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JoGG has a new issue: ... Read more

Biscuits Graduated

A number of researchers we know followed "Biscuits" blog back in 2005/6 when he was stationed in Iraq.  I also sent out update emails to a number of friends.  It was a tough time during a very serious stage of the Iraq War.  We are so pleased that all of our Military are finally coming home from Iraq! ... Read more

Central/Eastern European Jewish Genetics

From time to time, I see an extraordinary situation where a man will have dozens of genealogically relevant matches with men of different surnames.  I still recall the first extreme situation I stumbled across several years ago, where a man had about 50 matches at 37 markers with about 45 different surnames.  When I searched for an explanation, I learned that this was not uncommon for Eastern European Jewish families.   ... Read more

SNPs are Coming!

Updated  11-14-13

This article was originally written 11-19-11.  I am expecting the "Big Y" that was released earlier this week to give us branching within Lineages.  Stay tuned to see how things come out - and enjoy reading this two year old look forwards (towards now).  Terry

End of 11-14-13 Update

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I just answered a question from a researcher about 464.  This is a confusing marker - so I've summarized the main aspects for anyone who needs a better insight. ... Read more

Ancestral Haplotypes

I just answered a researcher's question about how to “... identify the apparent haplotype of the MRCA”. 

In case you don't know what the ancestral haplotype is - it is the marker values that the ancestor would have had in order for his descendants to have the values they have  - which must be mostly the same as the ancestor's values - but possibly with one or more random mutations mixed in. ... Read more

Ten Years Ago

Ten years ago - the Barton DNA Project was in its very beginning stages.  We just missed being the surname group with "free tests" who were working with the same lab as us, but we had still negotiated a very attractive rate - $85.  We didn't know how many markers we would get tested.  (the answers I recall were "more than 12", "at least 15", "probably more than 15" ...)  We were working on a "batch" basis, with the Lead Administrator, Leo Barton, responsible for gathering all of the names, addresses, pedigrees and mon ... Read more

Joseph Smith Mystery

There is an interesting story in the Deseret News about Joseph Smith - founder of the Church of Latter Saints (often called the Mormon Church)  Here's a sentence from the article:  ... Read more

Who's in the Tree?

The women in my life sometimes gang up on me!  Two days ago, my daughter (who lives in NYC) sent me an article out of the New York Times - titled "Who's on the Family Tree?" - which is discussing the confusion that comes from adoptions, sperm donors, surrogate mothers, same sex parents, etc.  She thought it deserved mention in my blog.  (I thought I was too busy!)  And then, last night, my Mother (who lives near Houston) brings up the same subject while we are discussing gay rights - an issue where we have had some spirited disagreements and an area where t ... Read more

Don't Count Mutations

I regularly run into researchers who are looking for more precision from yDNA matching than is possible.  I often share my own personal experience - which is a bit unusual to dramatically show how misleading it can be to simply count mutations to determine who is more closely related.

Sorenson Labs test

- My Uncle Bob and I are 41/43. ... Read more

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