNA225FTDNA Link
R SRY2627/Z198/L176.225FTDNA Link
Willis224FTDNA Link
Armstrong224FTDNA Link
J-L817 Clade223FTDNA Link
Munro223FTDNA Link
Caithness and Suther222FTDNA Link
Romania222FTDNA Link
Vaughan221FTDNA Link
Blair221FTDNA Link
AshkenaziLeviteR1a1220FTDNA Link
Ball219FTDNA Link
Turkic World219FTDNA Link
Maxwell217FTDNA Link
McCarthy215FTDNA Link
Latvia215FTDNA Link
Neal-O'Neal215FTDNA Link
J1* Z2223+ Z1828+ 214FTDNA Link
McCain214FTDNA Link
Belarus-SIG214FTDNA Link
East Anglia214FTDNA Link
Clements/Clemmons214FTDNA Link
Maine_Gaeltacht213FTDNA Link
Curtis-Curtiss213FTDNA Link
Mothers of Acadia 213FTDNA Link
Lebanon-Syria213FTDNA Link
O'Donoghue Society212FTDNA Link
Bany_Tamem212FTDNA Link
C3-M217211FTDNA Link
O...O3 Y-DNA Haplogr211FTDNA Link
Kincaid211FTDNA Link
Egan210FTDNA Link
Harrell210FTDNA Link
Austin-Austen210FTDNA Link
Mills207FTDNA Link
Hart206FTDNA Link
Bailey206FTDNA Link
Arab-coast205FTDNA Link
Lawrence205FTDNA Link
Brewer205FTDNA Link
Ford204FTDNA Link
Iraq204FTDNA Link
Norton203FTDNA Link
Danish Demes203FTDNA Link
Oliver202FTDNA Link
Ukrainian DNA202FTDNA Link
E-M81201FTDNA Link
Braswell201FTDNA Link
Sepharad Puerto Rico201FTDNA Link
U3 mtDNA Haplogroup201FTDNA Link
Polish Tartar201FTDNA Link
Netherlands Y200FTDNA Link
Hamman200FTDNA Link
Black Potomac Valley200FTDNA Link
McGee200FTDNA Link
J2b-M102+199FTDNA Link
Allison199FTDNA Link
McAlister198FTDNA Link
Simmons198FTDNA Link
Arabian Haplogroup A197FTDNA Link
Doty Doughty DNA197FTDNA Link
J2a-M67197FTDNA Link
G-PF3146 Y-DNA196FTDNA Link
Chapman196FTDNA Link
Chamberlain196FTDNA Link
Harden195FTDNA Link
Campania195FTDNA Link
Winn194FTDNA Link
Nicholson194FTDNA Link
TAYY Tribe193FTDNA Link
Watson Y-DNA193FTDNA Link
Chisholm193FTDNA Link
Barnett192FTDNA Link
Burks192FTDNA Link
Melungeon Core DNA192FTDNA Link
SiberiaTransbaikalia192FTDNA Link
Baird191FTDNA Link
Howell191FTDNA Link
Finno-Ugric DNA190FTDNA Link
Barrett190FTDNA Link
Hough190FTDNA Link
OrangeburghDistrict190FTDNA Link
Barnes189FTDNA Link
Russell189Project SiteFTDNA Link
Dixon189FTDNA Link
PiquaShawnee189FTDNA Link
R2-M124-WTY189FTDNA Link
Thornton189FTDNA Link
Shetland Islands189FTDNA Link
Warren189FTDNA Link
Hungarian SIG DNA Pr189FTDNA Link
T-Arab Y DNA Haplogr188FTDNA Link
Buchanan188FTDNA Link
Voices_In_Time188FTDNA Link
Dalton Int'l DNA Pro187FTDNA Link
Reynolds187FTDNA Link
Boston Irish DNA185FTDNA Link
Coon185FTDNA Link
Kirgiz184FTDNA Link
Boyd184FTDNA Link
R-L1/S26 Y-DNA Haplo183FTDNA Link
AlAhssa183FTDNA Link
Harmon/Harman/Herman182FTDNA Link
Alabdli ????????181FTDNA Link
LowerDelmarva181FTDNA Link
G-M285 or M342 Y-DNA181FTDNA Link
Arnold181FTDNA Link
Gillespie180FTDNA Link
Pate180FTDNA Link
Central-European Nob180FTDNA Link
POWER et al179FTDNA Link
Ewing179FTDNA Link
Black179Project SiteFTDNA Link
Page178FTDNA Link
Canadian-Anusim178FTDNA Link
I-L161 (I2a2b-Isles)177FTDNA Link
H7 mtGenome177FTDNA Link
China / Chinese177FTDNA Link
Maddox Etc.176Project SiteFTDNA Link
Meek176FTDNA Link
Masovian Nobility176FTDNA Link
McClure176Project SiteFTDNA Link
U6 mtDNA176FTDNA Link
Anabaptist_FF175FTDNA Link
G_Arabia174FTDNA Link
Gilbert174FTDNA Link
Santa Barbara County174FTDNA Link
Gonzalez174FTDNA Link
Beal Surname DNA173FTDNA Link
Stone173FTDNA Link
Saami173FTDNA Link
Rea-Ray-Wray173FTDNA Link
Vance173FTDNA Link
Terry173Project SiteFTDNA Link
MacPherson/McPherson173FTDNA Link
H6 mtGenome173FTDNA Link
Hopkins172FTDNA Link
Fisher172FTDNA Link
James172FTDNA Link
Franklin172FTDNA Link
Hite-Hoyt172FTDNA Link
E-V13 (E3b1a2)172FTDNA Link
Nakh DNA Project172FTDNA Link
Irish Mapping171FTDNA Link
Matheson171FTDNA Link
Ricketts171FTDNA Link
Alnoaim171FTDNA Link
Hanson/Henson/Hansen170FTDNA Link
UkraineBlackSea170FTDNA Link
Kinney169FTDNA Link
Woolf-Wolfe-Wolf169Project SiteFTDNA Link
Mason-Worldwide169FTDNA Link
Newman169Project SiteFTDNA Link
I-P109 Y-DNA169FTDNA Link
Fuller/Fullwood169FTDNA Link
McClellan168FTDNA Link
McLaughlin168FTDNA Link
Kuwaiti168FTDNA Link
Walden168FTDNA Link
Lambert168FTDNA Link
Brennan168FTDNA Link
Daly167FTDNA Link
R-L226167FTDNA Link
