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A number of my Genetic Genealogy colleagues also publish a blog.  (I put my own in the list in case you copy it to send to someone)

I know each of these individuals and can recommend them as a fine Genetic Genealogist and as a valuable resource to our community.  ... Read more

atDNA Outrage

I just read Roberta Estes' blog on's autosomal (atDNA) test.  She is a serious and long-time Genetic Genealogy Pioneer - well versed in using DNA for Genealogy.  (I haven't done the AncestryDNA (atDNA test) - at, as I don't subscribe to services, and that is currently their purchase requirement.) ... Read more

439=Null; R1b-L1

Leo Little would be gnashing his teeth if he were still with us.  I support the Little Surname project by compiling and posting the results.  When I updated the project last night, I contacted Jane Murtishaw Lindsey, lead admin for the project and suggested that she follow up about the most recent member of the Little Haplogroup R1b, Lineage II - where their 439=Null men are congregated - as he matched the Lineage, but did not have a Null at 439.  The Little project had already followed up.  Here is the reply: ... Read more


Please Help!!!! 

The Georgia Archives are slated to be closed to the public as of November 1, 2012. Georgia will then be the only state in the United States of America to not have the State archives open to the public.

The citizens of Georgia will no longer have access to these primary, historical resources unless action is taken now. ... Read more


Note: updated on 9-14-12, 9-25-12, 11-14-13, 12-8-13 & again on 9-10-14


12-8-13 - the Big Y test is no longer on sale.  The price is $695
9-10-14 the Big Y test is now priced at $575 ... Read more


FTDNA has recently released professionally done videos that you can see on YouTube.  There are 8 online and at least one more coming soon.  The longest, which is nearly a half hour long, is called:  ... Read more


Public figures are regular targets for genealogical researchers hunting for a great story.  There is a good one!  John Punch, who is regarded as the first African-American slave in British North America is possibly an ancestor of President Obama.  The Bunch Surname Project administrator, Mark Bunch,  was involved in this New York Times story and shared this email with his project members.  (Thanks to Mark for sharing!)  Hope you enjoy.  Terry ... Read more


There is a difference in the quality of result you will get at different DNA testing laboratories - in the reporting of results,  in the reporting of matches and in the cost.  There is also a large difference in the service and support provided by the various testing companies.  Please consider all 4 aspects and do your homework before you buy a DNA test!

I have personally tested at ... Read more


Bennett Greenspan is the founder of Family Tree DNA.  He created the concept of Genetic Genealogy and his company tests more than 90% of the genealogists who use DNA to further their learning.  He is also a very nice man.

Here's a link to a recent interview with Bennett:

Hope you Enjoy!

Terry ... Read more

Project Members

I just had an email discussion with an administrator who was trying to decide whether to allow people with only a Family Finder test in his project.  I shared with him my philosophy - which I repeat here:

A surname project is for yDNA tests of men with the project surnames, those who know of a name change from one of the project surnames to the one they currently have, and those who match project members. ... Read more

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