9th Intl Conf

The 9th Annual International Conference for Genetic Genealogy is next week in Houston TX.   (I have been to every one)

The Conference is for Project Administrators and is always very well attended.  It goes two days and we get an array of current topics - presented by scientists, academics and citizen scientists - with a nice dose of FTDNA staff - who may fit into one, two, or all three of the categories. ... Read more

Project Admin

If you would like to learn more about Surname Project Administration, two opportunities are on my speaking schedule: ... Read more

# of Markers?

I am regularly asked - how many yDNA markers should I test?

My standard response is to buy your yDNA test through your surname project at FTDNA and to "start with either 37 or 67 markers".

Let's break this response into pieces: ... Read more

A Thank You

June 29, 2013

I guess everyone appreciates a compliment - and we at WorldFamilies are no different.  I'd like to share this one that came in today:

--------------------------- ... Read more

Summer Sale

FTDNA has had a Sizzling Summer Sale for a number of years.

These sale prices are good, but the Family Finder sale price is eye-popping.  We've never seen a price like this!


From FTDNA's announcement on 6/28/13 ... Read more


Just announced - a one week sale.  Ends June 19, 2013:  ... Read more

Family Stories

I just read an interesting article about Family Stories and how they can help our children cope.  The article by Bruce Feiler was titled "The Stories that Bind Us" and published in the New York Times on March 15, 2013.  


Hope you also enjoy it!  Terry

Earliest Ancestor

One of my biggest challenges as a Project Administrator is to obtain the "Earliest Known Ancestor" (EKA) and the paper trail from the sample provider to the EKA. 

Family Tree DNA helps us by providing a field for the EKA - which they call "Most Distant Ancestor".  (they could help us much more if that field wasn't "hidden" and if there was an alert on the FTDNA kit page until the EKA information was provided) ... Read more

"Top 100' Ranking

WorldFamilies.net has been ranked #98 of the Top 100 Genealogy sites in the world by GenealogyInTime Magaz ... Read more

R1b Forum

The R1b and Subclades Forum hosted at WorldFamilies is very active - with over 23,000 postings in 749 Topics. 

There are great discussions - from "How-to", to Deep Clades, to correlating the Haplotree to prehistoric times, to current events and ancient history, to just about anything you might imagine that touches on Haplogroup R1b and its Subclades.  Kudos to Rich Stevens, the Moderator.

Check it out - R1b and Subclades Forum:
http://www.worldfamilies.net/forum/index.php?board=2203.0 ... Read more

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