J-YSC0000076 Project167FTDNA Link
Estes166FTDNA Link
Holland166Project SiteFTDNA Link
Sizemore166FTDNA Link
Hayes166FTDNA Link
French164FTDNA Link
Stevenson-Stephenson164Project SiteFTDNA Link
R2164FTDNA Link
Sons of Ishmael163FTDNA Link
O'Shea163FTDNA Link
Banks163Project SiteFTDNA Link
J2a4_Levant_Matches163FTDNA Link
Williamson163FTDNA Link
Reeves163FTDNA Link
Kursk DNA Project162FTDNA Link
Riddell/Riddle/Ruddl162FTDNA Link
Normandy Y-DNA162FTDNA Link
Peterson162Project SiteFTDNA Link
Hunt161FTDNA Link
Key (and Variations)160FTDNA Link
Goodwin-Godwin160FTDNA Link
McKinney160FTDNA Link
R mtDNA160FTDNA Link
France_93_Montreuil160FTDNA Link
Orkney159FTDNA Link
Curtin159FTDNA Link
Gregory159FTDNA Link
Eoganacht Septs159FTDNA Link
English Mapping159FTDNA Link
Dean159FTDNA Link
Pierce-Southern159FTDNA Link
WestFloridaParishes158FTDNA Link
STEWART (royal)157FTDNA Link
Wells157FTDNA Link
McGuire157FTDNA Link
Lowe156FTDNA Link
Lowery156FTDNA Link
Conner156Project SiteFTDNA Link
Quinn156Project SiteFTDNA Link
Erzya-Moksha-Mescher156FTDNA Link
Stanley155FTDNA Link
Pit(t)ma(o)n155FTDNA Link
Madeira, Portugal155FTDNA Link
Caribbean Y-DNA Proj155FTDNA Link
Horton154FTDNA Link
Brock154FTDNA Link
Marsh154FTDNA Link
Knight154Project SiteFTDNA Link
Garcia154FTDNA Link
Osborn-Ausburn153FTDNA Link
Wall153FTDNA Link
Logan DNA Project153FTDNA Link
Guin,Gwin,Guyn,Gwyn152FTDNA Link
Rodrigues152FTDNA Link
Knowles152FTDNA Link
Benelux mtDNA152FTDNA Link
Robbins151FTDNA Link
Rootstech2014150FTDNA Link
Dodge150FTDNA Link
Flannery/Flannelly150FTDNA Link
Rains, Rain, Raines,150FTDNA Link
Talley-Tally150FTDNA Link
Fraser150FTDNA Link
Kendall DNA Project150FTDNA Link
Randolph/Randall/Ran150FTDNA Link
Nueva Galicia DNA149FTDNA Link
Hutchinson149FTDNA Link
Renshaw149FTDNA Link
Bruce149FTDNA Link
Mueller149Project SiteFTDNA Link
Isle of Man Y-DNA149FTDNA Link
Pugh149FTDNA Link
Watkins149FTDNA Link
Palmer148FTDNA Link
CapeVerde148FTDNA Link
Grimes148FTDNA Link
McDuffie148FTDNA Link
Kirk, Kirkland etc148FTDNA Link
Calvert147FTDNA Link
Laurens County - SC147FTDNA Link
New England Colonist147FTDNA Link
Drake147FTDNA Link
Elder146FTDNA Link
Morrow146FTDNA Link
MacAulay146FTDNA Link
Couch146FTDNA Link
Cape Dutch / Kaaps-H146FTDNA Link
Shirley146FTDNA Link
Callaway145FTDNA Link
Pitts145Project SiteFTDNA Link
Shaw145Project SiteFTDNA Link
Cannon145FTDNA Link
Hooper144FTDNA Link
Dyer144Project SiteFTDNA Link
Qahtan Tribes ?????143FTDNA Link
Bani Khalid143FTDNA Link
Everett143FTDNA Link
Lehmann143FTDNA Link
H10 mtGenome143FTDNA Link
J2a-PF5197142FTDNA Link
Childress142FTDNA Link
Halpern and Branches142FTDNA Link
Kauffman142FTDNA Link
R-L165 R1b1a2a1a1b5b141FTDNA Link
Hunter141Project SiteFTDNA Link
Harvey141FTDNA Link
Burton141Project SiteFTDNA Link
Al-Awazem141FTDNA Link
Ellis141FTDNA Link
Keane140FTDNA Link
Brighton/NewtonMA140FTDNA Link
SPIS County Slovakia140FTDNA Link
Al_Zaabi140FTDNA Link
HV mtGenome140FTDNA Link
Hale139FTDNA Link
Craig139Project SiteFTDNA Link
Coleman139FTDNA Link
Lancaster139FTDNA Link
Duke138FTDNA Link
Lyon138Project SiteFTDNA Link
Garrett138FTDNA Link
Simpson138FTDNA Link
O'Mahony137FTDNA Link
Barber137FTDNA Link
Harper137FTDNA Link
Merrill137FTDNA Link
Coe Family DNA137FTDNA Link
Volga Germans137FTDNA Link
Roper137FTDNA Link
Martinez137FTDNA Link
Beasley137FTDNA Link
Culpepper137FTDNA Link
Coffey136FTDNA Link
Adkins/Atkins136FTDNA Link
Kerala136FTDNA Link
McMurtry and Todd136FTDNA Link
GibbsSurnameDNAProj135FTDNA Link
Pace135FTDNA Link
Woodward/Woodard135FTDNA Link
Hampshire England135FTDNA Link
Grigg134FTDNA Link
Blanchard134FTDNA Link
McMahon134FTDNA Link
Huguenot134FTDNA Link
Bond134FTDNA Link
Gann134FTDNA Link
Ballew134FTDNA Link
Frosinone Italy134FTDNA Link
Malta134FTDNA Link
Holmes133FTDNA Link
R1b1 (xP297)133FTDNA Link
Stiles133Project SiteFTDNA Link
Pennington132FTDNA Link
Dorsey132FTDNA Link
Byrd131Project SiteFTDNA Link
Pierson/Pearson131Project SiteFTDNA Link
Richards DNA Surname131FTDNA Link
Shepard131Project SiteFTDNA Link
Mullins131FTDNA Link
H4 mtGenome131FTDNA Link
