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I am asked pretty regularly where to test and who is the best testing company.  Richard Hill has listed his "Top 10" reasons for choosing Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) at


I have known Richard for a number of years and think highly of him and his Genetic Genealogy work. 


More Chaos

FTDNA just started providing their long form haplogroup again.  ... Read more

T-SNP - My Fix

Terminal SNPs - arrghhh! 

I actually like the idea of working with Terminal SNPs (called T-SNPs for the rest of this blog).  But - without a companion "long form" Haplogroup to give them meaning, they are confusing and difficult to use.

After puzzilng over this for a while, I came up with my solution - one that will be used on Project Results tables at WorldFamilies that are prepared with our Results Tool. 

My solution is to provide two columns: ... Read more

Sinking Ship?

You have probably heard by now that ancestry.com is abandoning its yDNA and mtDNA customers.  Sigh.  It's actually the third time that ancestry has abandoned a yDNA effort - so we can't be too surprised.

If you are one of the abandoned yDNA customers, you don't have to go down with the ship - you can jump into the Life Boat being provided by Family Tree DNA.  Folks with a yDNA or an atDNA test at ancestry.com can move to a professional DNA testing company - Family Tree DNA.  Here's a link to arrange your transfer: ... Read more

Using T-SNPs

Note: I am calling Terminal SNPs "T-SNPs" so that the label will fit into a smaller space

Many researchers are finding that two men who they know to be closely related have different T-SNPs (Terminal SNPs) and they are asking about this difference.

First - let's talk about the color of the reported T-SNP ... Read more

Terminal SNPs

FTDNA has released their new yTree and is transitioning to reporting Terminal SNPs.  This is two major changes at one time - which is creating a good bit of confusion.  In my opinion, Terminal SNPs are fine - as long as we continue to use some version of a companion long form so that we can recognise where a SNP falls on the tree.  (Even with the regular changing that has to occur to a long form to keep it current, having it is much better - and less work - than not having any easy reference.)

Issues that I see: ... Read more

Gleason Family

It is my privilege to rub shoulders with many of the best and brightest genetic genealogy researchers in the world.  A number of the administrators we support at WorldFamilies are a part of this special group. 

Today, I'd like to recognise one administrator in particular - Judy Gleason Claassen, administrator of the Gleason Surname DNA project for the past 5-1/2 years - and a Gleason researcher for many years.  She has just published her research and made this announcement today to her project members.

Terry ... Read more


I fairly often get a query from someone who has a number of matches - but their matches are with other surnames instead of matching their own surname.  This posting isn't going to delve into the "why this happened" - but addresses the "how to deal with it".  (of course, the eventual goal is to understand how, why and when this happened)  ... Read more

Intl Conf Wash DC

The Institute for Genetic Genealogy just announced the 2014 International Genetic Genealogy Conference. 

This is your chance to meet and learn from many of the brightest stars in Genetic Genealogy!  I just went down the list of speakers that Tim & CeCe have pulled together and it will be a special time for me - as I know nearly all of them - and always enjoy a chance to catch up with them  (though there is SO MUCH packed into the conference that there won't be much time for chatting).  ... Read more


Hooray! A huge announcement from FTDNA on 11-9-13! The BIG Y

This is a new huge SNP test for yDNA: Nearly 25,000 known SNPs, placing you deep on the haplotree. 10 Million base-pair coverage - more than any other Y-DNA test on the market.

This is only for men already tested at FTDNA at this tine. The test is listed at $695 and is on sale this month for $495. There is a further discount for men previously tested in the Walk thru the Y.

I will be doing this test and will be expecting to see new SNPs and spectacular increases in the y-Haplogroup tree. More soon. ... Read more

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