Cenel Eoghain131FTDNA Link
Acadia-Métis Mothers131FTDNA Link
MacCallum131FTDNA Link
West Virginia DNA131FTDNA Link
Rainey130FTDNA Link
The Timuried's130FTDNA Link
Schneider130FTDNA Link
East Tennessee-Smoky130FTDNA Link
Beaver(s) - Biwer130FTDNA Link
Peoples129FTDNA Link
Maybury129FTDNA Link
Phelps129FTDNA Link
Holt129Project SiteFTDNA Link
Sicilian129FTDNA Link
Zamagurie Region129FTDNA Link
Bucher/Beecher etc.128FTDNA Link
Belarusian Jewish Po128FTDNA Link
Phillips-America127FTDNA Link
White Sea Karelian127FTDNA Link
Devine127FTDNA Link
Alford127FTDNA Link
Gunter DNA project127FTDNA Link
Schweitzer Swisher126Project SiteFTDNA Link
Gill126FTDNA Link
Cooley126FTDNA Link
Porter126FTDNA Link
Brazilian_Anusim126FTDNA Link
Ancestry DNA Project126FTDNA Link
PrussianYatviagian126FTDNA Link
Iranian DNA Project126FTDNA Link
Nesbitt126FTDNA Link
O'Higgins-Higgins126FTDNA Link
Roach, Roche, Roch125FTDNA Link
Hatcher125FTDNA Link
Hoffman125Project SiteFTDNA Link
Woodall125FTDNA Link
Sutton124FTDNA Link
Lunamother124FTDNA Link
Moody124FTDNA Link
Holder123FTDNA Link
Farrell123FTDNA Link
Dodd/Dodds DNA123FTDNA Link
R1b-L48+WTY Analysis123FTDNA Link
Father,Sons,Brothers123FTDNA Link
County Longford123FTDNA Link
Central Asia122FTDNA Link
Hurst122FTDNA Link
Stokes122Project SiteFTDNA Link
Hammond122FTDNA Link
TMRCA Case Studies122FTDNA Link
Wise122FTDNA Link
9919andMultiRecLOH122FTDNA Link
Humphrey122FTDNA Link
Little Scots Cluster121FTDNA Link
Lopez121Project SiteFTDNA Link
H13 mtDNA Haplogroup121FTDNA Link
Whiteside Project121FTDNA Link
Trout-Troutt-Traut121FTDNA Link
Bridges120FTDNA Link
Strong/e; Strang/e; 120FTDNA Link
Flynn-Lynn-Flinn-Lin120Project SiteFTDNA Link
Brosgol Ebro River120FTDNA Link
Welch120Project SiteFTDNA Link
Day120FTDNA Link
Frey-Fry-Frye-Vry120Project SiteFTDNA Link
Baldwin119FTDNA Link
Cunningham119Project SiteFTDNA Link
Goins DNA Project119FTDNA Link
Fischer119Project SiteFTDNA Link
Symes119FTDNA Link
SaintTammany119FTDNA Link
Hinds/Hines119FTDNA Link
Thurman118FTDNA Link
Bowman118FTDNA Link
Driscoll118FTDNA Link
Stedman118FTDNA Link
Waite118FTDNA Link
Bauman118FTDNA Link
Karakalpak118FTDNA Link
Riggs117FTDNA Link
Newton117FTDNA Link
Rhodes117Project SiteFTDNA Link
Colonial USA Deutsch117FTDNA Link
Lamont117FTDNA Link
Whitney117FTDNA Link
Wagner117Project SiteFTDNA Link
Burgenland DNA116FTDNA Link
Savage116Project SiteFTDNA Link
Schultz-Scholz116FTDNA Link
Calhoun116FTDNA Link
Shaffer116Project SiteFTDNA Link
Quryish116FTDNA Link
Y-DNA Early Branches116FTDNA Link
Eoghan/Eoin/Gobhan115FTDNA Link
J-L250115FTDNA Link
Massey115FTDNA Link
SyrianChristians115FTDNA Link
McDowell*115FTDNA Link
Rehoboth MA114FTDNA Link
Autosomal Research114FTDNA Link
Lucas114FTDNA Link
Milligan/Milliken114Project SiteFTDNA Link
Eaton114Project SiteFTDNA Link
Selivanov113FTDNA Link
Sharp113FTDNA Link
Stark113FTDNA Link
Burroughs113FTDNA Link
Ratliff113FTDNA Link
Ballard113FTDNA Link
Hatfield113Project SiteFTDNA Link
Hawley113FTDNA Link
Frisian Waddenprojec113FTDNA Link
J2a4d M319+ DNA Proj112FTDNA Link
Reddick/r320112FTDNA Link
Pomeroy112FTDNA Link
Heath112FTDNA Link
Libya112FTDNA Link
Pittsylvania1700s111FTDNA Link
Larkin111Project SiteFTDNA Link
Polk-Pollock111Project SiteFTDNA Link
Crowley Clan111FTDNA Link
Skarbek and Awdaniec111FTDNA Link
Kogel Surname DNA Pr111FTDNA Link
Bany Zaid (NAJD)111FTDNA Link
Cross-Cross*-*cross111Project SiteFTDNA Link
Langton / Lenton110FTDNA Link
Love110Project SiteFTDNA Link
Roderick110FTDNA Link
Harrington110FTDNA Link
Cummings110FTDNA Link
Fitzgerald110Project SiteFTDNA Link
Hood110Project SiteFTDNA Link
McKee110FTDNA Link
Cossack-DNA110FTDNA Link
Weaver110Project SiteFTDNA Link
Whittaker110FTDNA Link
Sloan110FTDNA Link
Greenspan110FTDNA Link
Hogg110FTDNA Link
Melungeon109FTDNA Link
Sisson109FTDNA Link
MacInnes109FTDNA Link
MacTighernan109FTDNA Link
Cochran109Project SiteFTDNA Link
H-YHaplo109FTDNA Link
FF_Bailey+109FTDNA Link
Schwartz109Project SiteFTDNA Link
Glenn108FTDNA Link
Helton108FTDNA Link
A (Y Haplogroup)108FTDNA Link
Eichsfeld108FTDNA Link
Walsh-Welch-Welsh108Project SiteFTDNA Link
Florida_Keys108FTDNA Link
Dooley-Duley108FTDNA Link
N-Z1936 Y-DNA107FTDNA Link
Galbraith DNA 107FTDNA Link
Bass107FTDNA Link
Airghialla_Mag_Uidhi107FTDNA Link
York, Yorke107FTDNA Link
Bowers107Project SiteFTDNA Link
Kidd107FTDNA Link
Jalisco, Mexico DNA 106FTDNA Link
Normanites Project106FTDNA Link
Moseley106FTDNA Link
Bland106FTDNA Link
Conley106Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bowles106FTDNA Link
Locke106FTDNA Link
Glennon106FTDNA Link
Yarbrough106Project SiteFTDNA Link
Shannon106FTDNA Link
Sykes106Project SiteFTDNA Link
106FTDNA Link
Nolan105Project SiteFTDNA Link
Presley - Pressley105FTDNA Link
Gunn105Project SiteFTDNA Link
Smelser/Smeltzer105FTDNA Link
Cavanaugh/Kavanagh105FTDNA Link
Coats105FTDNA Link
Cruwys105FTDNA Link
Mock104FTDNA Link
Mullen-McMullen104FTDNA Link
Glover104Project SiteFTDNA Link
Dickason104FTDNA Link
Fowler104Project SiteFTDNA Link
Leonard104Project SiteFTDNA Link
O'Neal104Project SiteFTDNA Link
Emerson104FTDNA Link
Parrish-Parish-Paris104Project SiteFTDNA Link
Eneza104FTDNA Link
Yoder104FTDNA Link
Mumma104FTDNA Link
Andrews103FTDNA Link
Barlow103FTDNA Link
Gallagher103Project SiteFTDNA Link
Soule103FTDNA Link
Aramaic DNA Project103FTDNA Link
National-Promo103FTDNA Link
D mtDNA Haplogroup 103FTDNA Link
Corca Laidhe102FTDNA Link
Peacock102FTDNA Link
Short102Project SiteFTDNA Link
George102FTDNA Link
Manning102FTDNA Link
Blakely101FTDNA Link
Britton101Project SiteFTDNA Link
MacLeod Septs101FTDNA Link
Humphrey Baker FF Pr101FTDNA Link
Gross101Project SiteFTDNA Link
Dalton America101FTDNA Link
M.M.M101FTDNA Link
Viitasaari DNA -proj101FTDNA Link
Maynor/Maner100FTDNA Link
Godfrey100Project SiteFTDNA Link
Herring100Project SiteFTDNA Link
Germany Posen-W.Prus100FTDNA Link
Middleton100FTDNA Link
Camp-Kemp100FTDNA Link
FF_Green_JamesII100FTDNA Link
Lindsey/Lindsay100FTDNA Link
Mulvihill100FTDNA Link
Lind100Project SiteFTDNA Link
St*rling99FTDNA Link
Haynes99FTDNA Link
Grubbs99FTDNA Link
Rowland99FTDNA Link
Ryan99Project SiteFTDNA Link
Parsons99Project SiteFTDNA Link
HollandSociety99FTDNA Link
HarbTribe99FTDNA Link
Hatteras_Yline99FTDNA Link
Luria98FTDNA Link
Dennis98FTDNA Link
Schmidt98FTDNA Link
Fields98Project SiteFTDNA Link
Greer/Grier/Grierson98FTDNA Link
Branam98FTDNA Link
Pierce-Northern98FTDNA Link
Blevins98FTDNA Link
EastPrussia98FTDNA Link
H11 mtGenome98FTDNA Link
Bradford98FTDNA Link
Bush98FTDNA Link
Peters98Project SiteFTDNA Link
Reece98FTDNA Link
Al_Shehhi_Tribe98FTDNA Link
Jenkins97FTDNA Link
Summers97Project SiteFTDNA Link
Brantley97FTDNA Link
Silva97FTDNA Link
Austria-Hungary97FTDNA Link
Bowen97Project SiteFTDNA Link
Dodson97FTDNA Link
Dunham97FTDNA Link
Carter-Society Y-DNA97FTDNA Link
Puerto Rican Sefarad96FTDNA Link
Afghan-Pakistani DNA96FTDNA Link
Donor Conceived96FTDNA Link
Moore County, NC 96FTDNA Link
Casey96FTDNA Link
Hernandez96Project SiteFTDNA Link
Caldwell96Project SiteFTDNA Link
Frost96FTDNA Link
Briggs96FTDNA Link
L1-mtdna96FTDNA Link
Kazakhstan96FTDNA Link
VA-1600s (yDNA)96FTDNA Link
Roy96Project SiteFTDNA Link
Farr96FTDNA Link
Springer96FTDNA Link
Pratt96Project SiteFTDNA Link
Harris-295FTDNA Link
Cullen Project95Project SiteFTDNA Link
Romanimanush Scandin95FTDNA Link
Lay-Ley-Loy-Leh-Leig95FTDNA Link
Carey95Project SiteFTDNA Link
Norman (surname)94FTDNA Link
Turk94FTDNA Link
Wyatt94FTDNA Link
Carden94FTDNA Link
Stockton93FTDNA Link
Chambers/Chalmers93FTDNA Link
Hancock93FTDNA Link
Bishop93FTDNA Link
Lynch93Project SiteFTDNA Link
Abrams93FTDNA Link
Montemurro Italy93FTDNA Link
Walters93Project SiteFTDNA Link
QFS1000693FTDNA Link
Wilcox93FTDNA Link
Carson93FTDNA Link
Greater Galway93FTDNA Link
Miles92FTDNA Link
Sellers92FTDNA Link
Compton/Crumpton92FTDNA Link
Queen92FTDNA Link
Wheeler92FTDNA Link
Joyce91FTDNA Link
Friedman91Project SiteFTDNA Link
Hawaiian91FTDNA Link
Global KZ DNA91FTDNA Link
Merritt-Marriott91Project SiteFTDNA Link
Anglin-Anglen-Anglim91FTDNA Link
Idrisid Tribes91FTDNA Link
Liles90FTDNA Link
Broom90FTDNA Link
Ingram90FTDNA Link
McCollough90Project SiteFTDNA Link
Law90Project SiteFTDNA Link
Slovenia90FTDNA Link
U7 mtDNA Haplogroup90FTDNA Link
Ivey90FTDNA Link
Hogan DNA project90Project SiteFTDNA Link
Sweet89FTDNA Link
Goddard89FTDNA Link
Jacob89FTDNA Link
Kirkpatrick-Kilpatri89FTDNA Link
Kaiser89Project SiteFTDNA Link
Sutherland DNA Surna89FTDNA Link
Atkinson89Project SiteFTDNA Link
Dugger89Project SiteFTDNA Link
Waters89Project SiteFTDNA Link
Los Altos de Jalisco88FTDNA Link
Kraus88FTDNA Link
Rutledge/Routledge88FTDNA Link
Stafford88Project SiteFTDNA Link
Klein88FTDNA Link
Burditt88FTDNA Link
Cohen Zadokites88FTDNA Link
Vick88Project SiteFTDNA Link
Mann88Project SiteFTDNA Link
Ames88FTDNA Link
Khmer Cousins87FTDNA Link
Acker87FTDNA Link
Cornwell DNA Study87FTDNA Link
Kerchner87FTDNA Link
Manley87FTDNA Link
Pendergraft87FTDNA Link
Coil/Coyle/Kile/Kyle87FTDNA Link
Michel - Michael87Project SiteFTDNA Link
Assyrian87FTDNA Link
Channel_Islands87FTDNA Link
Beck87Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bradley87FTDNA Link
R-DF49 and Subclades86FTDNA Link
Mead/Meade/Meed/Mede86FTDNA Link
Killian86FTDNA Link
Mason86FTDNA Link
Francis86FTDNA Link
Keller-Keeler-McKell86Project SiteFTDNA Link
Odell86Project SiteFTDNA Link
Fanning86FTDNA Link
McIntyre86Project SiteFTDNA Link
Warner86Project SiteFTDNA Link
Souder Private86FTDNA Link
Potter86Project SiteFTDNA Link
Spence86FTDNA Link
Miller-1750RowanNC85FTDNA Link
Blackburn85FTDNA Link
Allred85FTDNA Link
Harmer85FTDNA Link
Hoover85FTDNA Link
Downey85FTDNA Link
North Dvina DNA85FTDNA Link
HannibalMO/QuincyIL85FTDNA Link
Dahl Surname Project85FTDNA Link
Johnson Co. Illinois85FTDNA Link
W(h)itt85FTDNA Link
Wilkinson85FTDNA Link
U8 mtDNA Haplogroup85FTDNA Link
Sheets85Project SiteFTDNA Link
Amherst Island85FTDNA Link
Katz HV1b Haplotype85FTDNA Link
Boyer85FTDNA Link
Hubbard84FTDNA Link
Hatton84FTDNA Link
Pritchard84FTDNA Link
Moon-Mooney84Project SiteFTDNA Link
McBee84FTDNA Link
Redd_Kansas84FTDNA Link
Wade84FTDNA Link
Glamorgan Wales Cous84FTDNA Link
ODwyer84FTDNA Link
Boggs and similar na84FTDNA Link
I1-Z140 YDNA Project83FTDNA Link
Scotland - Flemish83FTDNA Link
Hodgens83Project SiteFTDNA Link
Sears83Project SiteFTDNA Link
Hardy83Project SiteFTDNA Link
Stidham/Steadham83FTDNA Link
Shields83FTDNA Link
McKnight83FTDNA Link
English83FTDNA Link
Hickman83FTDNA Link
Tatar DNA Project83FTDNA Link
Woodman83Project SiteFTDNA Link
Findley83Project SiteFTDNA Link
Jewish_Frankfurt82FTDNA Link
McAdams82FTDNA Link
Barker82Project SiteFTDNA Link
Steele82Project SiteFTDNA Link
Perez82FTDNA Link
Horn82FTDNA Link
Centaur82FTDNA Link
Georgetown District82FTDNA Link
Straub82FTDNA Link
MorseSociety82FTDNA Link
Whalen-O'Faolain82FTDNA Link
Anverket81FTDNA Link
Tolliver81FTDNA Link
Kaplan81FTDNA Link
McCabe81FTDNA Link
Bentley81Project SiteFTDNA Link
Nance81Project SiteFTDNA Link
Blackwell81FTDNA Link
Neely81FTDNA Link
Tamim81FTDNA Link
Thrasher/Thresher81FTDNA Link
Westbrook81FTDNA Link
Underwood81FTDNA Link
JewishGen Scandinavi81FTDNA Link
J2b_455-881FTDNA Link
Blaker81FTDNA Link
Qatar80FTDNA Link
Speer-Spear-Speir80Project SiteFTDNA Link
Farrar-Farrow80Project SiteFTDNA Link
Claxton80FTDNA Link
Barron DNA Project80FTDNA Link
Van Zandt80FTDNA Link
Lancashire80FTDNA Link
R1b-DF6379FTDNA Link
Lovelace79FTDNA Link
McCracken79FTDNA Link
Langford/Lankford79FTDNA Link
Case,Casse,Cass,Kase79FTDNA Link
Custer79FTDNA Link
McIntosh79Project SiteFTDNA Link
Haney79Project SiteFTDNA Link
Payton/Peyton79Project SiteFTDNA Link
Collin_CoGS79FTDNA Link
Washburn79FTDNA Link
Parrott78FTDNA Link
Mangum78FTDNA Link
Bunch78Project SiteFTDNA Link
McManus78FTDNA Link
McGowan78FTDNA Link
Waddell78Project SiteFTDNA Link
France mtDNA78FTDNA Link
Epstein78FTDNA Link
Gay78Project SiteFTDNA Link
Finney78FTDNA Link
E1a-(M33, M132)78FTDNA Link
Arab_M12377FTDNA Link
Rose-Reddoch77FTDNA Link
L2_mtDNA77FTDNA Link
Clan Moffat77FTDNA Link
Holden77Project SiteFTDNA Link
Boyette77FTDNA Link
Callahan77FTDNA Link
Reagan77FTDNA Link
Dick/Dicks/Dix77FTDNA Link
Messina77FTDNA Link
Wiley77FTDNA Link
Hungarian_MtDNA77FTDNA Link
Youngblood77FTDNA Link
Via77FTDNA Link
Worden77FTDNA Link
LostColonymtDNA77FTDNA Link
Northern Neck-VA76FTDNA Link
Saddleworth, Yorkshi76FTDNA Link
Goode76FTDNA Link
Hadley76FTDNA Link
Molyneaux76FTDNA Link
Lamb76Project SiteFTDNA Link
McCown76FTDNA Link
Julian76FTDNA Link
Booth76Project SiteFTDNA Link
Dalz76FTDNA Link
Smothers Tribe76FTDNA Link
McHenry76FTDNA Link
Ritter76FTDNA Link
Hensley76Project SiteFTDNA Link
L Arabia75FTDNA Link
Gibbons75FTDNA Link
Cheek75FTDNA Link
Lloyd75Project SiteFTDNA Link
Hartman75Project SiteFTDNA Link
Hagan(s)/Hagin/Hagen75Project SiteFTDNA Link
Kimble75FTDNA Link
Cloud75FTDNA Link
T2 Ancient Wales75FTDNA Link
Villarreal75FTDNA Link
Boucher75FTDNA Link
McCubbin75FTDNA Link
Bashqort Tribes and 74FTDNA Link
Bingham74FTDNA Link
Morse-274FTDNA Link
FFLornaHen74FTDNA Link
Langley74FTDNA Link
Poe74FTDNA Link
Blake74FTDNA Link
Preston74Project SiteFTDNA Link
Doane74FTDNA Link
Ledbetter74Project SiteFTDNA Link
Dillard and Dill**74Project SiteFTDNA Link
Paul74Project SiteFTDNA Link
Burnett Y-Chromosome74FTDNA Link
Weir74FTDNA Link
Weber74Project SiteFTDNA Link
Wilde74FTDNA Link
Peterman74FTDNA Link
Church74Project SiteFTDNA Link
G-PF3359 Y-DNA73FTDNA Link
Herrick73FTDNA Link
Grizzle73FTDNA Link
McGinnis73FTDNA Link
Jarman73FTDNA Link
Henckel73FTDNA Link
Bean73Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bergman, Berg** Burg73Project SiteFTDNA Link
Wolcott73FTDNA Link
Medlock73FTDNA Link
Gatter73FTDNA Link
Ó Cléirigh73FTDNA Link
Childers/ress James River73FTDNA Link
Jewish Prague72FTDNA Link
Robertson72FTDNA Link
Plant72FTDNA Link
Brandon72FTDNA Link
Flanagan-272FTDNA Link
Foley72Project SiteFTDNA Link
Larson72Project SiteFTDNA Link
Benton72FTDNA Link
Ralls-Rawls DNA Proj72FTDNA Link
Cave72FTDNA Link
Gilmore72FTDNA Link
Acadian Heritage DNA72FTDNA Link
HV1 mtGenome72FTDNA Link
Gifford72FTDNA Link
Ulvungar_Dynasty72FTDNA Link
Cockerham72FTDNA Link
FF Peterman Timothy71FTDNA Link
Crowley/Croley71FTDNA Link
Doyle71Project SiteFTDNA Link
Rowe71Project SiteFTDNA Link
Lentz71FTDNA Link
Swann71FTDNA Link
Brandt71Project SiteFTDNA Link
Gomes71FTDNA Link
Boatright/Boatwright71FTDNA Link
Goodrich71Project SiteFTDNA Link
Hoskins71Project SiteFTDNA Link
Ukraine_Kyiv_Kyivska71FTDNA Link
Ramirez71Project SiteFTDNA Link
Dietz-Dietrich71Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bani Hashem L859+71FTDNA Link
O'Donnell71FTDNA Link
Copeland70FTDNA Link
DuBose-DuBois70FTDNA Link
Prince70FTDNA Link
Bowes (and variants)70FTDNA Link
Bradshaw70Project SiteFTDNA Link
Miller-Brethren70FTDNA Link
Towne70Project SiteFTDNA Link
Whitmore70FTDNA Link
Clark-PA70Project SiteFTDNA Link
Keith70Project SiteFTDNA Link
Sorrells70FTDNA Link
Ireland70FTDNA Link
Sefarad Hispaniola70FTDNA Link
Christian69Project SiteFTDNA Link
Norris69Project SiteFTDNA Link
Rivera69FTDNA Link
Hess69Project SiteFTDNA Link
Perea/Pereira69FTDNA Link
Randall69Project SiteFTDNA Link
Hannah-Hanna69Project SiteFTDNA Link
Overton69FTDNA Link
Rankin69Project SiteFTDNA Link
Horowitz69FTDNA Link
Kennerly - Kenerley69FTDNA Link
Venezuela DNA Group69FTDNA Link
Al-Mubarraz69FTDNA Link
WillametteValleyGS69FTDNA Link
U1_mtDNA69FTDNA Link
Nash69FTDNA Link
Curry69Project SiteFTDNA Link
Durham69Project SiteFTDNA Link
Frame/Freame/Fre69FTDNA Link
Yates69Project SiteFTDNA Link
Chad_Tribes68FTDNA Link
Hungarian Jászság DN68FTDNA Link
Dawson68Project SiteFTDNA Link
Crump68FTDNA Link
Bear-Barr68Project SiteFTDNA Link
Lisle68FTDNA Link
Cornwall-mtDNA68FTDNA Link
Dyess68FTDNA Link
FamilyTree DNA Proje68FTDNA Link
Mongolian DNA68FTDNA Link
Jensen68FTDNA Link
Snow68Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bonner68FTDNA Link
Fleming68FTDNA Link
Waldrop/Wardrip68FTDNA Link
Patrick67Project SiteFTDNA Link
Hobbs67Project SiteFTDNA Link
Meredith/ Merideth67FTDNA Link
Goldberg67Project SiteFTDNA Link
Clayton67FTDNA Link
Mercer67FTDNA Link
Turnbull-Trimble-Tru67Project SiteFTDNA Link
Castle67Project SiteFTDNA Link
Harwood67FTDNA Link
Fish67FTDNA Link
Woodruff67FTDNA Link
A2 mtDNA Haplogroup 66FTDNA Link
Diamond66FTDNA Link
Tate YDNA Project66FTDNA Link
Gould** Gold**66Project SiteFTDNA Link
Farmer66FTDNA Link
Carney66Project SiteFTDNA Link
Dowell DNA Project66FTDNA Link
Marcum/Markham66Project SiteFTDNA Link
Carlisle66FTDNA Link
Essex66FTDNA Link
Cline66FTDNA Link
Ulph66FTDNA Link
Buck66FTDNA Link
Eaves66FTDNA Link
Damron66FTDNA Link
Goodman66FTDNA Link
U* mtDNA Haplogroup66FTDNA Link
Old Tishomingo, MS65FTDNA Link
Gist,Gest,Gues(s)(t)65FTDNA Link
Avery/Every65FTDNA Link
Crull, Croll, Kroll,65FTDNA Link
Rucker65FTDNA Link
Gleason65Project SiteFTDNA Link
Fernandes65FTDNA Link
Gorman65Project SiteFTDNA Link
Bain/Bayne65Project SiteFTDNA Link
Keefer65FTDNA Link
Barclay65Project SiteFTDNA Link
Tyler Family DNA Pro65FTDNA Link
Trent65FTDNA Link
Hutton65FTDNA Link
E-M35 etc Scotland 65FTDNA Link
Ó Conchobhair65Project SiteFTDNA Link
Oliphant65FTDNA Link
Mason, Tennessee64FTDNA Link
J-L140564FTDNA Link
Eastern Arabian Peni64FTDNA Link
FARRIS Surname Group64FTDNA Link
Thorpe64FTDNA Link
Skinner64FTDNA Link
Glass64Project SiteFTDNA Link
Arthur64Project SiteFTDNA Link
Proctor64Project SiteFTDNA Link
Leslie64Project SiteFTDNA Link
Garland64Project SiteFTDNA Link
Crews / Screws64FTDNA Link
Aaron64Project SiteFTDNA Link
Moffat DNA Project64FTDNA Link
Heron64Project SiteFTDNA Link
Chase64FTDNA Link
British E-M35 Geo Pr63FTDNA Link
Family Finder for Pr63FTDNA Link
Families In British 63FTDNA Link
Rader63FTDNA Link
Dement63FTDNA Link
Abbott63Project SiteFTDNA Link
Hampton63Project SiteFTDNA Link
Crowl-Crowell-Grauel63FTDNA Link
Osturna, Slovakia63FTDNA Link
McWhirter63FTDNA Link
Rubin63Project SiteFTDNA Link
Jamieson63FTDNA Link
S_C_Kentucky63FTDNA Link
Fairbairn63Project SiteFTDNA Link
Isles of the Hebride63FTDNA Link
Kingston63FTDNA Link
Gilliland63FTDNA Link
Lapinski63FTDNA Link
Weeks63FTDNA Link
Hatteras_Families63FTDNA Link
mtDNA of Middle Appa63FTDNA Link
Woertman63FTDNA Link
Lithuanian Nobility62FTDNA Link
Erickson62Project SiteFTDNA Link
Ortiz62Project SiteFTDNA Link
McBride62Project SiteFTDNA Link
Gaston62Project SiteFTDNA Link
Kilgore62FTDNA Link
Philippines62FTDNA Link
Orr62Project SiteFTDNA Link
Golden62Project SiteFTDNA Link
Metcalfe62FTDNA Link
MyHeritage62FTDNA Link
Tipton62FTDNA Link
Terrell62Project SiteFTDNA Link
Wilkes62FTDNA Link
Iberian I162FTDNA Link
Wadi Al-Duwasser 62FTDNA Link
Stahly62FTDNA Link
Stewart-362FTDNA Link
Solomon62Project SiteFTDNA Link
Eneza62FTDNA Link
Whitehead62FTDNA Link
Sultanate of Oman61FTDNA Link
PgCert 2012-201361FTDNA Link
Ely Carroll61FTDNA Link
Pyle61FTDNA Link
Anatolia-Anadolu61FTDNA Link
Cates61FTDNA Link
Lovett61FTDNA Link
Shearer61FTDNA Link
Milam61FTDNA Link
Bachman61FTDNA Link
Sanchez61FTDNA Link
Olmstead61FTDNA Link
Collier61Project SiteFTDNA Link
Kirby61Project SiteFTDNA Link
Sprague61Project SiteFTDNA Link
Corbett-Corbitt61Project SiteFTDNA Link
Benedict61FTDNA Link
McCreary61FTDNA Link
Maitland / Medlin61FTDNA Link
Burguieres61FTDNA Link
Southern Brooks Families61FTDNA Link
Torres61FTDNA Link
Matteson61FTDNA Link
Mag-Uidhir61FTDNA Link
Holman61Project SiteFTDNA Link
DeWitt61FTDNA Link
Faifa60FTDNA Link
Finding Our Roots60FTDNA Link
Barnard_Bernard60FTDNA Link
Mallett60FTDNA Link
McNeely60FTDNA Link
Coker60Project SiteFTDNA Link
Crockett60FTDNA Link
Looney60Project SiteFTDNA Link
Benson60Project SiteFTDNA Link
Romero60FTDNA Link
Geer60Project SiteFTDNA Link
Gossett60FTDNA Link
Greenspan_et.al60FTDNA Link
Hay60FTDNA Link
Spartanburg Dist.60FTDNA Link
Ham60FTDNA Link
Kent60Project SiteFTDNA Link
Macedonian DNA60FTDNA Link
Suwalki_Lomza Jewish59FTDNA Link
Almarzoqi Tribe59FTDNA Link
Carrico Family59FTDNA Link
Kavkaz DNA Project59FTDNA Link
Moses59FTDNA Link
Downing59FTDNA Link
Longenecker59FTDNA Link
Oak59FTDNA Link
Duran59Project SiteFTDNA Link
Holloway59Project SiteFTDNA Link
Sawyer59FTDNA Link
Moss59Project SiteFTDNA Link
Brady59FTDNA Link
Russo59FTDNA Link
J2Plus59FTDNA Link
Isaacs59FTDNA Link
Helm59FTDNA Link
McCall59FTDNA Link
JewishGenOregon59FTDNA Link
Project Pending59FTDNA Link
Wellborn59FTDNA Link
Wharton59FTDNA Link
Biggs59Project SiteFTDNA Link
B(a)(o)ugh(a)n59FTDNA Link
MacDougall59FTDNA Link
Jennings59Project SiteFTDNA Link
Algeria_DNA58FTDNA Link
Cottrell58FTDNA Link
National-Geo58FTDNA Link
Branch58Project SiteFTDNA Link
Shapiro58FTDNA Link
McKenna58FTDNA Link
HV0 mtGenome58FTDNA Link
Ayers-Ayres58Project SiteFTDNA Link
Grigsby58FTDNA Link
Webster58Project SiteFTDNA Link
T2b58FTDNA Link
Creager-Krieger, etc58FTDNA Link
Olson58FTDNA Link
Perdue58Project SiteFTDNA Link
Adamson58FTDNA Link
Balto-Slavic DNA57FTDNA Link
Sherman Project57FTDNA Link
Correll57FTDNA Link
Byers57FTDNA Link
Carlson57Project SiteFTDNA Link
Butt57FTDNA Link
Sweeney57Project SiteFTDNA Link
Strickland57FTDNA Link
Baxter57Project SiteFTDNA Link
McCord57FTDNA Link
Giles57Project SiteFTDNA Link
Self57FTDNA Link
E-L19 Project57FTDNA Link
R1a* 57FTDNA Link
A5157FTDNA Link
UofU57FTDNA Link
Wilkins57Project SiteFTDNA Link
Tyner/Tiner57FTDNA Link
Flowers57Project SiteFTDNA Link
Patton57Project SiteFTDNA Link
Moser57Project SiteFTDNA Link
Plummer57Project SiteFTDNA Link
Clan_Dalton57FTDNA Link
Slaughter57FTDNA Link
Swanson57Project SiteFTDNA Link
Brewster57FTDNA Link
Cockburn57FTDNA Link
Cornwall56FTDNA Link
MacTavish Clan56FTDNA Link
Pettigrew Petticrew56FTDNA Link
Boyle56FTDNA Link
Schurch56FTDNA Link
Hewitt56FTDNA Link
Buckley56Project SiteFTDNA Link
Starr Stoehr Stair56Project SiteFTDNA Link
Binkley/Pinkley56FTDNA Link
Clay56FTDNA Link
Przedborz56FTDNA Link
Salmon56FTDNA Link
Ansley56FTDNA Link
Decker56Project SiteFTDNA Link
South African Cape C56FTDNA Link
Agnew56FTDNA Link
Vincent56Project SiteFTDNA Link
Corbin56FTDNA Link
Pioneer Families of 56FTDNA Link
Slagle56FTDNA Link
Hope56FTDNA Link
Windham Family56FTDNA Link
Burris56Project SiteFTDNA Link
Gates55FTDNA Link
Lincoln55FTDNA Link
Jefferson55FTDNA Link
Lumsden55FTDNA Link
Cotton55FTDNA Link
Nix55FTDNA Link
Stroud/Strode55Project SiteFTDNA Link
Main55FTDNA Link
Southworth-Southard55FTDNA Link
MinttuHeimovirta55FTDNA Link
Ware55FTDNA Link
Hyatt55Project SiteFTDNA Link
Cope55FTDNA Link
South East Asia55FTDNA Link
Hooker55Project SiteFTDNA Link
Sisco55Project SiteFTDNA Link
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Unknown Father DNA Project54FTDNA Link
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Lemon54FTDNA Link
I1d2 (L205+)54FTDNA Link
New Eng Reg Gen Conf53FTDNA Link
High Tech Media Arts53FTDNA Link
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Ingush DNA Project52FTDNA Link
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Herbert52Project SiteFTDNA Link
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KremenetsShtetlCO-OP52FTDNA Link
Purcell52Project SiteFTDNA Link
Holly/Holley52FTDNA Link
Plunkett52FTDNA Link
H16 mtGenome52FTDNA Link
McCarty_SC Edgefield52FTDNA Link
Ulster Co NY Y-DNA52FTDNA Link
Tompkins52FTDNA Link
Harrelson52FTDNA Link
Egypt52FTDNA Link
Sirmon52FTDNA Link
Gutierrez52Project SiteFTDNA Link
Goldstein52Project SiteFTDNA Link
Baptist Church Group (Strong)51FTDNA Link
Graden / Graydon51FTDNA Link
Claiborne51FTDNA Link
Land51FTDNA Link
Starnes51FTDNA Link
McQueen DNA Study51FTDNA Link
Rayburn/Raeburn-R16551FTDNA Link
Craft51FTDNA Link
Hurley51Project SiteFTDNA Link
Kohen51FTDNA Link
Cholmondeley51Project SiteFTDNA Link
Whitener-Weidner51FTDNA Link
PAAfricanAmerican51FTDNA Link
Nixon51FTDNA Link
Greece Y-DNA51FTDNA Link
Dias-Diaz51FTDNA Link
464xQuadC51FTDNA Link
Kessler51FTDNA Link
Strain51FTDNA Link
Tuhama Project50FTDNA Link
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Maldonado Family DNA50FTDNA Link
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Childs50Project SiteFTDNA Link
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Howe-Howes50Project SiteFTDNA Link
Flaherty-Faherty50FTDNA Link
Ramer50FTDNA Link
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TestB50FTDNA Link
R* (M173- M343-)50FTDNA Link
Hankins50FTDNA Link
Center_New_Community50FTDNA Link
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Wooten50FTDNA Link
Edmondson50Project SiteFTDNA Link
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